Bitter Root Picked Up by Legendary Films as Movie is reporting that Bitter Root, the comic by Sanford Greene, David Walker, and Chuck Brown, from Image Comics, has been picked up for a movie deal.

The characters and concepts of the book first appear in Bitter Root #1. The eBay Exclusive we posted months back is doing especially well right now.


Legendary Pictures has acquired the feature film rights to Bitter Foot, the acclaimed horror-action series from Image Comics that centers on an African-American family of monster hunters who ply their trade in New York City during the stirring era of the Jazz Age.

Bitter Root is set in 1924 against the vibrant backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance where a family of once-great monster hunters is the only line of defense that can protect New York City from an unimaginable evil that is approaching — an invasion by hideous monsters that were once human beings before they were transmogrified by a supernatural force feeding off of prejudice, spite, and bigotry. By all appearances, the Sangeryes family is not up for the challenge. After generations of tracking, trapping, and curing the monsters, the few surviving members of the Sangeryes line are dispirited and divided over their traditionally merciful tactics. The family must overcome the wounds of the past to have any hope of thwarting the supernatural invasion.

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    1. I read first two issues, plan to read the rest when trades come out but yeah, great book. I snagged the remaining 3 cover A copies at my local shop today. 🙂

            1. Just realized I actually grabbed one copy of #1 and one copy of #3…they look so much alike…I guess I’ll grab #2 now and try to sell as a set! Or maybe read it.

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