Silver Surfer Black – Signed Book Giveaway + More

Everyone loves free books but they’re even better when they’re signed by the writer or artist right?

Well, here’s your chance to win and if you don’t win the signed copy, you could win something else.

Up for grabs is a signed copy of Silver Surfer Black #1 signed by Donny Cates. That’s the top prize.

Two more people will win a copy of the Comicspro Variant (Adi Granov cover art), unfortunately these are not going to be signed. That’s right though, 3 winners this giveaway round.

Just like last time, can’t comment here to win, you’ll have to comment on the new CHU forums. You can find the direct link to the topic by clicking here.

The stinking rules:

1. One entry per person by commenting on the corresponding Topic on the forum, not here, not on Facebook or Twitter, but on the forums. You can get there by clicking here:
2. Buyer agrees if international to chip in for shipping costs or it goes to next randomly drawn entrant. Within the U.S. shipping is paid for by me.
3. Winner will be announced in the comments on the forums and announced here on the main site. An email will be sent as well, (the forums require a valid email to sign up for those who have not yet signed up); no response from winner after 24 hours, we’ll select another winner at random.
4. Sorry Alana, but since you’ll likely poo on these comics with your dislike of Donny Cates, you are disqualified from entering. Sorry again, just want them to go to a good home.

Good luck!

19 thoughts on “Silver Surfer Black – Signed Book Giveaway + More”

  1. POYO, did you go there personally? I didn’t even realize there was a signing promoting this book…I usually only get the ones form midtown.

    Does Austin Books offer signed copies for sale on a website?

    I ask not for myself as I’m sure I’ll win this giveaway , but for all the others out there who will not.

    1. Yes, I stood in the damn line for like an hour too. Once upon a time, there were no lines to get Donny Cates signature and then you sat there for 30 minutes talking about truck drivers (his dad was a truck driver like mine) and what not.. now he’s all Marvel superstar with lines.. sigh. I kept it brief, wanted to get home and told him I’ll be seeing him again in NYC for NYCC. 🙂

      Unfortunately I don’t think they sell signed books online but sometimes they’ll get them to sign the remaining stacks they may have that one can buy later.

  2. Oh nice! I was there there too. I’ll let others enter to win. It was quite the turn out. Did you get some cake at least?

    1. Seemed like a bunch of people were grabbing a copy or two to get signed but brought their own books to get signed, which they limited to 3 from what I was told. I think some had way more than that though.

      Cates lives in Austin, I think I heard him saying he lives in Wells Branch which is like 4 miles away from me. He does signings all the time. You miss a signing, no worries, there will be more.

      The funny thing is Becky Cloonan showed up right around the time I was next, so he was sort of distracted talking to her. She’s done signings there too, I got hers on Punisher when she did that series.

        1. Looks beat to hell, but says NM. I hate it when people take pictures of comics inside the bag. Amateur….or lazy. Neither of which I’m taking a chance on.

            1. That’s different. And it’s on this site so you’re not trying to make sale….it’s different when it’s a promotion.

              I did look to see if your pic was in a bag after I hit send, lol.

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