NOVEREAL – Save The Multiverse Kickstarter Campaign Spotlight

In the future, humanity is on the brink of extinction forcing scientists to research ways to escape this reality. The human research division investigates how to access parallel universes. In an experiment, a girl is able to bring a creature from a different universe to Earth. Through this discovery, it is found that other girls are able to access other realities, a phenomena called the Novereal effect.

When all parallel universes begin clashing with each other, what will bring balance to these realities?

A legendary samurai joins forces with a superheroine, a viking and a lovecraftian demon to save their respected universes!


The human research division performs experiments at an underground military facility. Here, four girls are being researched for their ability to connect to a different version of themselves from other realities called alter egos.


A universe of superpowers and progressive technology where politics and crime are the most important topics at hand. Bastion is a citadel ruled by a group of representatives from different planets, The Senate.


A fantasy universe where different magical creatures and races live at peace, but the arrival of a lost race threatens the world. The Ancients, creators of magic, return to claim control of the world and seize its powers regardless of opposition.


An ancient universe where war wages between many empires to see who rules them all.


A universe where demons feed on terror and agony. Home to the Daaem, creatures of darkness with no mercy or emotion that feast on the despair and flesh of humans. They have eaten more than 80% of the population. The remaining humans attempt to flee, but there’s no hope in this world.

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Seems like the type of graphic novel that covers all types of readers. Sci-Fi, Dragons, Samurai’s…   Definitely worth checking out I think and definitely looks like a cool graphic novel to back if you like the concepts and story within.

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