Final Order Cut-Off Highlights for 6/10/19

Final Order Cut-Off is the last day that shops can guarantee their orders for comics. After Final Order Cut-Off, or FOC, these books will only be available to retailers on Advance Reorder. And that is not guaranteed. So here are the highlights for Monday, 6/10/19’s FOC list.

Big week this week. Check out all the


AERO #1 ARTGERM VARIANT – coming out of the pages of New Agents of Atlas is Aero, with a cover by Artgerm.

BLACK CAT #2 BROOKS CARNAGE-IZED VARIANT – Mark Brooks doing a Carnage-ized Black Cat. Yes, please.

IMMORTAL HULK #20 – I know the print runs on these are getting up there but still am loving the series. Showdown between Red Harpy, Abomination, and Immortal Hulk is brewing.

NEW MUTANTS #98 FACSIMILE EDITION – I have several copies graded of the real deal, but would love to sit down and read it again cover to cover as it was originally printed.

SAVAGE AVENGERS #3 – Conan with the symbiotic sword. Done

SPIDER-GWEN GHOST SPIDER #10 COELLO CARNAGE-IZED VARIANT – I am not going all in on all the covers, but will be grabbing the ones I like, like this cover.

TRUE BELIEVERS ABSOLUTE CARNAGE CARNAGE USA #1 – Not missing these symbiote related $1 book.

TRUE BELIEVERS ABSOLUTE CARNAGE SHE-VENOM #1 – See above, first She-Venom for $1.


DCEASED #3 CARD STOCK VAR ED – Mattina’s “zombified” Wonder Woman. Sad you have to pay $1 more for this and the horror movie homage cover.

DOOM PATROL WEIGHT OF THE WORLDS #1 – Gerard Way returns with a new Doom Patrol series.

LOIS LANE #1 JENNY FRISON VARIANT – I am not feeling all the spin offs but Frison doing Lane as a PI looks awesome.

Image Indy

BLACK HAMMER JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 – The greatest homage to classic super heroes crosses over with the greatest super hero team.

SEA OF STARS #1 CVR B MIGNOLA – New Jason Aaron series from Image featuring cover art by Mike Mignola. Heck yeah.

SPACE BANDITS #1 -Mark Millar and Matteo Scalera doing a mini series that you know will end up on Netflix.

WALKING DEAD #192 SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE ED – Not my favorite cover, but a tribute to Rick.

WALKING DEAD #193 – Fall out from death of Rick.

POSTAL DELIVERANCE #1 – Postal returns. But where is the darn movie?

WATCH DOGS #1 – New Titan Video game based series that sounds pretty cool.

4 thoughts on “Final Order Cut-Off Highlights for 6/10/19”

  1. Walking Dead 193 and both covers for Lois Lane will be returnable which should make no risk overordering possible. Presales for Walking Dead 192 Second Printing have now doubled subscriptions for the First Printing. So far it looks like WD #191 is the winner from the death of Rick. There’s a True Believers for New Mutants 98 from a few years ago I expect had a huge print run that should hold down some of the demand for the facimile. I’m going light on that one.

    1. I have the True Believers version and two graded copies of the original. I like the idea of the facsimile version to read as it was originally presented.

      1. I read my original and even used it for scanning. I did replace it with the True Believers and got a quick $250 sale for it. It feels like most of the people who would want a cheaper copy just had that itch satisfied. Maybe offering it in 10 years or so after a new generation of fans that had missed the TB version have had time to enter the hobby and maybe a movie or two under the Marvel/Disney control has time to jump interest in Deadpool again. It’s really bottomed out here since about a year after the 1st solo movie. The second movie didn’t do much to increase traffic, sales or even discussion and the Christmas edited release got slammed pretty good for being a waste of time. The story itself is reprinted in a number of trades also so there are additional ways to read it in the original condition floating around without the ads. I’m curious to see if the sales of this one come close to the one a few months ago for IH181 and if they do to see if it holds the price down again. I’ll have to check the shelf but there’s a trade in stock right now (Deadpool Classic) that collects NM98, both of the 1st two 4 issue mini series and the #1 from the 97 series all in one book for under $30 and Marvel keeps having sales on it so we can keep it in stock for well less than cover price. During big sale events that puts the first 10 major Deadpool appearances attainable for True Believer pricing.

        After reading this I actually reduced my orders for Walking Dead 192 Second Printing and 193. I suspect 193 is going to have a 1st appearance or something big but I’m also expecting the returnability to encourage overordering keeping the price down if it does. Overproduction from Image is likely and any returns should keep it in stock at Diamond on and off for a while. I suspect 192 Second will also be heavily stocked at Diamond and I already see it getting ordered heavy so I expect that one to stay down in price also and heavily printed so I cut back to just a small number of extras. I’ll Advance Reorder or Wish List as needed up until release. It’s still amazing to see how many people come in and even this year still didn’t know Walking Dead was a comic book.

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