Be On The Look Out: Secret Variants

Thanks to BJ from over on the forum and in the comments as well for this one. Be on the look out for two secret variants tomorrow. (You are a member of the CHU Forum aren’t you?).

Be on the look out for two secret variants tomorrow. Two books have a Carnage-ized (bloody) logo. Those books are Symbiote Spider-Man #3 and Venom #15. Check out the pictures below thanks to BJ. Listings for Venom #15 Secret Variant and Symbiote Spider-Man #3 arw already popping up on eBay.

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  1. Be careful of overpaying early. Every single copy of Symbiote Spider-Man #3 we got is a Bloody Trade Dress and Venom #15 has every other copy in the stack as a Bloody Trade Dress so I expect there could be a lot of copies out there. Venom 15 hasn’t even sold out at Diamond yet so your favorite store can still order extra copies and maybe get more if the entire print run is split 50-50 like mine were.

        1. I’ll flip through both in a few minutes. My desk is still buried in Spider-Bite’s getting bagged and boarded.

          1. Both Venom’s have that but they announced that several weeks ago there would be one page Carnage stories scattered across multiple titles leading up to Absolute Carnage.

            1. The bloody and other regular variants have a one page story post credit for Symbiote but I can’t say it’s a Carnage story. Just a black suit Spider-man swinging over a photographer. Completely different from the 1 page at the end of Venom 15.

    1. I don’t know….on my end far different than what you found BJ. Only one secret in all the Symbiotes?? Venom was about 1:3.
      I agree with not overpaying regardless but I’m interested to see how this pans out from other places/locations.

      1. That’s crazy. What sorting machine mixes my part of the stack 50-50 and yours 33-66? I’m actually using my secret copies to fill subscribers since there aren’t enough plain. I actually did better than 50-50 on Venom since I had an odd number and got 8 secret to 7 plain. the mixing machine must be the same one the messed me over with the DIE!DIE!DIE!#1 mix. I ended up not getting any copies of one of the 10 bubble variants forcing me to buy an extra 50 copies hoping to get complete sets. By the time they shipped the buzz was dead.

        I ordered 10 more Venom’s so hopefully they’ll ship in with next weeks boxes a week ahead of the invoicing since I ordered early. Of course there’s no guarantee UPS want bounce them here like they did my Walking Dead 192’s today. 9 out of 10 standards and 1 out of 4 blanks just reported damaged along with a bunch of others from the same box.

        Once the other 10 get here I’ll see what the mix on those turns out to be.

    The following titles in June and July will each have a new, one-page “Everyone is A Target” story. These “post-credit” one-page stories lead into the Absolute Carnage event this August!

    APR190824 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #24 (FOC 6/3/2019)
    APR190760 DEADPOOL #14 (Reorders Available Now)
    APR190828 SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN #3 (Reorders Available Now)
    APR190869 FANTASTIC FOUR #11 (FOC 6/3/2019)
    APR190771 VENOM #15 (Reorders Available Now)

    MAY190811 INVADERS #7 (FOC 6/24/2019)
    MAY190746 AVENGERS #22 (FOC 7/8/2019)
    MAY190834 BLACK CAT #2 (FOC 6/10/2019)
    MAY190855 CAPTAIN MARVEL #8 (FOC 6/24/2019)
    MAY190775 IMMORTAL HULK #20 (FOC 6/10/2019)

  3. I can confirm it’s in all editions/secrets/variants/etc.

    I’ll leave the spoilers to the boss! 😃

    And again, zero bloody secrets for symbiote here so perhaps some sorting/distribution issues with regards to it all.

      1. True. but all of it taken as a whole is interesting/part of the bigger storyline to come & I’m not going to be the fellow in the dog house for spilling anything & taking your limelight buddy! 🙂

        You never know what little image/line could have an impact down the line (ala Web of Spidey 18 & such).

  4. Mycomicshop has these two up for $8 each in NM. Better than Ebay prices right now. Not much of a risk at double cover if you can’t make it to the comic shop early.

  5. “Carnage-ized Trade Dress” sounds more accurate than bloody. I went ahead and doubled my orders for the other 8 comics on the one story list in case this is going to happen to all 10 of the one page Carnage story issues.

      1. It’s confusing because it doesn’t appear to be a one page Carnage story as much as a guy getting off a bus and seeing black suit Spider-Man swing overhead where he proclaims “Amazing”.

        1. The venom issue has it. The Symbiote issue doesn’t. The page in Venom is men in a sewer that come across a huge growth and then rats attack them.

          1. The image IS the one page post credit story from Symbiote Spiderman #3

            The comic ends with Peter in bed wearing the suit and a description of next issue”Betrayed by Black cat”, etc,, Then we get a daily Bugle Page with all the Indicia stuff and credit stuff with a sale date for the next issue.

            Then finally on the back of it we get the One Page Post credit Story pictured above.

            I’m under the impression the One Page stories are going to be different for all 10 books that will have them, not the same one repeated across all 10. If your copy doesn’t have the page I’m showing then you have a defective copy.

            1. If you look even closer, the credits for the two One Page Post credit storys have the same Writer, Same Artist, Same Colorist and the Same Company provides the Letterer for both stories. It’s right there in easy to read text at the bottom of the One Page stories.

        2. If anything it appears to be a retro story from about 1986 when Four Freedoms Plaza was introduced. Maybe someone on the bus has something to do with the Carnage story later on but I haven’t read those yet to know.

  6. 3rd different One Page story out this week in Deadpool 14. Same Writer and Colorist again.

    Expecting two different One Page stories again next week in Fantastic Four 11 and Amazing Spider-man 24.

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