Spoilers: Savage Avengers #2, The Return of A Villain and A Symbiote in a Jar

Savage Avengers #2 is in stores today. It features the return of a Conan Villain to the Marvel U and a symbiote in a jar who does not appear to be Venom.  We last saw mystery jars filled with black liquid back in Avengers FCBD 2019, could these be related?

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17 thoughts on “Spoilers: Savage Avengers #2, The Return of A Villain and A Symbiote in a Jar”

  1. Sure we need another symbiote. Why not? I am going to give this book a shot. I dig the concept. My issue is they start off with the hot artist then by issue 6 its being drawn by someone subpar. Then the writer changes by issue 12 and then we get another cancelled Avengers book. I have been looking for a decent team book for a while now. I hope this is one where I enjoy the whole run. I am probably asking too much. It is Marvel.

      1. Yeah man Marvel. Marvel is the hot girl you know treated you like trash but you can’t leave her alone. You spend all of your money and vow to never look at her again and then you see her looking hotter and you forget everything you said. That is Marvel.

        I am digging this Carnage event with Cates. Cates in my opinion may be their most solid talent when it comes to writing. I enjoy his stuff a lot. Jason Aaron has fallen off a little I think. I hate how they dragged War of the Realms out. If you read his Thor stuff, if should have happened a while back. I know they are bringing Hickman back who I love but Cates is my guy.

    1. Marvel is all about the Symbiotes right now. They are pushing it across every book you can think of, Thor, Guardians, Black Panther, Savage Avengers, I am sure there are a ton others. They are trying to build hype moving into the upcoming Carnage event. Marvel will get tired and move on to something else eventually.

  2. The jar is the same jar shown in the Free Comic Book Day Avengers book. Same face and everything before Conan smashes it and after Conan’s out the window when viewed on the floor. “It’s anguished scream was heard half a world away by a fearsome warrior who would soon enter the fight.” That’s implying Goonom is coming (the ball of goo Venom without a host) or if it’s set to take place after the Venom Annual where Eddie and Goonom get back together than Venom is coming. They’re not exactly being crystal clear about where this ties into the regular continuity timeline exactly and who knows what HOX and POX will do to Wolverine’s availability in the future.

      1. It’s mad and calling out to Goonam or Venom or whichever combination’s answering the call so that should have some 1st appearance love on the FCBD issue. No name given yet so I’m going with “Jarhead” until further notice for this one unless you think Jarnom would be more descriptive.

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