MARVELous Monday

Spider-Man is bringing J. Jonah Jameson back to his office after he was abducted by Hitman; where of course Spider-Man not only defeated Hitman but saved Jameson’s life.

Of course Jameson is a turd who still despises Spider-Man, being the ungrateful person he is, Spider-Man doesn’t tolerate the noise coming from his mouth and spins him into a dizzy to bail out.

Meanwhile, Peter rests and meets up with Aunt May who’s off to protest in a Grey Panthers demonstration according to the note she left behind. Peter decides to catch up with her but finds her in an altercation with a police officer. That pesky Aunt May always getting into trouble. She’s also got heart problems.

During the altercation, she falls and suffers a heart attack. Peter shoves the officer away to get to his aunt. They get her off to the hospital where she’s recovering and Mary Jane came to check in on her and Peter. Peter heads home but stops by Bart Hamilton’s office (Osborn’s psychiatrist) and finds that it’s in shambles. He thinks to himself Harry has become the Green Goblin once again.

Flash Thompson is Harry’s roommate nowadays and as he enters their apartment, he discovers it’s been tossed about, quickly thinking Harry is the one at blame, he soon discovers the Green Goblin is in the apartment.

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