Pre-Game Report for 6/19/19

Books hit the shelves Wednesday mornings, but sales go on before that. Here is what our picks are doing on eBay going into Wednesday morning.

Not a lot going on this week. Last week was the same. But here is what is going on.

So far no stand out winners in the Ratio Variant. Most books listed are going for ratio price.

Deadpool #14 Secret Variant – has the most potential. Word is just getting out, but none sold so far. Listings are around $16 on average but some cheaper ones.

Let us know if you see something we missed.

12 thoughts on “Pre-Game Report for 6/19/19”

  1. I’ll be interested to see if Miles Morales #7 catches any heat. Good issue & the definite appearance of a new villain (despite #8 being touted as such).

  2. MyComicShop has Deadpool #14 variant at cover price as of writing this. Just a side note, they also have Batman Mask of the Phantasm #1 in VF for $3.50 or so. Most on Ebay are listed at $20 to $30. They are only allowing 2 per cart so that’s what I picked up. Probably be easy money when Phantasm is used later this year.

    1. Grab Silver Surfer Deodado spoiler 2nd print. Likely a low print run and cool art. Sold out everywhere else I’ve looked….may be one to watch this week…

    2. If they’re like me they got more of the “Carnage-ized” Secret Variant than one’s not “Carnage-ized”. Every other book in the stack was “Carnage-ized” and since I got an ODD number shipped I got lucky and got more secrets than not.

      Deadpool #14 has not sold out at Diamond yet so it’s completely possible any store who wants more could get more just by reordering now. Some of us reordered last week and those will be arriving next week according to this mornings invoice so there should be plenty to go around at cover price.

      Next week also has the Symbiote Spider-man #3 and Venom #15 additional orders arriving so there could be plenty of all 3 available by next Wednesday so I wouldn’t panic and purchase now at stupid prices until you see what else the stores will be getting.

      1. Another member, BJ I think, said that there was 1 extra page of story in the secret variants, but I couldnt find that page when I compared a secret and a normal Symbiote Spidey #3, last week.

            1. Keep in mind they are not One Page Absolute Carnage stories. They’re One Page Everyone is a Target stories.
              The following titles in June and July will each have a new, one-page “Everyone is A Target” story. These “post-credit” one-page stories lead into the Absolute Carnage event this August!
              Thru the 1st 3 we have targets that may be scientists in a sewer, a bum, a bus load of people, a photographer, a black suit spidey and Deadpool. There’s also a family missing with a car abandoned by the road now. 7 more to go and I’m assuming all 7 will be different.

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