April Previews 2021 – Marvel Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight new books (and some trade/hardcovers/omnibuses) coming out of April Previews for Marvel…

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Crossover #4 Features Marvel Comics Promotional Character

Crossover #4, out this Wednesday from Image Comics, features one of Marvel’s most popular Promotional characters. If you are a collector of 1990’s comics, or were a reader back then, you will most likely recognize him. Continue reading “Crossover #4 Features Marvel Comics Promotional Character”

Marvel vs Alien Variants Checklist

Back in July of this year, Marvel acquired the rights to “Aliens” and to “Predator.”  They wasted no time finding a way to capitalize on its new found  possessions.  Kicking off 2021, they will have a “Marvel vs. Alien” theme for the month of January. If you have visited the CHU Forum as of late, you will notice the discussion and opinions from various readers about these covers.  For all we know, we can see the “Marvel vs. Predator” variant covers in months to come.
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Spoilers: Captain Marvel #22 – An Uncertain Future

Captain Marvel #22 kicks off a new story arc and it dives into a new world for Carol quickly, where we start meeting new characters left and right with the potential to meet more….

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Spoilers: Web of Venom: Wraith #1

This is the same spoilers we did a few weeks back for  Web of Venom Wraith, which Marvel accidentally released digitally a little early. So here’s the spoilers again for you people who missed it originally and or were living under a rock around the time.

The issue gives us the connection between Wraith and Knull, as well as a look at Wraith’s origin. Is he a symbiote? Let’s check it out. Continue reading “Spoilers: Web of Venom: Wraith #1”

Incredible Hulk #606 – Is this the First Appearance of Immortal She-Hulk?

Welcome back true believers! With all the recent hype surrounding She-Hulk and her becoming the Immortal She-Hulk, I thought I would dive into the first time She-Hulk died.

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Spoilers: Venom #25 – Eddie Learns Dylan Has Powers + Cameo

Venom #25 is hitting stores tomorrow (except the few that apparently got delays with their shipments). And here are the spoilers for this big issue that concludes Venom Island.

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Throwback Thursday

It’s been a few weeks since the last Throwback Thursday, which I apologize for. Been busy juggling work, school for kids, crap to do around the house and just quite frankly, trying to find any motivation at all is exhausting.

This week I’m heading back to April of 1972..  where Marvel kicked off a new title and the creators Roy Thomas and Gil Kane revamped a relatively unknown character into someone we, the comic book world, all know today…..

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Marvel Unlimited Adds Free Access to Iconic Stories

Caught up on your readings from books you own and behind on your Marvel reading of books you might not have read yet or own?

Well, Marvel is making some of their more recent stories available for free.

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Speculation Corner for March 5th, 2020

We had all sorts of speculation rumors over the past week. It’s time to sit back and disseminate the news and discuss what we think. So put your Tin Foil Hats on while we dive into the info provided.

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Advance Reviews for F.O.C. 2/24/20

Welcome to another edition of Advance Reviews before Final Order Cutoff. DC is pulling out all the stops this week as they hype up The Designer and Joker War. Be sure to read our Batman #90 review below (yes, was FOC weeks ago but they released a full Preview).

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By The Numbers: April Retailer Exclusives for Marvel Comics

This list has been provided to retailers by Diamond. Most who are going to “buy in” have already decided to do so (or maybe they are waiting on feedback). But for us speculators, its interesting to know whats out there and what could potentially be a factor in our flipping. Continue reading “By The Numbers: April Retailer Exclusives for Marvel Comics”

FOC Review: Strange Academy #1

Greetings all! Today we are reviewing  Strange Academy #1   . Marvel has been showcasing these new characters with previews in this weeks new books, But we have read an advanced copy of the issue. Continue to the review….

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