New Avengers Endgame Trailer

There is a new trailer online for the upcoming Avengers Endgame movie. Check it out below:

Avengers Endgame is in theaters April 26th

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    1. Being that it is on the farm it makes me wonder if it is her. But one small scene could be a big jump. But by looking at eBay many people are taking that jump.

  1. More FOMO. I get it, people don’t want to miss the next big thing, but it ain’t Kate Bishop. Go ahead and spec on her rumors, but not this.

      1. I just mean all the people buying YA1 and such now because of the Endgame trailer. Apparently Key Collector said it was Kate Bishop (or strongly hinted) and that’s also helping to cause the rush. I think it is a safe play but I think buying it up now and driving up prices is madness.

        1. I don’t disagree with you. I try not to buy on news but sometimes…. I do get caught up in the rush. I buy a lot of comics all the time so often I already have the books or know where to get them. May have to hit my honey hole tomorrow to see if he still has these.

          1. I love the rush too. This is just a damn expensive hobby these days, especially if you have to rely on online sites to make purchases. Perhaps i’m just jealous because I can’t afford to go crazy and buy every possible spec book that crops up and only have 2 moderately small sized LCS that rarely over order so the new releases all get snapped up leaving not a lot left to be able to flip to keep my own hobby afloat. Ratio variants/incentives at my 2 stores? HA! One doesn’t even order B covers. And they are both pretty much picked over at this point for spec.

            I just think this one particular rush is a bit silly. I think people are grasping at straws here. Especially say compared to the Red She-Hulk spec that cropped up last week. That has some legitimate legs and spec behind it. This is just OMG!!!1!!!1 mad dash I’ve gotta have the next “it” book.

            1. The key was to just go down the list and buy every important and even not important first appearance you could find back when you could spend $40 and get 30 different firsts appearances on mile high or other mass inventory sellers on eBay.That time window has closed and now everything is a $20 first appearance. The hobby is showing signs of tulipmania!

              1. Yeah, unfortunately, I took a break from the comic game from the mid 90s til about 30 issues into the New 52 run. I missed all the boats… sigh. Oh well.

                1. I got back into comics at issue #39 of New52 Batman after being out since 93’-94’. Tony is correct. There are lots of boats still. Some boats havent even been published yet.

                2. Anthony is right. My hiatus started my senior year of high school 93-94…(holy shit its our 25th reunion this year) and ended late summer 2018 when I saw Ottley new ASM and couldnt resist. Now look at me…comic junkie again. The smell…the feel…the story…the art…ahhhh. Missing the boat? No worries, getting hustled is worse. I sold my best books in 2009 or 10 not knowing their value in the ebay world. It will make you cringe. ASM 300…thank god i had two….HULK McFarlane WOLVI…The Crow 1 (I went back recently to the LCS who said I sold him the only copy he has ever seen)…stopping now before I have a heart attack.

              2. That only helps, Alana, if you have a time machine. The real trick would be to clear the racks on release day. But again, that would also require the time machine. So, the REAL trick would be to not be influenced by apps w/ ulterior motives, and to use your own head to buy good, cheap investments to flip, and to purchase only what you like with your hard earned cash. Ive never met a Kate Bishop fan. Is Normal Arrow Girl any better than Normal Arrow Guy (aka Hawkeye)? Fomo at its best. Marvel Fomo to boot. The deadliest class of all the Fomos.

        2. Krapcollector app pushing more BUllshit. Kate Bishop is not in Endgame. Hawkeyes daughters name is Lila Barton, not Kate Bishop. Lila has been in several MCU movies already. Why would Kate Bishop be w/ Hawkeye, Hawkeyes wife and Hawkeyes Son on Hawkeyes farm, before the snap? Why? It makes no sense. Krapcollector (aka tainted price guide/pump ) should reflect the market, not tell you what to buy. Smh. Krap Collector App sending alerts with bad information regarding spec (again), based off of 1 sec of footage from a trailee we all saw. Smh. The owner of that bullshit app has been caught on film admitting that they ‘get behind’ specific creators works, in order to pump and dump copies. Use the Krapcollector app at your own risk. It has alterior motives and is a sham of an idea. User beware.

            1. Ive been on the Stinger spec as soon as I saw Antman and the Wasp. Cassie, imo, will be a part of the MCU in super hero form, sooner rather than later. PS. Why is everyone calling Captain Marvel the 1st Woman lead movie in the MCU? The Wasp was the title character in Antman and The Wasp. Why is the Wasp not considered a lead role for a woman? And therefore the 1st? Evangeline Lilly kicked ass in that flick too. Hope is a badass character in the MCU, imo.

              1. I guess they consider lead as in… focus of movie is on one person alone. Yes she was lead woman but the spotlight was shared with someone else, which was Ant-Man.

                I’d totally welcome a stand-alone Wasp movie.. Evangeline could pull it off I think too.

                1. That makes sense, to a degree. A team or duo, is just as focal as a solo lead, imo. EG. Bill & Teds Excellent Adverture is about Bill & Teds awesome excursion, But, when we think of that film, we all consider Bill & Ted the main characters. The focus of the film. Im not disagreeing with you, Poyo, I just dont think its fair. Wasp was the first MCU woman lead, imo.

                2. I agree as well, she was the lead woman in the movie, but Wasp shared the overall lead role. I think that’s all they’re doing in their terminology. At the end of the day, it’s just marketing terms they’re doing to promote their movies.

                1. Stature is too silly of a name for Fiege to use her as that character. Stinger fits the movie franchise much better, imo.

                2. I agree. If she becomes a hero in the MCU, let’s hope it’s under the name Stinger. Even Ant-Girl would be better than Stature.

  2. My take on the whole Kate Bishop scene.

    After discussing around some groups I believe this is what is going on…..this is not Kate Bishop that Hawkeye is with. It is his daughter Lila Barton. Again, NOT Kate Bishop. Apparently this is a flashback to before the snap, he was at home with his family, you can see 3 people in the background, his wife at the table and 2 sons playing catch. 2nd son wasnt born yet in Age of Ultron, wife was pregnant. Natasha thought it was gonna be a girl but mom told her it was a boy. Also his hair is normal in that one scene and every other time we see his hair its that wack Mohawk looking thing. Anyway, so the snap happened, his family disappeared and he gives himself that wack looking Mohawk thing and becomes Ronin. I imagine we may see this flashback scene with his voice over it when he is telling Natasha or someone what happened after she finds him as Ronin

    1. I looked at a screen shot. It looks like a man in the back ground. I think it is his daughter too and I think this is when the snap happens.

  3. not even a glimpse of hulk?!?!? oh well. awesome trailer and a very exciting looking conclusion to this wild, 10ad=3gukg=94 (sorry that was my rat mary lou walking over the keyboard just then and i value her input) …this wild, 10+ year mcu ride.

    1. I love it!! But all these books will be in dollar bins again once the movies stop. Sell sell sell. Who cares if Kate is or isn’t in the movie. Sell the books like she is. 10 years from now a CGC 9.8 first Kate you’ll be able to buy for $20. Since when was there honesty in any speculation game.?

      1. You are right, it is a ruthless game. But, Kevin, we, as a community, need to speak up when we feel like something shady is going down. I do not see a problem with selling upon hearing these rumours and speculation, but, I do not like seeing misleading information. Transparency is best in all comic situations, imo. The bigger issue, I think, is that the misleading info can burn new comers. This may put off some new comers. This is bad for the hobby. Most likely we have all been burned at some point in this hobby, and therefore we know the bitter taste that it can leave in ones mouth. It is live and learn, and if you dont learn quick, you will probably have regrets. Having said that, I also understand that I cant/should not tell people what to buy with there own money, and that everyone should be thinking for themselves and not getting caught up in FOMO. But, that is not to say that I/we should not also have some sort of moral code when participating in our fun little hobby.

      2. exactly! while it can feel uneasy to let go of a hot book because of that nagging feeling it’ll end up being a big one, it’s best to just pump and dump first appearances of non-A-List characters because most of them will not hold value once the movie hype recedes. the only key books worth holding onto for the long term are first appearances of characters from superb series who gain popularity organically (e.g. kamala khan) and have grown in value steadily over time.

        if and when we get confirmation about movie appearances by kate bishop, ironheart, cassie lang, union jack, whoever, i’ll be offloading all those books forthwith!

  4. The one to likely watch is Cassie Lang who is credited so far in Endgame and is played by Emma Fuhrmann.

    Her first appearance was in Marvel Premiere #47 which is also Scott Lang’s first appearance.

    Then she first became Stature in Young Avengers #6.

    And then Stinger in The Astonishing Ant-Man #6.

    There ya’ll go, more books to go hunt for in the back issue bins.. except the first Scott Lang, that one you have to look on the comic book wall for.. 😉

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