Batman Damned Gets Funko POP

Funko and Diamond Comic Distributors have once again partnered to bring the Caped Crusader exclusively to comic book shops. Straight from the pages of the DC miniseries, Batman: Damned, written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Lee Bermejo, comes a PREVIEWS Exclusive Batman: Damned Funko POP! figure of the Dark Knight himself.

This PREVIEWS Exclusive Batman: Damned POP! features Bruce in his unique costume from the comic with that stylish Funko flair! Each POP! Figure stands about 3 3/4″ tall and comes in a collector-friendly window box, perfect for display.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive Batman: Damned Funko POP! (DEC188715, SRP $11.99) is now available for pre-order at comic shops, with an expected release date of August 7, 2019. To find a comic shop near you, visit

23 thoughts on “Batman Damned Gets Funko POP”

    1. I agree…It’s not “Damned” unless the tights are removable…

      Let the penis jokes commence once more!

      1. I think it should Funko POP out at you when you take it out of the box…

        …yes, I’m taking this thread in that direction…

    1. The sticker on the front of the box with “PX Previews” tells you it’s NOT a Hot Topic exclusive but an item offered thru Diamond’s Previews Catalog to stores with Diamond accounts. Already ordered yesterday morning early.

  1. They “Carnage-ized” every other Deadpool in the stack. Apparently this is going to be a thing for the whole 10 issue with extra story set.

    1. I looked in my copies of Sybiote Spider-Man #3, last week, and could not find the ‘bonus’ page. Do you have pics of the extra content, BJ?

      1. Yes…stick to the topic…we’re talking about Batman’s privates in this thread…!

        Some people, huh? Always trying to change the subject…?

  2. I was under the impression the forums were setup to operate separately from this and at the time this was the most current place to post a comment with current breaking information. I don’t have the forum place book marked so I would have to dig around for a while to find a link somewhere. The Symbiote Spider-man #3 question I posted the picture of the One Page Bonus story last week.

    Also, it appears my invoice for next week delivery I just got has my order increases for Symbiote Spider-man 3, Venom 15 and Deadpool 14 so I imagine other stores are in the same situation meaning if you can resist the urge to panic and over pay for those 3 now, stores may get additional copies next week mixed in the reorders. Also, the two issues next week Fantastic Four 11 and Amazing Spider-man 24 that may have the same “Carnage-ized” secret variants mixed in do not reflect my order increases on the invoice so unless they ship mixed in the boxes and invoicing a week late which happens sometimes, then once again we may be running a week behind in having extras for sale assuming the order increases ship additional secrets mixed in like the original shipments did.

    1. The forum will eventually be built in and replace the comment section. Don’t get me wrong we appreciate your comments and input. Last week it was posted on the forum which made it easier to post (and give credit to you for the info). We love retailer input, especially on the secret variants.

      1. I posted it here last week the same way as this week but since it had two scans added to the comment, it never got approved so it’s invisible to everyone but me and apparently eventually deleted so even I can’t see it anymore. This week only had one cover scan to link to. Next week I’m once again expecting two.

        1. I think since the thread topic is about the Batman Funko Pop posting about something not relevant can be interpreted as hikacking the thread, and there are other active threads where it makes more sense to post about the carnagized variants. One being the forums…others being then final order cutoff or Wednesday open discussion…even the one that talks about the comics shops are requesting more copies after FOC.

          Nothing against your post, it’s worth discussion and posting…I’m interested in learning and hearing more…but placing it here in a funko thread likely isn’t going to get the attention it deserves.

        2. The best place to put it is the open forum or on the message board is the most ideal. From there we can post the story and give you full credit for it like last time. Just makes it easier to find. No worries though.

          1. As humans, we tend to drift off topic as the conversation progresses, but those tend to start on topic and slowly drift as new things are mentioned, slightly relevant.

            But we should try to stick to topic within the articles instead of total hijacks. Readers kept asking for open forums, we finally got them for this very reason. Want to start a new topic, start one on the forums or perhaps throw it in the nearest Wednesday Open Forum article.


  3. Additional note, Batman Damned #3 is on the invoice for next week delivery also so the 3 part series will finally finish up. Good time to preorder your Pop figures from your favorite source when you’re picking up #3 from the series.

  4. the pop is not complete without the specia attachment #testify. and why does batman damned need a pop?blind adam out

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