Spoilers Heroes In Crisis #7, The Return of….

Heroes in Crisis #7 is in stores tomorrow. It features the return of a recently deceased DC character returning in an interesting and kind of grotesque way. So first up, the return. And if you wanted to know what she looks like in the buff, here you go, I mean stripped to the musculature.

And we may be uncovering the truth about what has happened.

Seems our Flash could have been the cause of it all.

But looks like there is a solution to every problem.

So is it a future version coming back to stop mistakes of the past? I get a very PTSD feeling from him.

2 thoughts on “Spoilers Heroes In Crisis #7, The Return of….”

  1. I could imagine Wally having a breakdown because of what happened after Flashpoint. He was wiped out of existence not to mention he had a family. Its a wonder Barry hasn’t lost his mind yet. I love this book. We never really consider the mental trauma that heroes go through. Its been really traumatic in the DC universe for over 30 years now. I will say DC may have the most interesting books out of the big two right now. I am only reading like 3 books from Marvel. Two are written by Donny Cates and one is written by Al Ewing. I hope that when they collect this story they include that Poison Ivy Story from Tom King’s Batman run.

  2. Enjoying the roller coaster called HIC. My nieve hunch from the first few was Batman or Wally Flash have gone rogue and working the A.I. like a puppeteer.

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