Peggy Carter as Captain America To Be First Episode of What If? for Disney+ Streaming

It has been announced that the first episode of What If? the animated series on Disney+ streaming service will be What If? Peggy Carter became Captain America.

Peggy Carter first appears as Captain America in Exiles #3 , which also had a  Game Variant. The regular cover shot up from a $3 book today to sales in the $20 range. The variant is now a $30 book with a 9.8 selling for $199.99

From Screen Rant:

The first episode of Marvel’s What If series for Disney+ will imagine a world where Peggy Carter becomes Captain America and Steve Rogers turns into the original Iron Man. Thanks to popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, Marvel Studios has brought many now iconic characters to life on the big screen. The closely tied continuity has helped build an incredible universe, one that fans have latched on to.

But, the canon of the MCU can also prevent some stories from possibly ever being told. While Marvel Comics has alternate universes to play with, the MCU has not yet explored this concept fully. With the help of Disney’s streaming service though, it was revealed that Marvel Studios now will have an avenue to get even more creative through a What If animated series. Based on the comic idea of the same name, the show will change one moment in the MCU and show what could’ve happened in this instance.

4 thoughts on “Peggy Carter as Captain America To Be First Episode of What If? for Disney+ Streaming”

  1. Missed the boat on this one. I was thinking about getting one for $12 before shipping but then I realized I really don’t want it and at $12 I doubt it will go up in value much more than where it already is to make enough money for it to be worth the time. I could be wrong and this becomes the next big thing, but I just don’t see it holding current asking prices for long. At this point, check your lcs to see if it is in the bins.

  2. Specing from cartoons doesn’t always work out and this will be a one and done. I play MPQ and I hate fighting against Peggy.

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