TFAW Huge Sale Going On

There’s nothing like a huge sale to those who are patient or just missed out on the first round. It’s also a good way to fill in back issue holes and or check out books to read for cheap.

TFAW usually has sales all the time but this one seems better than usual, lots of 75% to 80% sales with a bunch of recent comics at just $1.00 each.

There’s a ton of Graphic Novels on sale as well at huge discounts.

It’s a slightly colder than normal day here with rain so what else was there to do but browse the internet and stumble upon some great bargains right?

Hope you all find some deals. I’m trying to decide what graphic novels to buy so they can get added to the ever growing “to read” stack I got collecting on my book shelf.



2 thoughts on “TFAW Huge Sale Going On”

  1. Thank you for the heads up. Grabbed some nice HC’s for the read pile. Use code word KALEL and get free shipping as well!

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