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You have to hand it to Marvel, this was likely one of the longest deaths of a major character until they decided to undead her, okay, from another Universe but still..

“You’re the creep who’s going to pay! I’m going to get you, Goblin! I’m going to destroy you slowly, and when you start begging for me to end it – I’m going to remind you of one thing – You KILLED the woman I love! And for that you’re going to DIE!” -Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

This weeks MARVELous Monday random pick is none other than Marvel Tales #98 Starring Spider-Man. Did you think I was gonna say Amazing Spider-Man #121?

Well, I found this issue in a a back bin for like two bucks and as I was pulling it up to view, I got really excited until I realized it was the Marvel Tales and not the actual ASM #121.

Still a great find for just a few bucks, seems on a good day this book can still go for a good $15 to $25 or so. It’s the next best issue to own if you can’t find the original printing.

The night Gwen Stacy dies. This is one of the more darker stories I think in Amazing Spider-Man’s run so far.

Peter’s long time friend Harry Osborn has a drug addiction problem and lands in the hospital. With Gwen and MJ at his bedside, Peter joins them after switching out of his costume. Norman, Harry’s father blames Peter and this is the starting point for his Green Goblin persona to start taking over.

This leads Norman to find his Green Goblin gear and he decides to kidnap Gwen, who was snatched while at Harry and Peter’s apartment. Spider-Man discovers a pumpkin lantern and a satchel that leads him to believe Gwen was taken by Green Goblin.

Relying on his Spider-Sense to locate Green Goblin and Gwen, he tracks them to the George Washington bridge. In order to get to Gwen, Spider-Man fights the Goblin until the Goblin swoops down at one point, knocking Gwen off the edge.

Spider-Man follows, using his web to snatch her from falling but the sudden jolt causes her to break her neck, killing her instantly.

Unknown at first, Spider-Man believes he saved her until he realizes she’s not alive.

The Goblin taunts Spider-Man as he’s holding Gwen, claiming she was dead long before his webbing caught her. Spider-Man vows the Goblin will pay for killing the woman he loved.

Some interesting notes about why Green Goblin chose or targeted Gwen Stacy. Dating back in issue Amazing Spider-Man #61 it was revealed later in Amazing Spider-Man #509 Sins Past Story Line they had a secret affair together.

That’s your MARVELous Monday. If you want to read more about Gwen’s secret past, read the Sins Past story to learn about Gwen’s children that were fathered by? Like a Maury Povich show…  and the father is?

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    1. Heh, well, to give them credit I’ve seen that name spelled with an E plenty of times but yeah, talk about an artist blunder for not double checking.. editor should have caught it though.

  1. serch on you tube.a fanf ilm was made about a.s.m. is called enter the green goblin.It is one of the first fan films made in 1992.well done for only $500. this is also reprinted in the death of gwen trade witch reprinted s#96-98&121-122.and the death of the staceys hardcover as well. I love this bo you guys blind adam out

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