One Week Later Report for July 3rd, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 06/26/2019.

Hopefully this report helps anyone reading while picking out new books at the local shops for things to keep a look out for.

Last week was probably one of the most exciting weeks of the year so far. We got several winners which always makes us speculators and flippers happy.

Also, don’t forget there’s the Venom #3 Giveaway going on that ends tonight. If you haven’t made a comment to win, now’s the time.

DC Books

None for DC though. You can find literally everything they put out on your local shop shelves or online.

Marvel Books

This was the total surprise of the week. Marvel Comics Presents #6 introduced a new Wolverine kid to the Marvel Universe.

Sales are all over with a single listing reaching the $82 mark. There was a listing at $99 but the best offer was accepted.

The most recent sold at time of writing was around the $75 mark. If you bundle issue #5 and #6, these are flirting with the $100 bill pay day.

So grab’em if you find’em. I don’t expect #6 to be as available as word spread quickly but you may find copies of Marvel Comics Presents #5 out in the wild. This one is now a solid $20 book currently on it’s own.

If you missed out on the first print, you can nab Marvel Comics Presents #6 (2nd Printing) currently. Also for you first appearance junkies, TFAW has Marvel Comics Presents #3 available still which is considered the conception of this new Wolverine baby.

Indie and Small Publisher Books

Canto #1 was a new IDW series that has done extremely well on the secondary market.

Reaching prices anywhere from $15 to $25 on average but now flirting in the $30 range for the most recent sold listings. There was a lot of reports of damaged copies from all over, so finding a copy in NM is apparently hard to come by which could help push this one higher in value for those seeking out better condition copies. My local shop had about 3 that were in great shape and the remaining copies in really horrible shape, we’re talking F or worst. Seems the damage is some type of print roller issue that cause severe spine breakage and such.

The 1:10 Nick Robles variant saw great success as well, flirting towards the $100 mark, even a damaged copy sold for $28.

If you missed out, there’s a Canto #1 (of 6) (2nd Printing) on the way with a great looking new cover art.

The honorable mention goes to Samurai Grandpa #1. Likely overlooked from MCP6 and Canto success, this was another great pickup if you could find it. My shops didn’t get them but Midtown has them listed still, 1 per customer.

Not a lot of love on the secondary but one sold listing had it as $11.95 but with free shipping. Perhaps it’s a book  to keep an eye on.

One thought on “One Week Later Report for July 3rd, 2019”

  1. I picked up a couple Canto #1s w/damage because I felt although the number of bends puts it in the vf/nm range, but all but maybe 1 was color breaking. I see potential for 9.6/9.8 grades out there if the asking price jumps such that it justifies taking a $10-$15 chance to press it to that grade.

    That’s what I’m holding my 2 copies for. That and to read as I hear it’s a good story out of the gate.

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