Flashback Friday – One Year Later

I really do miss Shawn B’s One Year Later reports. So let’s try and bring these back in a sense. At least it’ll be fun to see what we were talking about a year ago at this time and what those books are doing now, one year later.

Welcome to the first Flashback Friday.

So what were we talking and spec’ing on a year ago this week? Well, I’m a bit surprised to realize I picked Avengers #684 as my Marvel pick. Anthony also had it in his picks as well.

This is the front runner winner from a year ago.

I had no idea it would have taken off as it has. I was just happy and picked it because it was Banner coming back as the Hulk because I can truly say, Totally Awesome Hulk just flat out sucked.

I recall this shooting up to the $10 range, settled down a bit but is now an easy $40 book raw and in the $250 range slabbed as 9.8.

Another book all 3 of us picked between myself, Mel and Anthony was the Ben Oliver Scooby Apocalypse #23 Zombie Variant. It was a pretty sweet cover.

How’s it doing a year later you ask? Well, it’s selling anywhere between $0.99 and $8.99 with a CGC 9.8 copy selling for a whopping $23.99. Could be one of those books you snag in a slab for dirt cheap for the personal collection.

Infidel #1 from Image Comics a year later was an Anthony pick that is still doing quite well. Recent sales put this book at the $12 range. I guess the movie option is keeping this one alive on the secondary market.

Vampironica #1 was another book on the pick list, particularly the Francavilla variant.

A recent sale sold at $8.99 but most others are at or under cover price. I think the delays with these Archie Horror books kill all the potential spec and value for these, it’s a real shame. Afterlife with Archie had such a great start itself but the delays killed it.

Drek Pick

What book did I tell you all to avoid last year with my drek pick? It was Dry County from Image Comics and writer/artist Rich Tommaso. One sold book in the past 90 days for a whopping $2.99.  I nailed that one but after giving Tommaso a few chances with some of his other titles, I just can’t recommend him as a writer and creator. His stuff is just weird and I’m sure it caters to a really small crowd who gets into his style and type of books.

5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – One Year Later”

  1. Poyo so glad you’re keeping this going. Sorry I haven’t been there to do the same. You and Ant have been rocking this site.

    1. No problem mate. I was just sitting the other night wondering, man, I really miss the One Year Later report so I was like.. let me try a Flashback Friday. Probably won’t be as indepth as yours was but definitely interesting to see what we were spec’ing on a year ago.

  2. I remember buying a bunch of these Avengers #684 and trying to quickly flip them at $20. They quickly cooled off, and I eventually lowered them to $10. People were still offering less, so I pulled them down and threw them into my unsold section. Lo and behold, 1 year later, I’m selling them for a nice lump sum. Just goes to show that one truly never knows what will be hot years from now.

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