29 thoughts on “Star Wars IX Trailer”

    1. I guess we’ll find out. Does “Rise of Skywalker” indicating Luke, Anakin? I guess that question remains..

      Maybe Vader is reincarnated into Rey and she finally brings balance to the force.. that’s my theory!

  1. Is it just me but I thought Rey was a Skywalker. I guess I always assumed that she and Kylo were twins like luke and Leia. Anyways I feel like these movies are visually great but there is no substance. Yet I still watch them lol

    1. I have theorized that same idea since the force awakens as well. What threw me a curve was when they said in the last Jedi that Rey’s parents were nobodies. But that could have always been a red herring.

      1. I don’t think she’s a sibling or anything but the parents she knew as her parents could have just adopted her, etc. Nothing has indicated they were her biological parents.

  2. Looks good. The Rise of Skywalker is a weird name because I’ve read numerous people say that this is the end of the Skywalker chapter.

    1. I think it is. I believe Rey also says this will be her last Star Wars movie as well.

      So it could be the rise within the movie for Skywalker (whichever one that is) and then this saga ends.

      It certainly won’t be the last Star Wars, I’m expecting Disney to keep pumping out new movies. It’s a gigantic galaxy so lots of potential stories to tell. They keep doing movies like Rogue One, I’ll be happy until death.

  3. I was real excited for 8…
    but they not only peed all over the classic characters in it they also ruined the two best characters introduced in 7 (Poe and Fin).
    I mean Fin acted in 8 like he acted at the start of 7, all character development was lost. Poe went from being important ace pilot to “guy who complains because we don’t trust him to tell him what’s going on.”

    So to hell with this crap.
    Never gonna get another dime from me

    1. You mean, Disney is never getting a dime from you? That’s a huge list then.. might as well throw your TV out and never watch anything else ever again. Now that they own Fox, the list is huge now on companies they own. I mean, if you’re gonna boycott them, then take it all the way.. I say! 😉

  4. The newest trilogy has been kind of “meh” for me. OK but not great. Nice to finally see Lando though! The cool ones are always late to the party.

  5. Just bring Thrawn tontje big screen and I will be thrilled.

    Hell, adapt parts of Tim Zahns 5 Thrawn books into a new trilogy and I’m there!!

  6. Hiatus? The only reason why Disney is taking a “Hiatus” is because they are completely and unequivocally lost with this entire franchise. They still do not know or understand what makes this such a great IP. Some people loved this new series, others hated it….but it’s something else entirely to have it so polarized in the reviews. The Han Solo one shot….well, that’s why the rest of the one shots were put on the back burner. Even the comic series is suffering from a lack of direction and focus.

  7. Outside of nostalgia (and Empire) these are not good movies. Sorry to be a downer but the last 5 have been dreadful. I was super pumped about Abrams on Force Awakens but it was so vanilla and predictable and ham fisted that I left the theater angry. I’ll wait for it to run on TBS in 8 years.

    1. Oh thank you for having the guts to shake this groupthink up. This star wars tripe is another painful example of how “they just dont make things the way they used to”. I loath Star Wars now thanks to all the crap since the originals. Be honest with your souls and dont accept BS just because thats all thats available…..

  8. Decided that I want to watch all the movies again. Eternal dilemma – watch in release or chronological order?

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