Rumored Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Plot Details had an interesting post up, that may be pure speculation at the moment, but gave some rumored/potential plot details about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 3 movie. 

The rumor involves the High Evolutionary  (who first appears in Mighty Thor #134), Lylla (who first appears in Incredible Hulk #271),  and Moondragon (who first appears in Iron Man #54).


 The mysterious Roger Wardell, who has made a habit of sharing supposedly insider information about Marvel movies – which has turned out to be not entirely inaccurate in the past – tweeted some intriguing possibilities that could offer some insight about the plot of the upcoming threequel.

From @Rogerwardell on Twitter:

Rocket’s creator is the High Evolutionary, Drax is in for a big surprise when he discovers his daughter is alive. Rocket also gets a love interest in the form of Lylla. Nebula and Star Lord will grow into closer friends.

Whether Wardell is right about the details of the next installment in the GOTGseries will, of course, remain to be seen. However, with about another year until filming starts, there’s plenty of time for speculation, especially regarding Drax’s daughter, who — in the comics — is Moondragon.


Will be interesting to see if these will come to pass.

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  1. On the Beta Ray and Quasar GOTG 3 post here on CHU I said Moondragon, Nova, Adam as the villain. Wouldn’t make much sense to have two end credit scenes for both GOTG films with a cocoon and that’s not what we get in GOTG 3. Nova’s origin was also set into motion in Infinity War and now five into the future I would imagine Nova shows up now or never based on the MCU’s current time jump.

    1. Anyone’s guess right now. They might throw them all in the pot. Marvel will most likely reveal the movie line up for the next phase this summer. I have a feeling Nova will get his own movie. Just a feeling.

  2. Yeah, spec lightly for now. I think most people have been expecting Moondragon to show up in the MCU at some point so it wouldn’t be a bad book to get no matter what. Iron Man #54 hasn’t been cheap in a while so don’t go nuts, unless you want to of course.

    The High Evolutionary? Well, he would be pretty cool to see on screen so I hope there is some truth to the rumor.

  3. Having High Evolutionary be Rocket’s “creator” is a cool idea. I mean he is a villain and it would go with what Rocket says in GOTG about being tortured and stuff.

    I like this! Hope it’s true! Always liked High E.

  4. I don’t know how true any of this is?
    But I do know that I’ve loved the High Evolutionary ever since that story in the annuals way back when.
    Even rumors sends up the price so I better start shopping for that 1st appearance.

    1. As usual after rumors or news are announced asking prices can get a bit crazy online. If you have any shops that deal in Silver age books you may want to check there.

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