Covrprice Runners-Up for 6/7/19

As promised, the Runner’s Up for the Top 10

Sorry for the delay, baseball. Man I am telling you I cannot wait for the season to be over. Tons of drama.

#11 War of Realms New Agents of Atlas #2 – sold 38 copies, 7-day trend of 106%, high raw sale $20

#12 Nova #1 – sold 47 copies, 7-day trend of 80%, high sale $400 CGC 9.6.

#13 Major X #1– sold 31 copies, 7-day trend 121%, high sale $123 CGC 9.8.

#14 The Amazing Spider-Man #252 – sold 25 copies, 7-day trend 137%, high sale of $538 CGC 9.8.

#15 Power Pack #1 Direct Edition– sold 28 copies, 7-day trend 121%, high sale of $375 CGC 9.8

#16 War of Realms New Agents Of Atlas #1 –  sold 29 copies, 7-day trend 113%, high raw sale $25

#17 Miles Morales Spider-Man #5– sold 26 copies, 7-day trend 125%, high raw sale of $22.

#18 Phoenix #1 (Atlas/Seaboard) – sold 33 copies, 7-day trend 94%, high sale of $175 CGC 9.8

#19 Miles Morales Spider-Man #6 Lee Battle Lines Variant – sold 27 copies, 7-day trend 110%, high raw sale of $14.

#20 The Walking Dead #191– sold 28 copies, 7-day trend 103%, high raw sale of $20.

23 thoughts on “Covrprice Runners-Up for 6/7/19”

    1. This is travel ball. It has not been a good season mostly due to the head coach not playing to win. When you are spending a few thousand dollars on baseball you want to win. My son is very good and very frustrated. The head coach stepped down. I put in for the position for next year. Then the head coach rescinded his resignation. He said he had the support of a bunch of parents. Except most of the parents have emailed the commissioner saying they are leaving if he stays. As a result it is a very uncomfortable position to be in. Don’t know what they are going to decided, keep the coach and lose the team or lose the coach and one other family leaves. There have been personal attacks on my son and me as a result of the other parent. It has become ugly. The one mom keeps tagging my son and wife in Facebook posts. It’s very strange. Politics and drama in 9U competitive travel baseball.

      1. Yikes….sounds like Junior Hockey in Canada. The coaching and parental battles are something else. Sorry to hear this Anthony.

        1. I have been the assistant coach and first base coach on the team for 3 seasons now. Things have been going down hill and parents are. It happy with the manager in general. It’s time for a chance sadly. One way or another.

      2. I think when it comes to college and professional sports it’s pretty clear you play to win the game. And you put the players out there who are going to do that. What the organization has invested in them makes no difference. Winning is #1.

        When it comes to organized sports at lower tiers it’s all fair game and up to the coach/manager what kind of team he/she wants to run. In it to win it, everyone gets equal time, or a blend of the two. That being said, obviously parents and kids need to know what his/her management style is going to be before committing to that team with their time and/money. If you don’t agree with it, don’t join and find an alternative (start your own team, e.g.).

        If the coach/manager was not upfront and completely clear about their style with the parents/kids, then that’s on the coach/manager and he/she has done a disservice to all who committed.

        If they were clear but did not follow through/changed their style, then again it’s on the coach.

        But if they were clear and parents/kids joined anyway thinking it would be different (and wasn’t), can’t fault the coach/manager for that, right?

        Not sure where your situation falls, Anthony, but I’m guessing it’s probably the first two…and the coach resigning and un-resigning doesn’t give me confidence that he makes a decision and sticks to it either.

        Either way, Huge drama usually comes from lack of early communication and/or inconsistency on following through with promises. I’m guessing there’s a lot of that going on and people are naturally going to point fingers in all sorts of directions. Once you’re in it, it’s hard to get out of it.

        Hopefully it all works out for you….but there’s likely some lessons learned in the whole debacle. Maybe before anyone makes rash decisions all can agree to finish the season without drama and then do a non-judgemental hotwash of the season and get some closure and an understanding what should happen next year so that parents/kids/coaches know what they need/want to do. People need to check their emotions in at the door. In the end, it’s for the kids, right? Adults need to show their kids how to be an adult about handling unwanted/uncomfortable situations. Life Lessons are everywhere. Go out and get’em.

        Not coming down on anyone…I don’t know the details…just throwing some of my thoughts out there. Sometimes I like to ask to myself “if I were an adult, what would I do?” Lol.

        Now back to comic books!

        1. Yeah. Style and tone changed. I am on the coaching staff but we switched from being a team coaching effort to more of a my way or the highway.

          Since it is travel/tournament baseball that we are kicking out big money for the expectation is to bring home trophies.

        2. You are right it all comes from a lack of communication. Parents complain the head coach doesn’t talk to them or even acknowledge them. The problem is they are the customer. They have a right to talk and express concerns. Their biggest concern is not playing time, on a team like ours everyone gets playing time. It’s coordination of resources to the correct positions to maximize impact on reducing runs.

          My son has been cleanup hitter (fourth slot) for several years. He hits about .750 this year. The problem comes down that the guys in front of him are not hitting so there aren’t always runs to drive in, or, that the batters after him leave him stranded. He needs to be/should have been moved to the lead of spot to start the rally’s or have the base path clear for him to run.

          Everyone has decided to finish the season but if the coach doesn’t step down or a change is made than there will be a mass exodus off the team and there won’t be much of a team to coach. Sadly because of how many ball clubs are in our area, some teams draw the elite players while others don’t. My son should have moved to a more elite team but there is something to be said for being big fish/small pond and playing with friends.

          But sadly that time may be gone.

          1. That’s tough. Good Communication Starts with listening. Good leaders listen and handle adversity well. Success (however you define it) rarely comes with a bad leader…if it does it was usually in spite of said leader.

      3. Oh boy. I helped coach my nieces team years ago. Far too much drama at times. Seems about half the parents and opposing coaches were really cool but the other half, not so much. Sometimes it just got tedious. I hope I don’t have to go through that again when my son gets older…if he gets into sports….which I think he will. Good luck with everything and just keep telling your son to have as good a time as possible.

  1. Lol to the Agents of Atlas #1 Suayan variant they just released another two covers as second print b/w and a half b/w half color. That’s going to drag the first print down like a sack of rocks. Store variants are the epitome of greed and everything wrong with modern comics.

    1. the color is on another level, the B&W covers are sitting unsold. i bought a color set for PC. but its a money book if wave takes off

    2. Saw that, almost bit but passed. Mostly because I don’t like the mixing or total B/W but also because I’m getting out of supporting store variants. They were cool for a while but now like most things marvel does they are in excess and have lost their flair/cachet.

      It’s like naming your kid “7”…

    3. Not really for 2 reasons. 1 ) the b&w cover is awful. 2) they have appointed unknowncomicbooks to be their international distributor. That will sure go well

  2. After noticing they have power Pack #1 on the list twice I started digging around trying to get an estimate of how many Directs there are in comparison to Newsstands for the book. As near as I can tell is seems to be evenly split. I did find this I thought was interesting.

    1. Even if the printing was even split, likely many newsstand copies were either destroyed/returned or not handled with care on/off the news rack. Newsstand vs. direct really only matters when it comes to high grade newsstands. Lower grade newsstand copies are not really sought after any note than direct.

  3. tony still willing to come have a sit down . with this coach.i will straighten it all out good fellows style #testify .now I want to name my first born red bull was going to name her gwen Stacey but it would be amaxing to name her redbull anit having akid yet just saying if I do . and no archie or his girls on the list yet?have you sceen the prices for some of the t&a covers?theya re going on up and it is so awesome love you guys blind adam out

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