Image/Skybound Entertainment is pleased to announce that Walking Dead #192 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard is immediately being rushed back to print in order to keep up with overwhelming customer demand for this event issue and will get a commemorative cover treatment.

THE WALKING DEAD #192 commemorative cover will feature imagery showcasing the latest twist to the series— will be on shelves the same day as THE WALKING DEAD #193 hits stores.

THE WALKING DEAD #192 explores the aftermath of the previous issue as Carl fights for the Commonwealth… but who is he fighting against?

THE WALKING DEAD #192 (Diamond Code APR198094) will be available on Wednesday, July 3. The final order cutoff for comic shop retailers is Monday, June 10.


  1. Just got done reading this issue and while it didn’t have the same jarring effect as Glenn’s death by Negan, it did move me. It might sound weird, but looking at the cover of this reprint, it reminds me that I’ve invested over 16 years to this book and specifically this character. That’s longer than my son has been born or I’ve been married. In fact, I’ve never collected a book consistently this long in my 30+ years of collecting. I remember picking up those first three issues after seeing a blurb in Wizard Magazine about a zombie comic that Romero fans might like. After those first three, I was hooked. It was new and something I hadn’t seen before.

    While the book hasn’t been nearly as good for the last 50 issues, it is still one of my favorites and the first one I read each month. Amazing how much we grow attached to fictional characters and/or stories.

    R.I.P Rick Grimes

    1. Well said. I haven’t been as hard core of a fan as I used to be but have to say I was a little moved by this. Glen’s death got to me but this one didn’t have as much of an impact but did move me a bit.

      1. Glenn to me was more prominent in the TV show so his death was craptastic but I welcomed it. I was not surprised. In the comic, I didn’t care that Glenn died.. he wasn’t as cool in the comic as he was in the show.

  2. This would have affected me a little if it was about 2 years back but meh. I think that second print cover is awful as well, it does Rick Grimes zero justice. Ironically, WD is the very book that got me back into comics back in 2013 and now I’m likely it’s harshest critic.

        1. You never have laughed, or been scared, or cried at a movie? Those are all emotions. So is the sense of loss. You are just a grouchy old man with no feelings. Now I will get off your lawn.

          1. Actually, there is a movie that made me cry.. not full on sobbing but teary eyed. Anyone want to take a stab at what movie that was? I know, like a needle in the haystack.

                1. Good call on Pootie Tang. My Fantasy Football ball team name has been the Dirty D ever since I saw that movie years ago…

  3. Do you get the feeling Image is trying really hard not to have people thinking of this as a Second Printing by calling it Cover C?
    “THE WALKING DEAD #192 came out this week and is already an instant classic. We’re commemorating the life and death of Rick Grimes with a new cover for issue #192 that FOCs on Monday, the same day THE WALKING DEAD #193 will be on FOC. Both issues will be in shops July 3rd. Please take advantage of renewed interest in TWD with aggressive ordering. Every copy of The Walking Dead #193 ordered at either initial or FOC will be fully returnable. No qualifiers.”

    Also of note is the returnability of 193 making it a “no risk” to order too many option that the Comichron numbers want reflect how many actually stayed on the market for.

    1. The more I think about this the more I think that if they could overproduce Oblivion Song #1 and DIE!DIEDIE! so easily, why couldn’t they have guess produced this Cover C’s production and had it at Diamond this week to release in the gap between 192 and 193 as a legitimate 1st Printing delay shipped? you think maybe they expect massive dumping of the title starting with 193 and felt they needed to give it a boost with a delayed Cover C and the returnability of 193?

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