Blind Adam’s Promo Comic Spotlight Vol. 1: Spider-Man Far From Home Dollar General Promo

Hey everybody, Blind Adam here with a new feature about something I love, Promo Comics. Thank you all for the support and reading this and I hope you can make some money off this one.

This is a super-cheap one. I mean really cheap, 2 cent cheap. Spider-Man Far From Home Dollar General Promo is in most Dollar General stores. They each got 20 copies. These are free with the purchase of Kelloggs cereal, however, they ring up at the register for 2 cents! Be careful because they all may not be in near mint condition and you still have to get these through the check out counter, but 2 cents each for 20 comics is not bad.

These were selling for $20 at one point, but the prices have come down. The last copy that sold went for $8.99. Still, not bad for a 2 cent investment.

And while you are there, check for the world’s greatest soda, Jolt Cola. Oh yeah, the classic soda with all the sugar and twice the caffeine.

28 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Promo Comic Spotlight Vol. 1: Spider-Man Far From Home Dollar General Promo”

  1. Mr/Ms Google says around 15,000 stores .. x 20 each == 300,000 copies .. high grade may be tough, although who knows how many walked out the door after delivery in an employees hands ..

      1. I went in 1 store after reading this article. I didn’t count, but there were definitely more than 20 copies. At least twice that many.

    1. The entire friggin’ case at one of the DG’s in my area. Guy was on his last week working there, took the whole box while the manager wasn’t in.

  2. kelllogs cereal&jolt cola the breakfast of champions .and serch through the stack as high grade is tough on this you guys blind adam out

    1. On a whim, I ran by 2 Dollar Generals at lunch .. they each had about 10 left just sitting there .. not a one better than 7.5 at this point .. oh well ..

  3. they are coming back soon.anthony helps me edit them.and Anthony has been swamped with baseball the seasonhas ended .so they should be back soon.thank youf or the surport and for reading you guys .blind adam out

  4. We all say how comics are overpriced and pricing out the youth….and as soon as a 2 cent comic comes along you’re all grabbing 20 copies!!

    My store had 3 displays of 20 each….so that 300k total is likely 500k to a million.

    I grabbed 5 copies…checked them over to make sure they were minty…most of them were NM+ or better…

    I also picked up a box of Red, White and Blue Captain Crunch and a box of Frosted Mini Wheats.

    ….I like sugar.

    1. I grabbed a ton and paid $1.20 for 60 total copies. Sold a couple at $8. More than broke even plus profit. Can use the rest for art projects if they don’t sell.

  5. As you’re thinking of cleaning the shelves just remember little John John who loves Spider-Man but whose patents can’t afford to buy comic books because of a $3.99 price tag….only has a nickel in his pocket…a friend tells him there are Spider-Man comics at the dollar general for a couple pennies and he’s all excited…mom takes him to the store….only to find the shelf is bare….a tear appears on his cheek….(Sad music is playing on the intercom)…

    Leave some for the kids.

    1. Little John John passes by those comic books and goes for the gummy bears.. Little John John is now distracted by his tablet or mom’s phone with Candy Crush or some other game turning people into walking zombies and doesn’t even see these comics. 😉

    2. I agree with D-Rog. It’s pretty sad people on here are admitting they are going against the intent of the promotion, taking them away from others and flipping these for a meager profit.
      Spend the same time doing some market research that actually helps you build a long term knowledge base.

      1. Just like Wal-Mart, I avoid Dollar stores like they’re the plague myself… Call me upper middle class snob, I just order my crap from Amazon. Driving to pick up stuff from a store is exhausting. 🙂

  6. Regardless .. as is FCBD, I feel confident Marvel offered these up as an attempt to expand the Market .. just like the free Giveaway used during the Venom premier ..

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