MARVELous Monday

Marvel window shopping is fun. Load up the Marvel Unlimited application, pick a random year and then pick a comic book that catches my eye.

This weeks random pick is Avengers Annual #7, “The Final Threat”. This one got my attention mainly because I love a good Thanos vs Avengers story. Thanos is truly the Lord of Evil.

The Avengers during this time consist of Iron Man, Thor, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Captain America and Beast (Hank McCoy). The supporting cast includes Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel (Mar-vell) and Moondragon.

Little fun fact, this Annual is the first appearance for two of the 6 Soul Gems (Infinity Stones as we like to call them nowadays). The first appearances include the Reality and the Space gems. There was also a 7th gem, bet you all didn’t know that right? Well, it was a fabricated gem that is destroyed in this issue. Sorry, did I spoil that too soon?

Thanos has gathered the 6 Soul Gems and has planned his attack, death.

Captain Marvel and Moondragon are the first to Avengers Mansion (yup, not a tower yet) to warn them of what Thanos is planning. Adam Warlock arrives soon after.

There’s a brief flashback of their past encounter with Thanos and his grand plans of revenge.

They, the Avengers along with Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel and Moondragon gather and rocket into space to confront Thanos and his army.

The battle rages on.

During the battle, Warlock finds his good friend Pip the Troll murdered. Warlock absorbs his spirit into his soul gem.

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3 thoughts on “MARVELous Monday”

  1. Another likely very unknown fact; Warlock issue 15, which I think comes before Marvel Team-Up 55, was the first mention/reference that there was more than one infinity stone, although it didn’t say how many or say their actual names.

    Go check it out!

  2. Great issue. This was pretty much the culmination of the war between Thanos and Mar-vell that had been ongoing since CM #24 or so.

  3. great stuff.classic.don’t forget about marvel two in one annual it is part of the story.loveyou guys blind adam out

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