Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 234th edition of the open forum!

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

200 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Getting as many copies of Naomi #4
    2 copies of Justice League #22
    Avengers no road home #10
    Guardians of the galaxy #4

      1. Says they guy who wants them all to himself!

        Just kidding. May not be worth much long term…but there’s potential for a quick flip right now. Tomorrow, who knows?

  2. am i stupid for feeling like the upcoming book “War of Realms New Agents of Atlas #1” is next young avengers #1. 6 1st appearances in 1 book

  3. MCS still has Naomi #4 at cover but 1 copy per buy and they also still has Rise #2 with 2 copies per buy (3 if you ok with VF)

      1. Nope, Key Collector sent out a notification. They then sent out another notification saying “sell before everyone else finds out!” CBSI just reported it but had a caveat saying to be careful buying at marked up prices.

          1. Heh, that’s my issue I have with them at times. Better to wait to get facts straight before jumping to just “be the first”.. Being the first sometimes makes one look like the fool..

        1. That’s just common sense about buying at marked up prices if you’re a speculator in the flipping game. Collectors pay secondary prices, flippers should be buying low, selling high. If you can’t find it cheap, just consider yourself already out of the game for that particular hot book..

      1. That’s the other issue I have. You ever see his emails they send out? They sound like a desperate beggar.. “Please if you buy anything off eBay, click my links when buying so I make commission”..

  4. why shouldn’t naomi #1 cover be the #1 comic of the week this friday. at least it will be in the top 3 anyway

  5. Good week for pick ups-in my hold bag are the following:
    Angel #0 (secret variant for $7)
    Naomi #4
    Gideon Falls #12 (cover B)-love this series!
    Star Wars Tie Fighter #1 (action figure variant)

    Spec pick ups this week:
    Spiderman/Deadpool #47 (cover price)
    Silencer #15 (1st Smoke for cover)
    Thanos #17 (2nd print for cover)
    Thanos #16 (3rd print for cover)

    Question for the community? I have been buying Naomi since the start and have been lucky enough to get all the issues for cover price. At this point, I’ve slowly been selling off copies and making a good profit. Remaining for #1’s I have a Cover A and Cover B left. With Cover A’s selling for upwards of $70, I’m debating on taking the money and running or waiting until release of #5 where supposedly she gets her costume. My thought is, with everything else, that once the mini series ends interest will wane. Don’t get me wrong, this series is good, but for $70 I can get some cool minor keys or bronze books. Thoughts?

    Good hunting everyone!

      1. Classic bronze! I know Naomi is getting a lot of looks and is super hot but I would take this proven gem over any new “key” any day of the week!

    1. i sell all my moderns to make $$$ to collect high grade silver and bronze age. been doing that for 30 years. (im 47)
      i do keep my nyx 3’s…tech 880…y the last man…saga…etc etc. i have no intention in selling my naomis whatsoever (im doing 8 sets of it)

    2. This is not a mini series. So I’m not sure if interest is going to wane. Low print run with likely cartoons or movies to come in the future. So I doubt if it’s good it’s going away.

      I’m thinking spider-Gwen/miles morales type popularity.

      Just my opinion thought. Bird in the hand vs. two in the bush also works.

      I sold a set of 1A & B for $60 a month ago…don’t regret it as it paid for the other copies I snagged and I’m holding onto. I’ll likely send them in for grading,,,I’m still searching for a 2nd print to #1….may just have to cough it up and grab it on eBay.

      1. Actually, looks like 2nd print is now going for more than the first print 1B….insanity!

        Guess I’ll settle for the third print.

        Surprised the B cover goes for less than 1/2 the price of the A cover….everyone knows it’s print run is smaller, right? And it’s not like it’s a bad looking cover? I guess A just pops out at you more.

        1. Everything I’ve read says continuing. But now I read the solicits for issue 6 and it says final issue.

          Weird as none of the covers state “x of y”

          Well, wouldn’t put it past DC to,get a different creative team in he book and push another issue #1 with 10 direct variants and 80 shop variants…

          1. I stand corrected! This is from Bleeding Cool.
            NAOMI #6
            written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS and DAVID F. WALKER
            art and cover by JAMAL CAMPBELL
            This is it, the end of the first season of NAOMI by the breakout collaboration of writers Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker and artist Jamal Campbell! With her origins finally revealed, Naomi embraces the journey ahead and charts a course for the future and her role.
            ON SALE 06.19.19
            $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
            FC | RATED T+
            FINAL ISSUE

            1. Bendis has stated in a couple interviews that he loves the artist, but the guy needs to take a break after the first 6. So, yes more issues of Naomi down the road.

    3. I really feel like once the mini ends and interest wanes, spec will crash on Naomi. She isn’t a Marvel, there’s literally no movie they can insert her into. The series has no reason for commanding $$$ other than everyone wants it, but no one can tell you why. I honestly believe, unless she breaks out in some tv show, she’ll just be another dud. Deathstroke can’t even get a movie appearance, it’s insane to think she’ll command NYX 3 prices years down the road.

      1. I’m with you on this Naomi will end up lesser know at the end of the series and if she ends up being a white Lantern no one will want this book it will basically become toilet paper. She would be lucky to get cartoon appearances like Jessica Cruz at best.

    4. Sell sell sell!! I just put one of mine up for action on eBay. For me waiting to see if she becomes a major character in the DC universe is a risky. Better to make the profit on the front end. Hold a few key issues just in cause something happens, #1 of course and costume issue as well.

      1. First appearance will win overall long term. First costumes don’t usually hold their weight long term so sell quickly when it peaks in value. If a first costume does become extremely valuable, probably be years or decades from now, most of us will be long dead by then…

        I don’t think it’s a bad idea to hold 1 or 2 of issue #1 long term for this one. I don’t think DC is planning on putting her on the back burner.

        I’ve sold one issue #1 that paid for all 5 of my original bought copies at $10 each (yeah, I bought after these already jumped up in value) and I still got them paid for. I’m holding the other 4 now. Even if she bottoms out and becomes a pointless new character that’s worthless, I still theoretically got mine all for free so I win nor I lose. 🙂

        1. I’m going to collect 2 sets. Already sold some, so it’s like free comics. Dc needs more diversity and female leads so they will push naomi

  6. Anyone double bag their comics? I’m tired of pulling new comics out Of bags with boards only to see after a few weeks of storage that here’s color loss along the back spine which adheres to the backing board. Like the ink hasn’t dried yet when it hits the stands!

    Seems to be more prevelant with marvel new issues with dark or black back covers.

    Putting them in modern bags without a board, then putting that in a silver age bag with a board for now on. Small investment to fight back against this problem.

    1. What brand bags and boards are you using? What you described doesn’t happen with BCW stuff. Are you keeping the comics in a humid environment?

      1. I only use BCW myself, bags and boards. I dislike all the other types/brands. For Mylar and archive quality full backer boards with them, I only go with Gerber brand.

        1. I use Comicspro bags n boards. And a nice 54 pt back board for any book over $20-$25. I also found that most short boxes are 14.5” inside/inside. The BCW short boxes are 16” inside/inside, so, they are a little more than 10% larger and therefore hold 10% more books.

        2. Yeah I use BCW silver age for modern comics. That’s what my local comic shop sells and they’re the best. I have some of my more valuable comics in BCW toploaders and my CGCs are all in BCW graded size bags. I use ComicsPro silver age bags for bronze and silver age comics though cause the BCWs are a little too small.

              1. Don’t get me started on China and how the world is basically funding their growth on the world stage…

                But no…not unless Marvel and DC source them through China…

                1. A lot of my foil covers are double bagged and boarded because I never wanted to get fingerprints on them.

  7. there are 6, 3 all new characters, and 3 1st in comic apps of characters from video game.
    Wave, Aero, Sword master, Crescent, Io, and Luna Snow

  8. Thanks docspin. That was an informatant read. I use KCC and find it to have a ton of great content. Just my opinion.

    1. If you’re relying/using KCC, then you are already behind. I suggest learning other methods of research for comic speculation outside of KCC, they will lead you down the wrong road for spec purposes. KCC is irresponsible, unreliable and not in front of anything that is real spec. Pure pump and dump.

      1. It’s silly to rely on a app for Spec, i use that app mainly when I’m digging through dollar bins for potential keys or looking for specific story arcs. That’s where that app shines through. Spec require research and relying on your gut instincts. That will never change.

      2. We have a rare occasion when I somewhat disagree with my friend, Jay! I like KCC myself and while I’ll agree to take anything, “New,” it takes with a big grain of salt, it is handy as a reference for digging in dollar bins as I think I saw fellow commentator, Wheat, mention. It is by no means as reliable as good ol’ CHU of course!

        1. We will have to agree to disagree on this issue, David. It may be useful as a tool when bin diggin for some, but I strongly disagree with the ethics of the people who operate it and who wrecklessly and deliberately throw misinformation out to the community. If they were who they want to be, then they would report facts and not ‘pose questions’. All they had to do was ask Bendis via social media about that book, as Bendis did end up replying within 12 hours after the buzz that KCCs pump n dump alert created. KCC…the app that cries wolf.

      1. Check back in a couple months. They haven’t released the identity of DP yet from issue #1 and the story itself hasn’t had time to get great. #2 was an improvement over #1’s story. Hopefully 3,4 & 5 keep getting better and when DP’s identity is revealed Accepting $10 or less for #1 will look stupid in the rear view. If was stock’s I’d be hollering BUY,BUY,BUY while everyone’s panicking and giving up prematurely. To put it in the terms of another great making a cover appearance this week, “PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE my young padawan”

        1. I’m holding onto one copy of each issue of, “Major X,” to make a tidy run in case it keeps heating-up. Any extra issues get sold ASAP tho as I don’t want too much of it in case it turns into a big bust.

  9. My shop has the Angel “thank you” variant for 29.99. On the fence if at that point it is worth it to flip. Same with the Tie Fighter character variant which is 24.99 at my shop. I don’t usually buy ratio variants but the Angel at 1 per store has me intrigue for a quick flip. Anyone else getting these?

      1. The darkhawks were the reason I decided to pull the trigger. Been searching everywhere for the print run on #1 seems it didn’t get reported that month on comichron. I have a feeling that book is going to explode soon.

                1. Im fortunate, I suppose, that I have a hard definition of what is bought for my PC and what is bought for spec. For me, these lines do not cross. I will never chase spec or buy in after the fomo has kicked in on any given book, and I know exactly what I want/collect for my PC. Therefore, I need not worry about falling in live with my spec. I believe this approach works best when flipping books.

                2. I’m the same. Early on I bought books I should have flipped but fell in love with them. No more though, I’ve gotten rid of 60% of my modern buys from the past 5 years so far. Nowadays I seem to talk more about comics to buy than actually buying.

                3. I’m horrible. I hold on to my books for waaaay to long. Half my collection are books that use to be hot that I never sold. The other half are ones I think will be hot later on …. my wife says that’s my hoardering Polish side.

  10. I find it really interesting that the splash page used in NAOMI #2, which I first suggested could be Naomi’s mom has been used again in #4 as the scene for opening credits!! That’s not a coincidence.. I also find it interesting that what looks like her mom appearing in #4 sure looks the same (except for battle armour) as #2. I’m essentially saying that #2 is HUGELY UNDERVALUED as it will be first appearance of both Jan (adopted mom), Greg (adopted dad/alien) AND first cameo appearance of unnamed Mom. Hold those #2’s people, just watch and see… As I have clearly stated for a while, Naomi’s mom will be critical to unlocking her origin. It all depends on her mom IMO. Have a good day everyone, be well..

    1. I doubt he’ll ever appear again. He looked awesome but he was a one time inconsequential villain. I’d sell them while they’re hot and keep one of each cover.

      1. Yes the uniform looked like an exact match for being comic accurate. He could be a one and done but he’s a speedster so ability to phase through walls of jail cells and ability to travel in time make me think he will be back sooner than later.

        1. He can’t phase through walls or travel through time cause he gets his powers from an injection called Velocity 9. He has no connection to the speed force. No Velocity 9, no powers and stuck in jail. Plus he’s in the future and was Nora’s villain.


    To help make DC’S YEAR OF THE VILLAIN even more special, the variant covers for “The Offer” tie-in issues listed below will be printed on 10 point card stock, similar to the covers of HEROES IN CRISIS.

    “We wanted to do something special for Year of the Villain tie-in issues,” says DC Publisher Dan DiDio. “If we find that fans and retailers support the added collector’s value we may continue and expand the program.”

    These covers will spotlight the greatest villains of the DC Universe. They will feature minimal trade dress to present the artwork in a fresh, bold setting.

    These variant covers will carry an increased cover price of one dollar more than the standard edition.
    * ACTION COMICS #1013
    * AQUAMAN #50
    * BATGIRL #37
    * BATMAN #75
    * CATWOMAN #13
    * THE FLASH #75
    * HARLEY QUINN #63
    * HAWKMAN #14
    * NIGHTWING #62
    * RED HOOD: OUTLAW #36
    * SUPERGIRL #32
    * SUPERMAN #13
    * TEEN TITANS #32
    * WONDER WOMAN #75

        1. These will not be popular. No one will want to pay $1 more just for better paper. DC already uses better paper than Marvel as it is. This is a dumb idea that will cost DC money. It might make these variants worth more for us collectors cause they will be much lower print runs, but this is bad for the comic industry.

            1. Ha. My Dan Didio story…. DC was doing free signing and sketches at NYCC at their downstairs booth. I got a ton of artists and writers to sign and sketch it. Dan walked by while i was in line. I said, “Dan, sign my book”. So he signs right dead center and large on the blank sketch cover…… the spot I was saving for a sketch. What an a-hole.

  12. Everyone finding Naomi #4s today? I only visited one shop when it opened and they had none…but it was a lame shop…one of those in a mall that only orders 5-10 new comics a week except for pull lists. So the only copy they had someone called in and reserved.

    Fortunately I had the link to MCS ready and a copy in my cart and pulled he trigger before they upped the price to $10.

    I also have a copy being held at my LCS as well…on vacation this week.

    Just wondering if they are really that scarce out here or are shops catching up? eBay prices still seem to be $12 and up before shipping.

    1. I only ordered 1 copy for the store and 1 copy for a subscriber since I assumed it would be massively ordered and I’d already sold out of #2 with no 2nd Printing announced at that time for FOC. There’s a company that posts print runs so you can know how big the run will be but I doubt this issue gets updated until late next month at the earliest. The Final Printings for #1, 2 and 3 ship to stores next week and #4 Second Printing just became available to order a few minutes ago. I expect if sales are staying in the $10 up range most stores are going to move their copies there also even if they purchased heavy. One more example of why you should be setting up a Subscription at your favorite seller to be covered and maybe even discounted.

      1. This might end up being one of those cases not to buy now. Give it a month or so for the all the copies people horded and all the store over ordering catches up to demand and drives the price back down to cover price or less. The undercutters are out there.

    2. I picked up 4 copies, but had to go to three different stores. Sold out quick everywhere. Only saw two Major X #2s. Bought one, left one for someone else.

  13. Besides one copy I’m keeping to continue building a full-run, I got a handful of extra, “Naomi,” from one of my stores that ordered heavy on it thanks to its growing popularity and allowed me to take extra copies as long as I left some (I find it mean to clear a shelf on release day of a title, when I find stuff some days later tho, I grab it all). I listed what I had and it all sold within an hour for $10 each or more depending on if someone bought just one or a couple as a best-offer with some dollars off for buying multiples. Wild stuff.

  14. So I had a auction end last night on a somewhat big book. It’s VF and has some damage on the bottom back cover. I took a ton of pictures and wrote an essay in the description about it. When the auction ended I messaged the buyer if they looked at the photos and were aware of the damage, and they messaged me back and said no. Now this genius wants me to cancel the order. I mean what kind of idiot bids that much money without looking at the pictures and reading the description?

    1. I had a genius order a Issues1 thru 7 bundle of Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Action Figure Variants, with front cover scans, listed in the category “comics” and a description of the story contents as well as shipping option listed as being the Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope described as new unread copies upset that I didn’t ship him 7 toys for under $30. He lost the PayPal dispute but I got to carry an idiots negative rating for a year.

      If you don’t cancel it and it goes to an Unpaid Items case you can drag this out for weeks before you can get the items free and auctioned again. I refuse to Auction anything ever again. I had two winners in a row refuse to pay for a win on the same book reauctioned a second time. Apparently they can not pay for winning auctions something like 5 times a year so people bid on every auction and then buy the first Buy it Now that pops up while they’re waiting that’s less than their lowest bid.

      1. 3rd time I listed that book it sold in less than a day Buy it Now for the same price the auctions had been bid up to. No more auctions.

        1. Don’t forget it’s only 20 days until PayPal quits refunding Seller Fee’s when you give refunds to customers partially or entirely. Any refunds you’re out the PayPal fee for.

          1. Pretty crappy. I’ll be searching for an alternative when selling stuff. My opinion is, this is illegal. They make commission based on your sale using their service. If there’s a refund, that voids the sale and commission, hence they should forfeit the commission as well. They would retain customers if they just charged another 1% fee on top of their existing fee for returns, etc.

        1. Next time don’t message them. Just wait for payment. It’s up to the buyers to read the descriptions and eBay would have likely sided with you on condition and exact product sold.

          The only downside now is, to my knowledge, buyers can cancel or return for buyers remorse. I’m getting pretty tired of eBay and Paypal nowadays. They just want people to keep buying but they don’t protect the honest sellers that are truly making them money. If no one sold anything, no one can buy anything.

          1. Even if they do pay, all the customer has to do is be there when the delivery is attempted and refuse it. That immediately gets PayPal to grant them a full refund for “Item Not Received”. Then it’s up to you to contact and try to get PayPal to reimburse you for your shipping cost. So if they won the auction at $100, before the item arrives the price plummets and they can snag a different copy from someone else for $50, you get the book back but your out the money it sold for entirely until you can find another buyer and then at what may be a much lower price like with all those Naomi 4’s if the market bottoms on them next week while the books are still lurking through illegally shipped Media Mail delivery delays.

            Out of Country shipments all the buyer has to say is they didn’t receive it and it’s the same thing if no tracking number goes to their front door. I stopped out of country shipments and blocked international Paypal accounts from being able to pay. You have no PayPal Seller Protection for refused orders and orders that don’t arrive in country or out.

            1. I just don’t mess with international shipping.

              To my knowledge if the buyer “refuses” the package, it’s marked as such and I’d fight Paypal that it wasn’t returned, it was refused so that cancels the transaction and they don’t get to keep the fee.

              1. I’m also done with international shipping with eBay. I got a message through eBay today from a buyer who was angry at me for “offering” ebays global shipping program…and very disappointed in how slow it is and I should have offered usps global shipping.

                I sell a few comics a week from my house. I ain’t got time for that! And At least once it leaves the global shipment center its all on eBay if it gets there or not. I’m not sure if I sent it through usps that I’d have ebay on my side it it got “lost.”

              2. I just went through this with an Immortal Hulk #3. 1 copy bought around midnight, packed and shipped and out the back door in the post office drop box by 1 AM. About 9:30 AM same customer buys another copy, it’s packed, shipped and out the door by 9:45AM. Tracking number provided both times. Usually around 10 the truck dropping off hauls back the morning mail with them from the post office headed to processing in another town. Start getting messages about “thank you for combining shipments” which I explained over and over again was not possible since both orders were already out of my hands and in transit. Post office itself closed Saturday at noon. Immediate PayPal claim for item not received started Saturday morning. Tuesday morning claim settled in buyers favor as soon as he refused it and the tracking showed it heading back to me. E-bay even refused to remove the Neutral feedback rating on an order the customer refused. There’s no happy work around.

  15. PGX Grading customer service – WHAT A JOKE!

    So I just want two comics autographs authentication and slabbed. I don’t care for any grade. I used their online forms which calculates how much I owe. Send the comics and payment of money order in. Weeks later, got an email saying 1) they lost the money order and 2) the grading fees have to be included even though I don’t want grading. And quoted me a higher quote than what the online form asked for. My thoughts: WTF??? I’ve been buying and accepting money orders for over 20 years and I had never had anyone lost a money order. Pgx probably lost it because they fired all their staff last year including their only grader. Not only that, I have pay return shipping of $14… WTF #2???? I just sent mines in a shipping box that charges $5.. So now I’m out $19 and if I put a trace of money order it’s $6 more so now I may get my comics back but now out $25 of shipping and $58 for that money order! Don’t use PGX everybody!

    1. anytime I’ve used them they just send me an invoice through PayPal when it’s done graded and ready to be shipped back.

        1. It has only gotten worse. You aren’t missing anything. I took a Batman 181 to them at Baltimore. They honestly told me to take it to cgc. Probably the best advice I had been given.

          1. I still participate on the forums (with Poka) but I’m not sending cbcs any more of my business. Not until they turn the ship around. It’s not just the TATs, but it seems customer service and quality of work (outside of the actual grading) has gone waaaaay downhill.

            They still have their loyal followers…but it’s pretty clear by the slabs people post in their “mail call” threads many are jumping ship to cgc.

            1. I mostly use CGC but do use CBCS from time depending on the comic. CBCS’s TAT has improved a lot. I would not be surprised if CBCS’s TAT will be better that CGC within a few months (which was the case 3-4 years ago)

              Also the last batch I received from CBCS I swear looks like new slabs. Much heavier than the previous ones.

          2. Wait a minute.. A company that provides a service to make money told you to take it to their competitor instead? Imagine if McDonald’s started telling their customers, “Oh you’re hungry? You better goto Burger King cause their Whopper is better!”

            I’m alone when it comes to slabbing books.. I keep my books free and floppy for the most part! I like to take them out of their bags and roll around in them, smell them just like Scrooge McDuck does with his money.. 😛

    2. I’d never give PGX even a dollar of my business. So many scandals with them since they were first founded, including all the issues with them selling comics they had graded themselves. Their ability to detect restoration is worse than some of my part-timers in my shop.

      I wish CBCS would improve their turnaround times. Their access to Beckett’s back of house staff should have resulted in faster processing of everything that isn’t grading (invoicing, data entry, email response, etc). But it just hasn’t reached the TAT. I’ve known Steve Borock pushing 20 years, been to dinner with him many times. He’s a standup dude. It’s a shame the company hasn’t thrown enough resources at getting things fixed there.

      Litch and the gang have kept CGC moving forward since Steve left for Heritage. The service isn’t as personal as it was back in the day (unless you are grading 1,000 books a year).

      If CBCS gets things turned around, I will probably split my money about evenly between CBCS and CGC. But for now, I send unwitnessed sigs to CBCS (and wait 7 months) and everything else goes to CGC. I wouldn’t send PGX my laundry.

    1. Thanks…but long gone.

      Would have loved to ordered a copy…all the ones I found a month back had smudges and other residue on them….

      Also worth nothing all their reprints are,out of stock now…didn’t last long. Will have to see if my lcs ordered a 3rd print of issue 1.

  16. I did not read every comment on here so I’m not sure if this has been brought up. Hearing rumors that Cap uses Thor’s hammer in Endgame. Not sure if that is true or not, because we all know how rumors go. Might want to be on the lookout for comics where Cap picked up or uses the hammer. Just sayin.

    1. Which hammer? Mjolnir is the enchanted one that Odin put the whosoever is worthy whammy on. That one was broken by his sister. The new one pretty much anyone should be able to pick up if they can heft the weight. That sounds a bit sketchy to be specing on.

      1. Time travel. Mjolnir will return in Endgame due to time travel. Stormbreaker will belong to Beta Ray Bill for phase 4.

          1. Beta Ray does exist in the MCU, somewhere. Here is a photo from a scene in Thor Ragnarok. It depicts the outside of the Grandmasters tower, where he promotes his past champions by placing busts of there heads on his tower. Recognize anyone?

    2. Yeah, online I am seeing Thor #390 and some are pushing Fear Itself #7. Again these are just rumors floating around the internet. Take with a grain of salt and tread lightly. Even if he lifts both at the same time in Endgame I can’t see huge gains. A spike, definitely. Long term spike probably not. I would say, if you hit up a comic store and you find them cheap pick one up just in case.

  17. I’ve only sent 2 comics with signatures to CBCS to be verified and I had a good experience both times. I’m actually about to send a Jim Aparo signature to them to be verified.

  18. Yeah CGC is the best by far. I only use CBCS for signature verification of comics that I already bought signed. CGC doesn’t do that, they need to witness the sig.

    1. GCG is the gold standard and probably always will be but I do like CBCS. Their grading is good. Their prices are fair. Their cases are quality and they are very attentive to their customers from my experience. The times I had general questions and sent them to CGC and CBCS only CBCS has gotten back to me. I like companies that don’t ignore their customers.

      As far as after market pricing for graded comics CGC will more often than not get full market value more than CBCS & PGX. The gap doesn’t seem to be significant between CGC and CBCS though. PGX? Sometimes they sell for a lot less than they should. Personally I am OK with PGX. I won’t send books in to get graded simply because I know i will get a better return with the other companies but if I am looking for an key book and a PGX graded one is available for “cheap” I’ll go ahead and pick it up. Looks just fine in the pc and it can always be re-graded down the line by CGC or CBCS if it increases in value enough.

      When all is said and done probably two thirds of my graded books are CGC with the majority of the remainder CBCS with a handful of PGX books.

      1. I think the industry needs a fourth company.. sort of like how Autograph industry has four, card grading has three. Here’s who I think in no order of preference: PSA Card (they’re the only Baseball card grader that hasn’t have or had a tie in TPG – SGCcard was once under CGC grading. , Google , Wizard World (they have so many shows w/ celebs and autograph guess so witness signing won’t be as a hastle), Rittenhouse Trading cards and TriStar card convention among others.

  19. Where’s time travel when you need it? The next two weeks are going to be huge weeks.

    Next week we get 1st “Savage” Venom in Venom 13 and Immortal Hulk 16 Second Printing although I’ve already sold out of 25Qty Variant Second Printings at $60 each so the excitement for that is purely spectator at this point. Naomi Final reprints arrive and Thanos kicks off with a #1. Even a small hope that Heroes In Crisis #8 does something to spark interest in the series again. Great covers, forgettable story that’s dragged out at least 4 issues more than needed already.

    The following week will be one of our biggest ever with DCeased and DC’s Year of the Villain arriving.

    Free Comic Book Day is right after and somewhere in the middle a superhero movie comes out you may have heard about.

    So looking forward to Sunday may 5th just to relax.

    Back to this week. At least 4 more New Marvels to read see who they imply they kill in. They seem to be stuck on that note this week.

  20. Marvel Comics going back to press

    2ND PTG.

    SPIDER-MAN #19
    2ND PTG.

    2ND PTG.

    3RD PTG.

    2ND PTG.

    2ND PTG.

    2ND PTG.

    2ND PTG.

    2ND PTG.

    2ND PTG.

    MAJOR X #2
    2ND PTG.

    OF CONAN #3
    2ND PTG.

    2ND PTG.

    VENOM #12
    2ND PTG.

    MYSTERY #1
    2ND PTG.

    2ND PTG.

    Most have cover art viewable.

  21. Guys, what’s the rule with submitting books to CGC? For the most part I submit books based off of my perceived or actual market value for them so for example I’d wouldn’t submit a copper or silver book as modern. In order to save price, do people submit higher tier/older books as modern? Does CGC go forward with the grading process? Just curious as I have a membership, have a bunch of books I want to submit, but am hesitant because of how fast the price increases for press and grade for non modern books.

  22. Just a couple shy of the 200th post on this thread. Missed out on a couple of books because they were short-ordered (Assassin Nation #2, Oliver #3) or not ordered at all (War Of The Realms War Scrolls #1), and nearly missed out on Naomi #4. This week’s pull:

    Aquaman #47 (Cover B Joshua Middleton)
    Batman #69 (Cover A Yanick Paquette)
    Batman #69 (Cover B Francesco Mattina)
    Damage #16
    Electric Warriors #6 (Of 6)
    High Level #3
    Justice League #22 (Cover A Francis Manapul)
    Justice League #22 (Cover B Leinil Francis Yu)
    Naomi #4
    Nightwing #59 (Cover B Yasmine Putri)
    Teen Titans #29 (Cover B Francesco Mattina)
    Amazing Spider-Man #252 (Facsimile Edition)
    Avengers No Road Home #10 (Of 10)(Cover A Yasmine Putri)
    Guardians Of The Galaxy #4 (Cover A David Marquez)
    Major X #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Rob Liefeld)
    Marvel’s Spider-Man City At War #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Clayton Crain)
    Old Man Quill #4 (Of 12)
    Star Wars Age Of Rebellion Special #1 (Cover A Giuseppe Camuncoli & Guru-eFX)
    Star Wars Tie Fighter #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Giuseppe Camuncoli & Elia Bonetti)
    True Believers Avengers Endgame #1
    True Believers Avengers Thanos The Final Battle #1
    True Believers Avengers The Gatherers Saga #1
    War Of The Realms #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Arthur Adams & Matthew Wilson)
    War Of The Realms Punisher #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Juan Ferreyra)
    Wolverine Infinity Watch #3 (Of 5)

    1. I totally missed preorders on Naomi #4! I don’t know how…I’ve got like 4 copies each of issues #1A, 1B, 2, & 3 and have 5 preordered, but missed #4 somehow!

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