Devil’s Due Fires Back at DC by Releasing an Alexandria Ocasa-Cortez Cease and DC-ist Variant

Politics aside, this is funny. DC comics recently slapped Devil’s Due with a cease and desist order over an exclusive cover to Alexandria Ocasa-Cortez and the Freshman Force New Party Who Dis #1 Variant that featured her as Wonder Woman. The cover instantly sky rocketed due to being a very limited print run and due to the news. Now, Devil’s Due has fires back at DC with an all new Cease and DC-ist variant featuring AOC dressed as Super-girl.

Also featured on the cover is Bernie Sanders as Green Arrow and possibly Ilhan Omar as Batwoman. The font used is in Mad Magazine style and includes humorous references to DC Comics and Washington DC.

The comic is available here.

The book is limited to 500 copies and partial proceeds going to Charity for Veterans, Immigrants & Suicide Prevention.

Well played Devil’s Due.

22 thoughts on “Devil’s Due Fires Back at DC by Releasing an Alexandria Ocasa-Cortez Cease and DC-ist Variant”

    1. I know. I have been very vocal about not liking politics or politicians. They are dirty. However, I don’t like people squashing freedom of speech. I think the book is parody which would be completely allowed. DC over stepped. Devil’s Due just made them look like asses.

      1. Yeah, politics aside, I just love the response by Devils Due. It’s not even about freedom of speech. What DC did was out of line on the other cover to be honest. I think enough was changed that did not break their intellectual property or any copyright of Wonder Woman. So good on Devils Due for firing back at DC with their panties all knotted up over a non-issue. 😉

  1. Clever, Devil’s Due. Plus, with proceeds from this going to charity if DC tried to stop any sales it looks like DC hates Veterans. Crafty, quite crafty. Admittedly funny cover too.

  2. I was first to coin the phrase DCease and DCist. I did it on this forum when the news came out, it I can’t find it. Search engine on his site doesn’t search comments.

    I’m so going to write a cease and desist letter to Devils Due to stop using my DCist phrase…

  3. I’ll be the one to say it: it isn’t funny if you despise her and her politics. Loving AOC and hating DC do not seem mutually exclusive, but I guess that’s where most of the internet’s at on both fronts.

    Of course, they all love it and her on the craptastic Bleeding Cool comments section where they crow about “free speech,” where everybody informing about American politics is from the UK.

      1. I have been thinking how to approach the comment. I have no problem with people not buying something or liking something due to politics. I have sold and done well with selling both Obama and Trump related comics. It’s the capitalist in me I guess. I have some of the AOC convention variants up for sale. It doesn’t mean I approve of her or disapprove of her. I always go back to selling what other people want, doesn’t mean I want the comics or support the content.

        1. I’m going to put up AOC posters all over our NYC hotel room just for you Anthony.. along with some Trump, Obama and Hilary Clinton posters.. bring your darts, we’ll hold contests! 😉

        2. I’m a Merchant, first and foremost .. when it comes to making a Buck, as long as it’s legal, that’s the way America works .. I’m a small percentage partner in a Marijuana Dispensary as well as owning my Comic Shop .. that does not mean I am for or against Weed .. (actually, I’m for it and have been since the ’60’s) ..

          Shrug ..

          1. I need to come visit you, Willie. Two of my favourite things are comic books and weed. You’ve got those bases covered in spades, it seems.

            1. If I were Willie, I would give you some freebie samples from the dispensary and then invite you into my shop so you buy all my wall comics “for a good price”.. 😉

  4. willie where is your shop??browniesfor all.#testify.lets not forget about classic books. regans radiers#1,he said/she said #3 the bill cliton story,that superman comic with j.f.k.archie #617 tales fromt he crypt 2008 series #8 sara pallen hockey stick cover.amazing spiderman #583 still does well.all the trump comics . iron man #228 is donalds first in comics.well that is all for you guys blind adam out. p.s. poyo what hotel are yous taying at?i want to play an be my eyes and maybe id on’t miss

  5. they just made book open order, unlimited till june 10th, only change to cover is color of letters. rip any and all spec

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