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We shouldn’t just collect or flip books, we should also read them. A good story can make your purchase well worth the money spent if you ask me. After all, we buy books to read for entertainment right? Even if you can’t flip them, reading is just as rewarding.” – AgentPoyo

It had been over 20 some years since I was that kid who went on a Boy Scout camping trip, and during the long hot Arizona van ride to the campgrounds, a kid passed me a copy of “Batman vs. Predator” that he had bought at the 7-11 were we had just stopped before our voyage started.  This is the first comic book I ever read. The joy I had in the story telling about two completely different universes coming together, but I had always been a fan of the movie Predator. Not knowing the world of comics, I discovered Dark Horse Comics which I tended to gravitate towards reading.

About 8 months ago, I asked myself, “What is MY END GAME?” as I was cleaning my comic book clutter. I was getting exhausted wanting to read a story but having to chase a book here, a book there to get the entire storyline, with A.) being disappointed with the ending B.) then later only having to wake up surrounded to several different comics on my bed.

Now that I had read my comics, I had low chance of getting my original money on a resell of those books if I was disappointed. I wanted to have the actual value of a good read stay intact. As I searched for some of the classic stories in graphic novel that I read as a kid, many which were Dark Horse stories, I noticed that some of the books were tough to get if not economically, the HUNT and demand for them was entirely fierce. Many Dark Horse Omnibus books are out of print, and I am sure there are other collectors out there who are aware of this.

Dark Horse Comics has a wealth of stories that should be read, or told. Don’t listen to me to tell you all this, we all know that Netflix recently picked up on this too. While people are trying to speculate which Dark Horse single comics will go up in value, I’ve been searching relentless since the beginning of the year to put together a personal Dark Horse Omnibus library.

Dark Horse Omnibus told a lot of background stories from an array of movie characters we may know about but stories we may not know about which are collected in sequential order. Characters or stories include the likes of Tarzan, Barb Wire, Aliens, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, are some among many. Some DH Omnibus books like Ghost, Buffy, X have been easier for me to acquire there is a lot of potential still out there in many of these books.  While Marvel-Disney has reacquired the Star Wars stories rights and being put together in the “Epic Collection” books, lots of Star Wars Dark Horse Omnibuses are tough to find for an economical price.

If you got some collecting dust somewhere and need some quick $, I’m sure there is a collector out there wanting to buy and read it.

Here is just take a peek at what some of Dark Horse Omnibus books have sold for recently on eBay.

Aliens Dark Horse Omnibus books

The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones Omnibus

Predator Omnibus Dark Horse Books

Star Wars Dark Horse Omnibus


So where should you look? Aside eBay or Amazon, which I have used at my last resort, here are some other places to help widen your search also and consider looking for these books at.

Book and Record Exchange Stores
Facebook Marketplace
Half Price Books
Physical Goodwill Stores or ShopGoodWill.com also has online auctions.
Thrift Stores
Used Book Stores
Yard Sales

Phoenix Fan Fusion is in a couple weeks and hope to take many photos to share with you all. I will attempt to interview Roy Thomas or Gerry Conway if they are available. Any questions you’d love for me to ask them, shoot them my way, THANKS – Cruzzer2@yahoo.com

and Happy Hunting my friends!


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  1. My local public library had a annual book sale (early access for employee friends/family) where they’ll sell graphic novels for next to nothing. Some are well used from circulation, but some are like new.

    I’ve scored some seriously cool stuff from them.

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