Shattered Comics Immortal Hulk #16 Homage to King Size Hulk Special #1 is Live

Immortal Hulk #16 Shattered Variant which is a mosaic homage to The Incredible Hulk King-Size Special #1 by Jim Steranko is live and for sale.

The Shattered variants are done by mosaic artist Matt DiMasi and are made from individual, hand broken tiles, put together to recreate classic covers. Immortal Hulk #16 Shattered Variant is the latest, seen to the left, and is an homage toIncredible Hulk King-Size Special #1 with art by Jim Steranko.

Check it out at the link above.


16 thoughts on “Shattered Comics Immortal Hulk #16 Homage to King Size Hulk Special #1 is Live”

  1. Sorry to hijack this thread for a moment. Anyone here familiar with ordering from mile high comics? I thought I just placed an order it wih their archaic system I have no idea if it went through.

    I placed the order selecting credit card… but it didn’t ask for my card info until after he order was submitted,..,so then I entered hat information and hit submit.

    The page thanked me for my order, but i have yet to recieve an email confirmation and my card has not been charge.

    I would have thought I would have instantly recieved a notification via email the order at least as sent in. Is this unusual?

    1. Nothing with is instant.If your order was placed without payment being sent they will eventually email you sayng you need to update your payment info….or they should anyway.

    2. Mile High maybe still on dial-up? Maybe you didnt spend enough money to make the hamster excited enough to run on the hamster wheel to generate enough electricity to fire up the email server… 😉

      1. LOL, yeah I’m taking a chance, but if the order never goes through and they never contact me so be it…likely will lose future sales from me.

        I haven’t ordered from them in nearly 30 years…and that was a mail order catalog and I sent a check as payment….4-6 weeks later it shows up….not much has changed, apparently.

        1. Mile High’s site hurts my eyes. I’ll never order from them just due to that.. along with the horror stories I’ve heard of them cancelling orders, etc.

      1. Yeah, always hit or miss if the comics are even in stock by the time they get around to filling the order…which could be up to a week. So much missed potential with MH.

  2. Does anybody know how many of these shattered comics mosaic variants have been sold? I know of this one, and I have ASM129, ASM300, IH181 ,and DD158 variants. Any others?

    1. If you do order they always have a code word in effect for 50-60% off. Springbreak! Is the current code for 60% off. I’ve ordered 1 book ever and it came in the grade stated so overall I was a happy customer. I used to read the newsletter when it was comics related but seems all he talks about lately is his lgbt lifestyle and cross dressing to each his own but I do miss the comics related articles about grading and stories about items that came into his store.

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