Throwback Thursday

This Throwback Thursday I think most of our readers will remember when this character was introduced and has become quite popular in the MCU. I remember thinking this new guy won’t last, who calls themselves that?

That character is none other than War Machine, who made his debut in Iron Man #281 back in 1992. Somehow the name has stuck and the character has turned into a very important character, mostly with ties to Tony Stark and the Avengers.

With such a bigger role in the MCU nowadays, you can still find these for fairly cheap for his first appearance.

I think the market swung for the next issue in Iron Man issue #282 where War Machine made the cover appearance and is considered the first full appearance.

#282 is still affordable if bought raw but the graded copies in 9.8 seem to fetch some decent dollars.

If you ask me it’s not the greatest cover art but nowadays it’s an instant recognizable classic.

Maybe since Peter in Far From Home keeps talking about who will be the next Iron Man?

He’s not a genius but he’s basically in an Iron Man suit, knows how to use it and he’s actually trained military as well.

Who could be the next Iron Man? We already have him if you ask me. His name is Jim Rhodes.

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

  1. I picked up a copy of 282 off eBay a year ago for $40…it want packaged well and I was shocked when it arrived in potentially 9.8 shape! Sent it off to cgc for a press and grading…hopefully will have it back by the end of summer.

    Little side note: the Marvel Legends action figure comes with a reprint of issue 281…but with the cover of 282!

    1. I’ve also had packages arrive and the package is so beat up, you think to yourself, that comic is ruined before you even open it. Then BAM!, comic is untouched.

  2. #awesomesauce.need to gohunt for aunopened marvel legends there a checklist for all the marvel legends reprints?and I also think invincible iron man s#118&170 should not be forgotten as you guys blind adam out

    1. not sure if there’s a checklist, but I know have an amazing fantasy 15 reprint witnessed signature by Stan Lee, Avengers 87, 195 and Thor 337 in Marvel Legends reprints.

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