PREVIEWS Exclusive Marvel Nova Prime Funko POP! And Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Soar into Comic Shops

In 1976, Nova debuted in Marv Wolfman and John Buscema’s The Man Called Nova #1. Now, the elite superhero is making his maiden voyage to comic shops as a PREVIEWS Exclusive Funko POP! Vinyl figure along with a PREVIEWS Exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy #7 variant cover.

When the last surviving member of the planet Xandar’s elite Nova Corps is dying, he selects New York high school student Richard Rider to replace him. Rider, calling himself Nova, takes up the superhero mantle, along with the uniform, and receives the powers of a Nova Centurion. Now, he just has to figure out how to use them!

This PREVIEWS Exclusive POP! of Nova features the hero in his classic costume and boasts a metallic paint job and sculpted transparent energy powers, all with signature Funko flair. He stands about 3 3/4″ tall and comes in a collector-friendly window box for display.

The Funko POP! Marvel Nova Prime PX Vinyl Figure is limited to just 30,000 pieces. As an added bonus for retailer orders, every six POP! Marvel Nova Prime figures ordered through July 1st, 2019, comic shops will receive a PREVIEWS Exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy #7 variant, featuring a cover by Funko’s Mike Martin that reimagines Nova’s first appearance in The Man Called Nova #1.

5 thoughts on “PREVIEWS Exclusive Marvel Nova Prime Funko POP! And Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Soar into Comic Shops”

  1. I can see Funko adding a mini comic or a comic and a pop package like the old Marvel Legends Combo pack sometime in the future.. just a matter of time..

  2. The question will be do they print the 5,000 copies of the comic or do they wait and see what the breakdown for the orders comes out to with some stores not ordering in 6’s? I’d already ordered 6 early this morning before knowing about the comic later when the Diamond Daily came out. There’s a price break starting at quantities of 6 and up. I thought it was going to be another of those large cereal boxes when I first saw it. I’m surprised they didn’t go that route. Novio’s sounds like a great name for some fruity loops.

    1. Retail/MSRP is $12.99 each times 6 comes to $77.94 plus whatever your States Sales Tax is. We’re giving the comic away Free with orders for 6. The shops in your area may have specials or packages or discounts for subscribers, etc. It never hurts to walk in the one you shop with the most frequently and ask before Final Order Cutoff July 1st.

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