One Week Later Report for April 24th, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 4/17/2019.

DC Comics

Naomi #4 was the hot DC book of the week, just like every other week an issue hits stands.

Is it FOMO in full effect or is it legitimate demand due to the new character that could become a new long term hit DC character of the future? Only time will tell for this one. All I can say is I thought I was gambling a few months back when I was buying issue #1 for $10 a piece but boy did that pay off since I’m now selling these for $100 on average.

So what we thought would be a bigger print run for issue #4 didn’t slow this Naomi train down one bit. One week later and this book is still a $8 to $15 book for sold listings. Not bad for a fourth issue. Usually these types of books start to slow down by the 3rd or 4th.

Like I’ve been preaching already, pre-order where you can. You can still buy Naomi #4 (2nd Printing), Naomi #5 and Naomi #6 from TFAW currently.

Nothing else to report for DC books. There were some great looking Killer B covers but you can likely still find all other DC books from last week online or at your local retailer. At the time of writing, all books except Naomi were still available for sale at Midtown.

Marvel Books

West Coast Avengers #10 is an appearance by Alloy, the new hero that has powers that resemble Wolverine and Venom combined.

This book quickly became a $20 to $30 practically over night after FOMO kicked in and people love themselves some first appearances by just anyone who might prove worthy for the long haul.

Time will only tell us if this character proves to sustain popularity. But we all know Marvel’s tactics, heat is just a way for them to claim “we demanded it” so I’m sure they’re marketing group will be all over this one. We’ll get a self titled series with 30+ variants within 6 months or so.

Sorry if I sound cynical but you know, the character sounds kind of cool, let it build naturally I say. I sure hope we don’t see a big push by Marvel to end up ruining the possible potential of a new character (Think of Weapon H, talk about lost potential by them pushing it just a bit too far too soon).

War of the Realms War Scrolls #1 Sorrentino Variant was another book that heated up. I’m still not exactly sure why but nothings going to stop me from picking one up to flip if I find them.

Recent sold at time of writing was an auction that ended at $27. That’s true demand if you ask me, willing bidders driving up the cost, not sellers setting the BIN price.

It’s a cool cover but honestly I wouldn’t pay over cover for it unless there’s something I’m missing here.

Star Wars TIE Fighter #1 Character Variant introduces a new Star Wars character before any supposed movie, animation or show appearance, which is rare.

So when the time comes this character ever makes it to our screens, this book could be a nice pickup for the long term gamble.

This was a ratio variant that most retailers sold in the $10 to $15 range to begin with. Most recent sold listings have been around the $20 range. So if you love Star Wars, missed out, now’s the likely time to hunt one down. No one wants to pay secondary prices when these things heat up.

Major X #2 is getting made fun of but yet copies are still selling well. You can already pre-order the 2nd Printing of this book but yet still find regular first prints available online and at the local shops.

I suppose shops are just loading up with what they think they’ll be able to continue selling, ordering more copies before selling out of the first prints.

Indie and Small Publisher Books

Rise #2 from Scout Comics saw a nice bump at first upon release and pre-sales, ranging from double cover to $12 range but you can now find this available in stock at Midtown at time of writing.

That’s pretty much it for the small publishers from last week. Not a whole lot of action on that front and most can still be found online or at your local shops.

5 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for April 24th, 2019”

  1. “Major X #2 is getting made fun of but yet copies are still selling well. You can already pre-order the 2nd Printing of this book but yet still find regular first prints available online and at the local shops.”

    I haven’t sold any of the 1st Print #2’s but ordered the 2nd Print simply because the 1st Print was so hard to look at and enjoy. It may not go up in price but I suspect it’s going to the one people seek out long term if the choice is present. If you want to read it right now your only choice is 1st Print. People seem to be willing to wait here for the next. If it maintains this pace it may have a strong case for 2nd Print sets of the entire series being the way to go.

  2. Is West Coast Avengers #9 or #10 down as the first appearance? It seems to me that #9 is the first appearance, we get the powered up version with dialogue. #10 is more of an origin? Honestly, I’m driving blind as I flipped through but didn’t read the books yet…

  3. Lmfao at them not overdoing Alloy right away. A Marvel rep literally told me they don’t care about longevity of characters they care about each quarter. Major X, Alloy, all these will be flash in the pan, 47 variants with a #1 bullcrap

    1. Honestly when they do the “pushing” of new characters onto us, that’s when it usually backfires. Think back to Mosaic. He was cool until they immediately tried to make an ongoing series with him right after debuting him. Publishers have to let the characters grow organically with popularity, let us readers decide who’s relevant and who’s not and it will work to their advantage in the long run I think where they can do all the marketing and variant baloney they want..

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