Website Downtime

Seems you guys really love spoilers that is causing a spike in load on the website.

So we apologize for the slight downtime tonight. We believe we identified the cause of the spikes that were crippling the servers on the back end during these spoiler posts.

Everything should be back up and accessible now.


You’re friendly neighborhood CHU System Administrator Devops Guy, aka AgentPoyo

10 thoughts on “Website Downtime”

  1. I was wondering why the site was having trouble loading and not letting me post a comment, I thought maybe it was my Internet – – now I get to blame you instead! Just kidding, love ya Poyo.

    1. Yup, Anthony likes to blame me too.. you should see the texts he was sending me. Make most people cry.. don’t let the charming guy in this weekly spec videos fool you.. he’s a hardass.. or maybe it’s just towards me. 😉

  2. I was wondering what was going on earlier. I thought it was my WiFi, I started unplugging things and plugging them back in.

    1. Yeah, this site is unique. If you can imagine the traffic is pretty consistent but then… BAM! Tuesday night spoilers.. thousands hitting the site all at the same time. 😛

      1. It’s become a weekly part of my NCBD process… I look forward to it as much as I do NCBD itself. There’s something more personal and old school here that’s missing with some of the other spec sites.

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