Oops: Naomi #5 Defects

I am hearing all over about problems with Naomi #5. Seems that there are staple issues, creases, damages, and upside down or missing pages. This seems to effect most, of not all, the print run.

This is a shame considering it is the first time she appears in costume. check out the problems below:

Mind you, these are all NM copies sent out from DC to Diamond and from Diamond to shops.

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  1. Whatever the print run was, it will now be double– I bet they will redo them and send out replacements next week, and won’t require returns of the bad stock, so it won’t be a recall.

  2. The girl at my first stop today said she had double-checked every single copy. I’ll have to see how my pre-orders went when they arrive 🙁

      1. I have received messages from retailers on the east coast, west coast, and in the UK. I have also seen reports made in social media. Don’t know what to say. The problem is out there.

        1. Print run guesstimate is 35k-40k. I can see batches having issues. The real question is are they going to actually print another 35k-40k to fix the issue? Doubtful

          1. I highly doubt the print run will be 45K. The series has been around 15K since issue #1. My guesstimate for print run of #5 will be approx. 21K. See ya in 4-5 weeks when the numbers are released.

            1. #4 had a print run of 19,282. Thought it was going to be higher than that. Seeing that #5 was pushed as being a book that would reveal all (including superhero costume cover), I “assume” that most LCS ordered more. 25k- 27k? Next month’s numbers will indeed be interesting.

        1. Guess it will be interesting to see what Diamond has to say about the issue. If it is 10% of print run I guess I will be disappointed to not have gotten any LoL

    1. Updated with additional pictures from other retailers. Glad to hear yours were fine but doesn’t mean there isn’t a larger problem.

  3. No damage here other than one copy curled from packing that’s serving as my reader copy and should flatten back out eventually. Sounds like you hit the jackpot with all that damage!!! You’ll get full credit back if they have none to replace them with so you can invest in #6 since #5’s nothing special!!!!!!

    1. Instead of hitting the Naomi #5 damage jackpot I get shorted 40 copies of DCeased #1!!!!! Talk about having things go backwards this week! some people are sooooo luccckkyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! You didn’t get 40 extra copies of DCeased #1 in your box did you?

    2. Why do you say 5s nothing special? It’s Naomi’s origin and the 1st appearance of her villain.

  4. My copies are good, but without knowing the missing pages issue I guess I don’t 100% know. Thanks for the info.

    1. I probably won’t be getting my pre-ordered copy for another couple weeks. So I guess I won’t know until then, I might have to look for a good copy to be sure.

    2. You can count the pages. DC is 22 pages of story in a $3.99 book, I think. And/Or, you should be able to tell if there is missing pages when you read it.

  5. I didn’t count the pages, but flipped through my one copy and did not see anything peculiar. Picking up another copy held for me at an lcs…hopefully it’s ok as well. Sorry for any of your that got hosed.

    I will say that I’ve had a really hard time tracking down NM copies of issues 3-5…Mostly ink rubbing and this issue had spine ticks. Even the 2nd prints had issues.

  6. Preordered a handful from 2 places and have yet to see them. Decided to grab 1 great looking copy off the shelf. Then I read this article. So I opened it up and it was crap when I got to the centerfold. Pages all hacked up. Hope my preorders show up looking better than this one.

    1. Same here. Waiting for preorders, but copy bought locally had lousy crease 4-5 pages from front. Crease was full-length from top to bottom! Hope preorders don’t.

    1. Bragging would be that the number I preorder goes back to #1 and I still have 30+ first prints of 1-5. 👍

  7. Picked up one copy from my LCS yesterday and read it prior to seeing this info. I definitely noticed the staple issue in mine…it was enough that even though I never notice anything I immediately noticed it.

    Pre-ordered 3-5 ore copies from other sources so I’ll be interested to see how those look.

  8. All the ones I had come in were fine. I even double checked half of them. I’m hoping the 30 I get next week from Diamond are good as well.

    Upside down pages within a book that looks good would be collectible once slabbed. There is a small niche of collectors who speak these out.

  9. “or missing pages.”
    Does your copy have the pages where she uses super powers, flies, does other amazing stuff and gets a superhero name? I feel like I’m reading a defective copy that’s not as solicited which would make sense if I’m missing pages.

    1. She does fly and use her powers for the first time. No name yet though. They should just keep her name as Naomi. Her villain makes his 1st appearance too.


    After receiving reports of damages on NAOMI #5, DC announces that replacement copies of this issue are on the way!

    Replacement first printing copies will be supplied at no cost to retailers who have reported damages to Diamond by Friday, May 17.

    The replacement copies of NAOMI #5 are scheduled to arrive in stores on June 6.

    1. How do they acquire 1st Printings to replace all the copies with? Did they have a large overprint in reserve or are they just printing more and claiming they are 1st Prints when they’re really 2nd’s?

        1. What’s to stop them from running the presses to crank out another 10,000 copies to drop off at Diamond for additional after FOC orders? Sounds shady to me.

          I know when they’ve done it with other damaged items in the past there was usually some way to tell the later printing from the 1st that was damaged or had a bad word or something like a bar code number difference, etc.. looking at Curse of Brimstone #7 which had a page missing and an Arrow ad duplicated, both printings show the same date for when they were printed 9/21/18 which isn’t true for the second copy. Marvel did the same thing with Marvel Rising Ms Marvel & Squirrel Girl #1. The later printing came out with the same printed between date as the defective copy which just wasn’t true. If they can do it for those why not just crank out more 1st printings as needed. I noticed neither book from Marvel or DC claims to be the First Printing in the Indicia anymore either. Maybe that’s how Dark Horse is keeping the industry supplied with plenty of additional copies of Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion. Just pop out more as needed increasing the total print run as they go. You never need a Second Printing if you aren’t claiming the other one’s as First or making any changes visible.

          1. I don’t think m Dark Horse is not doing 2nd prints and just cranking out more copies. I think more than likely the demand for Hotel Oblivion is less than you would expect as people are more focused on the Original series or Dallas, the second series. I am liking Hotel Oblivion.

            1. That was in reference to them being out of stock at Diamond and then coming back into stock and then out of stock and then back into stock at least enough to ship the back orders. I know it used to be a big deal in books to label each printing but it seems like it’s irrelevant to comics now unless there’s a cover change.

              1. Yeah, kind of explains how special shop variant covers come out months after the original issue and no one knows if it’s a reprint, original, whatever….

                And especially when those shop variants arrive damaged and suddenly there are 1000 Replacement copies for a run that was supposedly limited to 3000…shady!

                1. I think there are several issues at play with shop variants. One, there is a difference between print runs and what is sold. A lot of shops will sell Marvel variants that only 1500 copies will be sold. A cover A Exclusive from Marvel will always be 3,000 printed. They are doing this in part to make the book more rare, and partially to cover for damages coming from the printer, from the distributor, or in shipping to the end buyer. As someone who has done site exclusives I always hold copies back for damages. Second, if the print run is damaged, the publisher needs to replace the print run for the stores. If the entire print run is destroyed I have no problems with them not being designated as second prints or special prints. That would ruin the value of the book from the get go. It might be better for the cover or the book to be scrapped and a full refund to the shops but that rarely happens and I don’t think the publishers what to do this.

              2. I think it is a big deal if that is in fact what they are doing. But I know Dark Horse also has had second printings on books. The more realistic look on it is that Dark Horse printed a ton, filled the initial orders and had left over back stock. Those numbers forums have been reported through Comichron. Then the reorders come in and they can fill the back orders. They will not go back for a second print until their stock is completely used up. I am not always quick to yell conspiracy.

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