Spoilers: Winter Soldier # 4 Who Dies?

Winter Soldier #4 is in stores tomorrow. It features the back story of RJ’s father’s back story. Pretty good issue too. Check it out below:

Seem’s RJ’s dad, Richard Boyle, didn’t live such a clean life.

But he had obligations.

So he did what he had to do. And kept doing it. RJ and Bucky have a discussion.

And Rj asks for help

But old habits are hard to shake.

Especially when it is a big deal.

And when it seems so easy.

But Bucky was asked to help so he intervenes.

And Rj’s dad reacts.

And keeps reacting.

And Bucky tries to stay out of the way.

But ol’ Ritchie is not so light on his feet.

And that was that.

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