Flashback Friday – One Year Later

Welcome again to Flashback Friday. We take a peek of what we were spec’ing on and talking about a year ago.

DC Books and Picks

Last year we were talking about Deathstroke #30 Mattina Killer B.

Well, sadly a year later, people are still trying to offload these. They’re selling but not at the prices that make you a lot of profit.

Most listings are at or around cover price, most sold listings are about the same. A CGC 9.6 sold for a whopping $22 or so.

So unless you bought these at Diamond wholesale prices, you’re not making a whole lot of money from this one.

Batman #44 was all the rave too last year. Was Batman gonna get married or not? Was this really going to happen? Meh, what a dud. If they got married this would be a solid $10 book but we should have all known this was never meant to be.

Marvel Books

This was all the hype this time last year. Pumped up by even Marvel. Despite the huge print run for this book, it’s a long term hold I think.

What book is this you say? Well, it’s Amazing Spider-Man #798 which became the true first appearance of the Red Goblin.

This book still sells, some times on a good day it goes for double cover price. But I think this is one of those books you tuck away and hopefully 20 years from now you pull it out after the Red Goblin becomes one of those Spider-Man antagonists for the next few decades.

You can find the virgin variant for cheap (don’t pay Midtown prices, they’re still trying to dump theirs at $112 after 30% off, a recent sold went for around $40).

The other thing this cover has going for it is it’s an Alex Ross cover. Can’t go wrong with that.

Indie and Small Publisher Books

Analog #1 was a new Image book last year that quickly heated up a few weeks later when an option was announced for the book.

It was a solid $10 book for quite some time but things have settled since then. The John Wick director was tapped to direct this movie (if that ever happens) so there’s still hope for this one.

Not much movement on the secondary market, the most recent sold listing went for a whopping 99 cents. Could be a small gamble to pick these up when you find them. If the media ever evolves into more, could see some nice profit margins. Buy low, sell high right?

Isola #1 was another Image book this time last year that heated up initially but no longer a book people are seeking out.

On a good day these seem to sell for $10 but just like Analog, the most recent auction sold at a whopping 99 cents.

I’ve heard this was a great read, which I never got around to reading. Maybe now’s the time to find cheap copies to read, hold for the long term gamble if we ever see this heat up again.

And now onto my Drek Pick from last year. Rugrats R is for Reptar Special. It had a $7.99 price tag aimed at kids. No thanks. 2 current listings for under cover price and zero sold listings within the past 90 days. That was an easy drek pick. Plus, they’re about a decade and a half too late for publishing comics for this older cartoon series. It’s just not a cool as it once was.

10 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – One Year Later”

  1. I didn’t jump on the Batman wedding hoopla all that much but I did on the Red Goblin. I didn’t go crazy, but I did buy a little more than I should have. Who knows, maybe phase 5 will introduce him into a movie then we can see the regular cover of this massively overprinted book sell for triple cover! Oh boy!

    1. It has potential I think. Just imagine, look at Deadpool’s first appearance and Venom’s in ASM #300. Those books are how much raw?

      I went heavy on these when Midtown had them for 75% off and I got them for under $2 each. It’s a cheap gamble I think. Even if they become $20 books in 5-10 years, I’m sitting pretty.

    2. Oh and I didn’t buy into the Batman wedding either. I had a hunch they wouldn’t get married but I didn’t think they’d go as far as her just pretty much dumping her at the altar. Would have been way cooler if they killed her off (only to bring her back later on like all hero deaths).

  2. long-tern asm 799 might be better, 1st goblin childe. normie still has some carnage in his blood so going forward he is most likely to be used as red goblin. i suspect a series next year with dylan brock and normie osborn aka symboite sons

    1. Maybe… never know though until it happens. But even if his son becomes the Red Goblin, first appearance for Red Goblin is still 798 since good ‘ol granddad was the Red Goblin first.

      Norman Osborne was the first Green Goblin, his son Harry became the Green Goblin in ASM 136 and it’s a fraction of the price from Green Gobby’s first appearance.

      Just see how the market reacts if that time ever comes.

      1. Yes, but Mar-Vel was the 1st Captain Marvel, and it is a fraction of the price of Danvers 1st app. as Captain Marvel. If a symbiote sons series comes to fruition, I agree w/ Kevin about 799.

        1. Well, the market works in mysterious ways. I think the market swung in favor for Carol Danvers over Mar-Vel since Mar-vel is dead and no longer relevant in the Marvel Universe. She also wasn’t Mar-Vel’s child or related either. I think Carol as Captain Marvel is a special case too.

          Perhaps if they kill off Norman and just kept the kid around, it might make a difference if that’s the route they take.

          I think the turn off for some collectors is what kids of heroes/villains taking the reigns of their parents alter ego has ever turned out to be bigger first appearances than their parents?

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