Spotlight on Vampirella’s 50th Anniversary

Vampirella is turning 50 this year, first appearing back in Vampirella #1 in 1969, in the classic Warren Magazine. On July 17, 2019, Dynamite is relaunching Vampirella with covers by some of the greatest artists in the business. Not only that, but the second issue, out August 22, 2019, doubles down with even more incredible covers. Check out the covers below.

Over the years there have been numerous Vampirella series from different publishers. However, she is currently housed at Dynamite. A a result, they  are rolling out a ton of cool covers and books for the 50th anniversary. First up, Dynamite is reprinting the original Vampirella #1 in a replica edition.

Vampirella #1 Replica Edition

Here are the covers for the new series.

Vampirella #1 A Cover Frank Cho Wrap Around Cover

Vampirella #1 B Alex Ross Cover
Also available in a 1:50 Virgin Variant

Vampirella #1 C Joe Jusko Cover
Also Available in a 1:50 Virgin Variant

Vampirella #1 D Guillem March Cover

Vampirella #1 E Cosplay Cover

Vampirella #1 Adam Hughes Vengeance of Vampirella Variant

Also coming out is a Blank Cover, a completely Blank Comic edition, and a Sanjulian Limited Edition Cover.

Issue #2 feature great artists as well.

Vampirella #2 A Artgerm Cover

Vampirella #2 B Guillem March Cover

Vampirella #2 C Fay Dalton Cover

There are a ton more great covers for issue 2, but the Artgerm cover gets some serious variants shown below:

1:50 Artgerm Cover
1:50 Artgerm Virgin
Rare Blood Moon Variant

9 thoughts on “Spotlight on Vampirella’s 50th Anniversary”

  1. She’s cutting off her butt cheeks with a guillotine. Will pick up a replica or two and maybe send the original for grading since it’s big money these days.

  2. As soon as I preordered the Artgerm Vampi 2 Virgin, I started seeing stores selling a foil virgin cover for $5 more. As much as I like the virgin cover, there’s probably no spec in it anymore. One for the pc I guess.

  3. The stuff from his store (Artgerm’s) is most likely a long term hold, he’s like the new Adam Hughes/J.C. Campbell of cheesecake and GGA these days. I’m always looking for the ratio variants of his for the long term holds when he does one. Bought his Virgin Symbiote Spider-Man When it dropped to 65 bucks, way below ratio so I consider that a win for the PC and long term hold. I have my eyes on the Black Cat virgin as well, but will most likely be some time before that drops to the realms of reason… Definitely in it for the PC…

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