One Week Later Report for June 12th, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 06/05/2019.

Hopefully this report helps anyone reading while picking out new books at the local shops for things to keep a look out for.

Super light week to report on and I meant to get this out earlier but got side tracked.

DC Books

None, absolutely nothing special to report.

Marvel Books

Deadpool #13 Marvels 25th Tribute by Granov is not fetching huge amounts of bills but still a bunch of sells. These are ranging from cover to $10 (most of those were with free shipping).

A great looking tribute cover that has nothing to do with the actual title. So yeah, it’s a really slow week when a themed variant is the winner for Marvel.

Indie and Small Publisher

You can still find Walking Dead #192 regular online and likely at the local shop but the winner from this series is the Blank Variant.

These seem to be almost averaging around the $10 range, give or take a  bit.

Could be nice pickups to get those con sketches on. If you can get Adlard to sketch you a RIP Rick on it, seems these are fetching into the $300 range.

Sadly, that’s it. Like I said, super small and light week. Mark this one down as a rather boring week for comics on the secondary market. Maybe we’ll see in a year where we stand in the flashback friday.

2 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for June 12th, 2019”

  1. The jump last week was to Walking Dead 191. Still selling close to $20 yesterday. The Print Run was only 48,000

    The stores had plenty of time and notice to jump orders for WD192 probably increasing the print run to 80-100,000 when the new numbers come out next month. DCeased #1 had an absolutely massive print run for #1 so #2 last week probably was huge also. The large print runs are keeping the big places from selling out and holding down the prices. mycomicshop’s been parked at $8 for WD 192 since Friday I believe and sales aren’t going to go up much over that while they park there. DC in general had a huge week of sales here but for cover price books. A number of good things going on at DC right now and the print runs seem to be going up to match holding down the early price gouging potential. Good books will always be in demand years from now though.

  2. “WD192 probably increasing the print run to 80-100,000”

    I doubt it jumped to that many.

    It’s a shocker to most that Kirkman killed the main character but the hype will die, flip’em while you can, these WD issues won’t last long as the heat dial is slowly turned off.

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