White Widow Orlando Mega Con Variant

If you are down in Orlando this weekend, Megacon Orlando is kicking off. The show runs Thursday, May 16th through Sunday, May 19th. Our friends at More Great Art will be there with a con exclusive for White Widow #1.

White Widow #1 Orlando Megacon Variant is limited to 250 copies and will be available at the show. The cover is by Kael Ngu.

A limited amount of copies are available for pre-sale at https://www.moregreatart.com/store/white-widow-1/

6 thoughts on “White Widow Orlando Mega Con Variant”

  1. I love like most of the White Widow art coming out, but that story was just atrocious.

    Its a mirror image of Haunt, Venom, and Spiderman all mashed up into one.

    I mean the beach pinup midway is decent but man the dialogue is bland and the story progression is all over the place.

      1. I know this is different but I have contacted Jamie multiple times and have been promised that they were shipping out “next week”. It’s disappointing seeing all the issues come out, reading them and then having to wait for, what theoretically, should be the first issues released.

        1. I hear ya. Just don’t want people to get one confused with the other. The Kickstarter is all on Jamie. The MGA book is from the publisher who is better able to handle orders it seems.

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