Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 6/14/19

Since  came on the scene, they have become a go to spot for watching eBaytrends on comics. They scour thousands of eBay sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics: (Please note, potential spoilers do follow)


The Walking Dead #192
7 Day Trend: +205%
Weekly Units Sold: 208
Sales Average Raw: $9.94
Sales Average Graded: $89 CGC
Reason: Rick dies and becomes a zombie.


The Walking Dead #191
7 Day Trend: +143%
Weekly Units Sold:87
Sales Average Raw: $16.74
Sales Average Graded: $NA
Reason: Rick gets shot.


Magic The Gathering Shadow Mage #1
7 Day Trend: +269%
Weekly Units Sold: 39
Sales Average Raw: $7.50
Sales Average Graded: $ NA
Reason: Marvels. I am needing my case transform. Movie Warning


The Walking Dead #192 Blank Var
7 Day Trend: +156%
Weekly Units Sold: 60
Sales Average Raw: $20.00
Sales Average Graded: $NA
Reason: Black cover version. Rick=zombie in this issue.


Incredible Hulk #181
7 Day Trend: +159%
Weekly Units Sold: 29
Sales Average Raw: $1490.00
Sales Average Graded: $3194.00 CGC 8.0
Reason: First Appearance Wolverine, Key Issue.


The Walking Dead #191 2nd Print
7 Day Trend: +112%
Weekly Units Sold: 33
Sales Average Raw: $3.99
Sales Average Graded: $NA
Reason: Rick gets shot, 2nd print


The Eternals #1
7 Day Trend: +83%
Weekly Units Sold: 42
Sales Average Raw: $79.83
Sales Average Graded: $320 CGC 9.6
Reason: First appearance of The Eternals, movie coming


Amazing Spider-Man #129
7 Day Trend: +167%
Weekly Units Sold:  21
Sales Average Raw: $243
Sales Average Graded: $1160.00 CGC 8.0
Reason: First appearance of Punisher


Deadpool #13 Granov Marvels 25TH Tribute Var
7 Day Trend: +158%
Weekly Units Sold: 21
Sales Average Raw: $5.91
Sales Average Graded: $125.00 CGC 9.8
Reason: Awesome looking cover.


Batman Beyond #6
7 Day Trend: +278%
Weekly Units Sold: 11
Sales Average Raw: $47.44
Sales Average Graded: $163.00
Reason:First appearance of Inque


Runners-up to follow

74 thoughts on “ Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 6/14/19”

  1. What’s up with Inque heating up? No movie news or anything.

    And sure I’ll pay $243 for an ASM 129, just send it right here!

    1. Another site talked it up and all their minions bought it. The article was if there every was a Batman Beyond movie who the villain would be and that’s what the writer said. But let’s face it there is no Batman Beyond movie and Terry has 20 other villains that would be used before Inque. Just garbage spec that’s being promoted by the people who bought all the cheap copies.

      1. I’m the writer of the article and thank you for reading my work. However, I don’t think you know what the word speculation means. If you actually watched the show, you would see that Terry McGinnis needed help from other heroes each time he faced her. She is considered one of his most dangerous enemies. So, why wouldn’t they use the character? Graded copies of the book sold north of $100 over a year ago. Opinion without evidence is ignorance.

        1. I’m a big Batman fan…
          But I couldn’t care less about Batman Beyond. I was too old to care about that cartoon.

          So if they did anything with BMB it would be an animated movie most likely and those don’t move the value on comics like a live action.

          It’s pure spec and without anything to back it up.

        2. if there was ever a batman beyond movie the villain would have to be Derek powers/ aka blight. he kills or is responsible for hiring the men who kill terrys dad which turns him to batman. as for print run check the numbers there is very little difference between most of those issues including 6

          1. Blights the obvious choice for the first movie since a part of the origin and issue #1. Then I imagine the sequel would be Joker or Joker Tim Drake + the Dee Dee twins, and maybe even Freeze. The third movie it could be Inque or Curare, Shriek, or Spellbinder or a combination. But no news of Batman Beyond let alone a trilogy and you call it your spec but someone wrote the same article 3 years ago.

            1. Wow, you really didn’t read the article. It’s a last issue themed column with numbers and research to back up the investment potential; the previous article was a wish list. I stand by my previous assessment.

            2. The best part of this argument is it’s making this book sell! I bought 3 of these Batman Beyond books out of the racks last week; all for under $10. Sold the first 2 for $70 and $65. Still have one left. Turned those into a CGC 9.6 Omega Men 3 with a $20 bill left over. Never read or seen Batman Beyond, but this book got me a Key I’ve been wanting and profit. All from a book sitting in shops for a few bucks. Probably gonna be worthless to anyone but fans of the cartoon in a year.

        3. This guy is trying to toot his own horn like it’s a Donald Trump tweet. Did a CGC sell for a $100 a couple years ago ok most new first appearances that came off the shelf in the last month sell for $100 + in CGC 9.8. Also you didn’t deny that everyone over there didn’t buy up the cheap copies it’s a classic CBSI pump and dump at least Alana was nice enough not to mention we’re the article came from.

          1. Sigh, okay. I deny that everyone at CBSI bought up cheap copies. Is that better? (I owned copies of the book prior to the article and I have not sold a single copy of the book EVER.) “Most new first appearances that came off the shelf in the last month sell for $100 + in CGC 9.8” Investors, speculators, if you believe that, you will lose money.

        4. Opinion is opinion, does not have to have evidence, that’s called a fact. Polite response to defend ur article, last line was pointless, u may or may not know this, people have many opinions NOT based in fact, you just let them go. Of course, my opinion, but no need to mock up water with words on an enjoyable site

        5. Jason, my two cents- it’s poor form to come from another site and criticize people calling you out (and yes, I know exactly what site you’re from, which is part of the issue there). I absolutely hate it when writers jump into the comments on their own site and NEVER do that on my own, but to come over here? It isn’t “interactive,” it prevents people from feeling able to speak freely. Just my opinion. And I own all the Batman Beyond DC animated issues already, and I still think it’s not good spec. She’s too similar to Venom, they can’t even put Black Cat or Darkseid in a movie.

      2. Yeah, its been a bit of a minor key but with people trying to get $80 for un-graded copies it with no solid news of Inque being used for anything those prices just won’t hold up for long. A good book to get if you can find a NM for $25 to $35 (un-graded). Give it a month or two and prices will probably settle back down to reality. No FOMO on this one.

        1. its a dollar bin book, maybe more for a newsstand in nm. issue 6 had 23k print run. issue 3 had 24k. the print run didnt decrease. issue 6 is not rarer.

          1. Got it…didn’t mean low print run for the series. Entire series was low )28k-23k). Just a new character with a low print run relative to major titles. In fact, issue #1 was ranked #85 and issue #6 was #110 in the months they were released.

  2. Hulk 181 and ASM 129 without any wolverine or punisher news?

    Just goes to show you the lull spec has been in the wake of End Game.

      1. That blank average raw must include already sketched covers. I sold 4 for around $12 each. That’s what the average should be.

  3. I’m surprised to see a MTG comic make the list. I used to read these back in the day, and have quite a few. Never thought they would amount to anything. I guess I should sell mine ASAP.

  4. wow what a bunch of haters .batman beyond is a fun series.and terry has a smaller rogues gallery then bruce. ink is one of his main adverasaries. and is and can gain steam by cost. the book is twenty years old.and there is a #awesomesauce web series with batman beyond. wolverine has a lot of mcu rumors and the punisher is the punisher .just wish the haterwave would stop.if this information came form b.s. oups key collector you would throw the information a ticket tape parade. but you guys hate on Jason cbsi comic book speculation love you jimmy and comics tom 101.key collector is a joke and I am sick of the haters Jason keep up the #awesomesauce you all blind adam out

    1. Love you blind Adam but by definition you’re a hypocrite. You can’t say “what a bunch of haters” then say b.s. groups like…..I read the majority of these comic forums and they put enough spec out there you’re eventually right. But they never say I’m wrong 99% of the time. You turned a “blind eye” to your own group you contribute to. Again love ya but that was a bad post.

      1. kevin, how am I being ahypocrite?the only thing I called b.s. is key collector.witch was a cheap I am trying to get nick’s attion.i really have no beef or hate towards anyone in this industry.the only true exception .is deversty incomics. I hate his you tube channel I hate his fing guts and I will pay money to beat his fing ass .deversty in comics is a plague on the plaent earth I so want to beat his ass any time any place in the ring I would beat his ass I hate deversty in comics and comicsgate can kiss my fat blind ass . @#testify outside of that I love this industry take care and thanks for the loveand surport blind adam out

        1. It’s not being a hypocrite, it’s just you and your double standard way of thinking. You call out “player haters” for voicing their opinion but then turn around and do the same thing to other groups or people, claiming it’s okay because it’s just a cheap jab.

    2. Word Blind Adam, the hating on other sites is silly. Speculation is just that, Spec, you still need to use your head and gut on a lot of this. You need to do your own research as well, I consider sites like CHU and CBSI as tools, not authoritative sources of information. You have to do your homework! I’ve been a collector since 1983 and there were no spec sites at the time, you had to use your gut instincts. I feel I get great information from both and I enjoy the writer on both.

      Bottom line: If you feel burned on a purchasing decision don’t blame the source of the info, blame yourself for not doing enough research before blowing your hard earned money. Own that shit. and learn from it.

      1. “I consider sites like CHU and CBSI as tools, not authoritative sources of information.”

        PorterPrr – bingo. This is 100% correct and what I always say. There are many tools in the tool box and you should use them all, or the ones you feel comfortable with. No site, app, or video series is gonna be 100% correct and should not be seen as authoritative sources of information. Furthermore, do your own homework and only spend what you are comfortable spending and not afraid to lose if the spec goes belly up. If someone says “load up on Boof and the Bruise Crew #1, as it is the next hit thing” ask yourself if you want to be holding 100 copies or even 10 copies of the book if you can’t sell them. But spec is spec. The article where Inque was mentioned is spec. Spec is based on someone’s opinion or research. If it doesn’t pan out it was still valid spec based on one persons opinion. If it pans out it is still valid spec based on one persons opinion. That is how spec works. I read a lot of stuff and only buy what I feel comfortable or confident with.

        1. Bingo!! Not much more to be said….and this is from the actual creator of this site.

          Jeeze, c’mon folks….if you want to really walk a mine field, let’s review some stock picking and blog sites…

            1. I love these sites. But you can’t say “people who eat chocolate are stupid” while you’re eating a Hershey bar. Then have to ask how am I being a hyprocrite? Hell with shipping, fees, bad mailmen and a host of other things I may just get out of this game.

  5. About once a week I like to check prices on key, bronze Eternals books. Looks like a CGC 9.4 #1 just sold for $350! That’s gotta be a record for a 9.4! Can’t wait to see what issue #1 and all the bronze age Eternals do when we finally get some concrete info on the movie franchise. Right now all we know is it exists. My prediction is there are still some big announcements on the horizon and with it a few more big spikes in the value! I’m not saying a 9.4 #1 will be a thousand dollar book when the movie finally is released but I will say it is looking like their is actual potential for that! Crazy, I know! Not too long ago Eternals books were some of the “junk comics” you would find left over in thrift shops or antique malls if they had any comics laying around!

    1. Alana has been a highlight for me, over the last few months. I love how she speaks her mind, and she knows her stuff. She felt there was shade going down, so she called it out.

      1. I’ve enjoyed what Alana has brought to CHU ever since she started posting here years ago.. Wish she’d write up more articles for Anthony to post. Hint.. hint.. 😉

      2. There is a difference between calling out and being moody. Now I don’t have all the background but if something is said in confidence between friends – it should stay that way.

  6. Too far dude….too far. Editing is a very valuable tool in your online posting skill set. Someone who posts as much as you should know this Adam. Not good….

  7. 5 months pregnant Adam and if I’m such a trash speculator why are you always emailing me asking for shit? I didn’t mention CBSi at all. Bet you top dollar all 11 sales for Batman Beyond #6 accounted for are from CBSI readers. Make sure you go to their top 10 today and listen to Ben try and say Mask of the Phantasm is a reprint because it’s a movie book and that Batman Robin Adventures Annual is the first appearance. Keep getting your great tips there in between jerking off to some audio porn Adam.

    1. I pulled Adam’s comment earlier. I am still asking for civility. We can all agree or disagree on stuff, but I am asking the conversation remain civil.

          1. Ok….not trying to add fuel to the fire, but this would make a great under card before a Bieber/Cruise match up.

            For max profit, this battle would have to take place in the next 30 days though.

            I’d show up early for pre-battle cocktails! …..get it? “Cocktail”…

          2. Thanks Anthony. Thinking it’s a boy because I wasn’t agro/moody with the girl. Find out next doctor visit.

            1. Awesome. I have two boys and, while initially I wanted a girl too, I wouldn’t have it any other way. But even if I had a girl I would love her all the same. In the end it doesn’t matter what they come out as, as long as they come out healthy. My wife was moody with both boys. She was moody before though so…. 🤔

              1. I don’t think he moodiness ends once the wife has her second….just speaking from personal experience! and I hear menopause is quite a ride too…

                Congrats Alana! Wishing a healthy pregnancy. Boy or Girl, healthy child is #1.

                My wife and I chose not to know he sex until birth for both kids…seems rare these days. Of course my second child the nurse blew the secret a few weeks before the birth…but we didn’t tell anyone else.

            2. Oh boy, I remember my wife’s pregnancy… because it wasn’t all that long ago…Still have the emotional scars 😉 Congrats and enjoy the ride!

    2. o.k. it is no secret .I make porn for a living.big deal. and yes I did email you a few times .you needed to make some I figured at the time. iw ould help a so called friend out and buy some of her books.oh yeah you never responded to the email anyways .I guess you didn’t want my audio porn money?moeny is money regardless where it is mad e.and ben is a personal riend of mine.and yes I do go cbsi as a lot of my friends write for them.i said it before and I will say it againas of late and maybe it is the pragancey I don’t know but it seems your on the rag .with nothing positive to say about comics or comics spec .and I said it before and I will say this again.the only person I ahte and I want to break his jaw and f his wife is the dude that runs deversty in comics on you tube I would pay silly money to punch him in the face and break his jaw so fing hate him and I hate comics gate I have nothing to hide from anyone .o.k. I can’t spell and I have a really bad learning disability on top of ht my posts look like shit.but not like you I would never call anyone out fo rit .remember that .so do everyone on chu a favor get off the rag .stop hating going to try and come off thisalomned joy high I am on.shouldn’t have eaten like six candy bars at once .and congradulations on your upcoming baby god bless now get off the rag and love jesus our lord and savor #testify blind adam out

  8. I pick beaver for the that fight going to happen?and alanya I am sorry .lets let bygons be bygons .praying your baby is if only I can get that deversty in comics to answer my challenge.i really want o break his fing jaw hate him and people like you guys blind adam out

      1. I really like CHU!…. Too many other sites out there (not all, but far too many) have a bunch of keyboard warriors hiding behind their keyboard shields acting like children far too often. Yeah, on CHU conversations sometimes get heated (we’re only human, it happens) but when cooler heads prevail civility leads the way. Good job on that! Great community here!

      1. ever since having kids a LOT of words are just not spoken in our house anymore…even when the kids are sleeping. Having kids sometimes helps you with revelations on what is and is not appropriate. Hate is one word. Stupid is another. I tell my kids I hear them speak it then no more Sponge Bob… cause I know that’s where they likely hear it most.

        I’m struggling with my 7 year old daughter currently as she keeps saying “what the heck!” Part of me is like it’s not a bad word…but the other part is like eventually she’ll learn what heck is replacing.

        At four she was dropping F-bombs left and right because of some you tube kids videos playing with toys and he characters were swearing at each other…she though it was normal.


  9. Wow, this crap got out of control quickly. Can we kindly avoid references to people being “on the rag”? Comics has enough of a bad rap of being a “boys only” club as is, and that comment is beneath the standards of this site.

    Also, maybe writers from other sites should just stick to other sites and not get so defensive about things?

    Just my 2 cents.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, with everything you just said. The “on the rag” comment is appalling if you ask me.

      Let’s get this back on track or perhaps we just close the comments, eh?

  10. Woah! This comments section took a 180 real fast.

    Anthony Von Doom with the iron fist!

    It’s pretty funny. Read back a bit and see.

    We go from moodiness, audio porn and $#!+ spec to sorries, love yous and healthy babies!

    That 180 almost gave me whiplash. LOL.

    Anthony, run for Prez bruh!

    1. I was away all weekend for our league championship tournament. It’s a lot of work to have that many games over a weekend. We canned Father’s Day as a result too.

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