Bendis Tweets Pearl Movie News

Brian Michael Bendis has a history of creating characters that appear on both the small and big screens. Miles Morales and Jessica Jones are the two that come to mind. Needless to say, Bendis tweeted out that there will be some news on a movie of Pearl.

Pearl #1 is still available online (And on eBay) cheap for now.

So here is what Bendis had to say:

16 thoughts on “Bendis Tweets Pearl Movie News”

      1. And that’s exactly what I did. My LCS had 8 copies of #1. Grabbed 4. Also grabbed a copy of Bone Parrish #1 (cover B).

        Going to try to make some money back now…

        1. BTW, a these are white covers with dark ink on the back…after sitting stacked for months a saw a lot of color rub on the white. Took the best 4 they had.

  1. I have a few #1s of this book as I thought Pearl was going to be what Naomi turned out to be. 🤷‍♂️

    1. Maybe it will. Why not?! Nothing wrong with a late blumer. Keep an eye on this one. Cause Naomi is all hype now but we know movies are mostly what really drive crazy speculation these days!

      Hasn’t this book gotten some good press since debuting?

      1. There’s a foil of cover A from NYCC. That could be the book to have if this takes off. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this title. Also, don’t sleep on Cover B of Pearl #8. Beautiful cover by Tula Lotay. Reminds me slot of the Middleton Batgirl #23 cover.

      1. It dropped about the time my 5 copies of #1, all 9.8s, came back from cgc….that was a few weeks ago…Cover A has been pretty steady at $200-$220 the last few weeks…Cover B between $100-$125.

        I think it jumped up way too soon…and I wonder if those $500 sales were even legit. $200 seems reasonable for a new character with a lot of potential right now. I actually think the story is solid and mostly fluid/paced well. I, keeping at least one copy of the run of 1-6 for the PC for a while.

        I’m wondering when the official movie news comes out on Pearl if it will take off like Naomi…I actually picked up issues 1-4 and I’m going to check it out. See how it compares to Naomi in quality. Heard good things and it something different from DC at least.

    1. Ooops! I found a blank cover for Pearl #1 online for cover price, which is the equivalent of Charlie Brown saying, “I got a rock”. Well, maybe not that bad, but no Cover A’s or B’s for cover price in my limited search (you can get a Cover A for $13, though).

      1. Just sold A & B for $40 shipped. Paid for my comics today.

        Now I wait and see where it goes. $100 by end of next week. You heard it here first.

        FOMO in full effect, y’all!! 🤪

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