First Look at Power of X and House of X Character Designs has revealed that Marvel has released a video and the character re-designs for the upcoming Power of X and House of X series. Check them out below and see if you can figure out who they are (some are easier than others).

Marvel today released a new video teasing the future of the X-Men with writer Jonathan Hickman. Marvel also released artist RB Silva’s character designs for new characters making their first appearance in Powers of X #1. The character designs are heavily redacted, not even revealing the names of the characters. There are some redacted notes from editor Jordan D. White that will stir up some speculation. Keep reading to see all of Silva’s designs.

15 thoughts on “First Look at Power of X and House of X Character Designs”

  1. Yeah Nimrod for sure!

    Nightcrawler in pink?

    And I agree the sword is a dead giveaway for Magik.

    And I have a feeling the blue bald guy is Cerebro personified.
    Or a mutant who can use cerebro as a helmut… someone to replace Xavier.

    1. The sword is too much of a giveaway, which makes me think it’s her sword, but being weilded by someone else. But then again, there no denying that the pink dude is nightcrawler so who knows??!?

      1. The Soulsword outfit design also has the armour on the left shoulder, which also lends credence to that design being Magik. The left arm/shoulder armour has been a part of some of the costumes that Illyana has worn in the past.

  2. Honestly… I don’t get what this series is even about. All they’ve done is tell us how important it is, but I don’t even see what the hook of the two separate minis is. All they’ve sold it on is “Hickman!”, but if you’re not kissing his ass like some of the Marvel zombies, that’s not much of a pull.

  3. My understanding it that it is not Magik as we know her, but Shadowcat and Colossus daughter. This is believable given the association of Magik and Colossus along with her friendship with Shadowcat.

    1. Thats interesting, Thomas. Illyana is a favourite of mine so I hope the ‘real’ Magik is a part of this series too.

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