Spoilers: Amazing Spiderman #17, Peter Did What Now?

Amazing Spiderman #17 is out tomorrow. The book kicks off the “Hunted” story-line. It features a face off between Spider-Man and a de-aged Kraven. It also features Peter doing the unthinkable, possibly….

Peter faces off against Kraven, at least Peter believes so.

Peter mentions the green mists.

Kraven explains the swirling green mist.

And mentions what it does.

Spider-man fights back against Kraven.


And then Peter comes to.

And finds….


Well, that is not good.

So there we go, Peter either is hallucinating what he did or could have hallucinated the fight with Kraven. Will have to wait and see.

7 thoughts on “Spoilers: Amazing Spiderman #17, Peter Did What Now?”

    1. What are the temporary deaths that are actually keys?

      I think thanos death in the avengers annual, death of Robin/Jason Todd….Phoenix has died and been regenerated a few times, right? Any of those keys.

      And I’m using the term “key” generously as these aren’t high value books….they just stand out relative to the books around them.

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