MARVELous Monday Part II

Last week we left off at the end of the Amazing Spider-Man issue #66, the Madness of Mysterio where Mysterio has shrunk Spider-Man to just 6 inches in size so he can squash him in revenge.

So if your new and confused, you’ll have to read last weeks MARVELous Monday to catch up for this weeks.


So we continue now in Amazing Spider-Man #67. Is Peter Parker in danger of losing the battle? How did he end up so small? How will he web himself out of this one with Mysterio?

Spider-Man finds himself dodging Mysterio’s huge fists, attempting to squash him.

Chased through the maze of the amusement park surroundings, Peter dodges swipes and clutched fists while Mysterio claims he’s just now toying with Spider-Man.

How could Spider-Man avoid from being squashed as only being 6 inches in height for so long?

As Mysterio continues to chase and confuse Spider-Man with clouds of mist and smoke, Spider-Man manages to escape what Mysterio thought was his chance.

He manages to swing into what he thought could be a safe place from Mysterio, thinking to himself that Mysterio is a genius for building a model with such details in such small scale.

He soon realizes this was setup as a trap. Peter finds himself in a room full of mirrors.

Now the mirrors are starting to close in on Peter after the simple push of a button from Mysterio.

He’s now in panic mode, if he can’t escape he’s likely done for at the hands of Mysterio.

The story then turns back to Aunt May, who’s health is weakening and her doctor recommends she stays in bed.

Back at the Daily Bugle, Jameson is furious that there is no news in regards to Spider-Man and Mysterio after the public challenge.

Spider-Man continues to avoid Mysterio’s traps and games. As the mirrors close in, Mysterio reminds Spider-Man that he can likely break the mirrors but he’s laced them with poison, so any scratch from breaking them and he can succumb to the poison. Spider-Man quickly webs up his wrists to break through into a vast tunnel of fear.

The battle ensues but as time progresses, Spider-Man starts to put two and two together. Each time he goes after the larger Mysterio, he vanishes. Why would he be scared of a 6 inch shrunken spider?

Spider-Man finally realizes this was all a mind game. Mysterio showed him the small scale table top theme park so he thinks he was shrunken and trapped on it. It’s a huge robot that Mysterio constructed and has been hiding within the park the entire time.

Spider-Man beats his man before he can vanish again, not holding back any punches to stop Mysterio.

He leaves him for the cops to come get and take away. Whew, that was a close one right?

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