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I don’t get it myself but this book is selling for double cover while still being available at online retailers and probably at your local shops.

That book is Major X #1. Sales are still reaching as high as $12 range on a good day.

You can still get these at TFAW and Midtown. Both are limiting them to 1 per customer but this might not be a bad pickup while picking up some other books on order.

Major X #1 (of 6)

So whether you’re buying to flip now or hold long term, probably not a bad addition when making another purchase order.

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    1. I know “stupid” can be perceived as a bit harsh, but I have to agree. A common definition is those showing lack of intelligence or common sense. Although these folks might have some intelligence, not informing oneself within one’s own hobby is definitely a lack of common sense. So I’m all for stupid.
      As a side note (and I shall go with euphemisms now) I am so thankful that there are misinformed, uninformed, clueless, lack of common sense, not paying attention folks out there. If everyone paid close attention, I’d have zero profit.

  1. What’s the negative on this book? There’s still an unidentified player in the game that hasn’t been named yet. Who is the other Deadpool and they’re still teasing the identity in the write up for issue 3. At worst it’s a cheap gamble at a $10 bill or less. If it turns out to be a long term addition to the Marvel universe, hopefully Son of Deadpool it may do quite a bit better in the long term. If you’re only considering Major X you’re missing some important other potential.

    If I was a bitter person like the creator seems to be right now, I’d even go out of my way to head in that direction in the future and maybe by the end of the story just to spite all the people who he thinks dissed him with SD47.

    Have faith and good things will come.

    1. I agree, I think some people are too pessimistic when new characters arrive..I wish I’d been more optimistic about all the new characters they put out in the 90s, I may have picked up some Harley Quinn or Deadpool firsts lol That said, with the Disney-Fox deal and the new Disney+ service coming out, sky’s the limit for all the “characters” that might pop up somewhere.

  2. Here’s another twist, wasn’t he involved with the whole Copycat thing? Maybe instead of son of Deadpool we get the Real Major X in disguise as Deadpool trying to kill the imitator. There’s all kinds of creative ways a disgruntled writer can spin this.

  3. Who was bad enough to kill divergent future timeline Wolverine and how does his skeleton get into the hands of someone with the capability of converting adamantium bones into adamantium swords for divergent future timeline SonofPool and how does divergent future timeline SonofCable get his attention? That’s a miniseries waiting to get written.

  4. OMG…I just saw the cover to Major X #2…Cable looks ok…but the other two?!…all I can say is OMG.

    And on a more positive note…I found 2 of the Captain Marvel “long-hair” Artgerms at my local Walmart today. I had low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised at the find. I also found the Wolverine Infinity Watch #1 and Venom #11 Walmart variants…but was scratching my head trying to figure out the cover differences until I revisited CHU and realized it’s just the coloring of the logo…certainly not as exciting as the Captain Marvel variation.

      1. Does it look to you like he’s toting around Wade Wilson Deadpools mask and Cables Techno arm strapped to his back while coming to face off with SonofPool? Look carefully at his waist.

      2. I was referring to cover A as shown on Midtown’s website…Major X is pointing his arms straight up towards the sky with a gun in each hand…and Wolverine is smiling like a Cheshire cat. I think there are only 2 first print covers…A and 1:25…and the image you show above is possibly the 2nd print for #2.

          1. Available to order right now from your favorite shop. FOC Date 4/22/2019 Est Ship Date 5/15/2019 I’ve already ordered as many 2nds as I did 1sts.

  5. She-Hulk’s going to need someone new to smack around once Bruce retires from the MCU after launching her series. I can already picture the scene from Zorro where Zorro’s slicing Elena Montero’s shirt straps with his swords but instead of Zorro it’s SonofPool with adamantium swords made from Wolverine’s bones. It’s too bad Catherine Zeta-Jones is turning 50 or they could have just painted her green and gave her the She-Hulk role. I’m guessing they’ll want to go a little younger.

    1. I am wondering if they will just recast Ruffalo or keep the Hulk always hulked out and hire a new actor to do the voice overs. Maybe have Mr. Fixit around for a few years. Anyway, She-Hulk #1 is flying off of Ebay right now in all grades with the news of a potential show.

        1. Oh, I know, but seems like he is done with the role once his contract is up ….They all say that until more money is thrown at them. “If” he ever did walk away from the role I would be OK with a a professor Hulk or Mr. Fixit in all their CGI glory with a new voice actor behind it.

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