Venom #3 3rd Print – CHU Giveaway

Anyone miss out on the Venom #3 3rd Printing that’s currently seeing some heat on the secondary market?

Well now you can own a copy by just creating a simple comment here on the website.

How do you win this great prize?

So pay attention, it’s not just a comment (comment must be on the website to count as a valid entry, not Facebook or Twitter) with your name but a comment of what you’d like to see implemented here on CHU. Whether it’s an article, feature, general idea, etc. You can like someone else’s idea as well. Duplicates welcome.

Whether it’s implemented or not, we just want to see new ideas that you, the readers would like to see. Maybe it’s something we can implement or start writing (if it’s an article type).

Comments to enter will run until Wednesday July 3rd @ 19:00 CDT. Winner will be chosen randomly, not based on idea, so everyone has a chance to win.

A huge thanks to Vann (Winner of the signed Silver Surfer Black #1 a few weeks back) for sponsoring this giveaway. It’s his way to thank the CHU community for making this website awesome. This was his idea.

The stinking rules:

1. One entry per person by commenting here. Not on the forums, Facebook or Twitter, but here with an idea to improve CHU. It can be anything, there are no right or wrong answers. But try to make them realistic please.
2. Buyer agrees if international to chip in for shipping costs or it goes to next randomly drawn entrant.
3. Winner will be announced in the comments here on the main site and likely emailed. So make sure your comment and or profile used is a valid email.
4. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize or we select another winner.

Good luck!

134 thoughts on “Venom #3 3rd Print – CHU Giveaway”

  1. Have a link or drop down with all the comic shows in the country. May be a lot of shows, but at least the major ones.

  2. An article about what to look for in dollar bins that most people would overlook. Call it “Thrill of the hunt” or something about joy of digging to find hidden gems!

  3. Open forum for community focused on what people are currently hunting, keeping an eye out for, etc.

    1. Daniel Perelman

      Since this site is called comics heating up, maybe a feature that measures the hear of upcoming comics using a thermometer? It would be based on combo of input by admins and polling us, since many of us get info from multiple sources. Like a 60/40 split on what influences the “temperature”.

      Alternatively, you could just do a comic book take on the old hot or not site that measured a person’s hotness. Remember that?

      Thanks for another cool contest!

      1. An article called foresight. Where you pick a book that could be hot in the future, and why you feel it could be (not confirmed stuff like movie news)

  4. Christian Gonzales.
    Maybe a Hype but not Heat type of thing?
    Acknowledging the stuff that everyone’s buying but thats not rising?
    Or insane presales that arent likely to jump?

  5. Dan H
    How about a basic “getting to know you” type deal. Doesn’t have to be too in depth but I’ve gotten used to seeing many “screen names” & I’d like to know likes/dislikes/where/fav comic shop or whatever!

  6. Books that might be a good spec for future but not doing anything right now. Thanks Anthony, Poyo Mel V and the whole CHU Family!

    1. How about artist spotlight on up and coming artists who seem to be heating up. Like Shannon Maer (not a plug for his work, I personally don’t like it), or other artists people like me dont really keep up with. Could just highlight their current best covers, but show their earlier work nobody really knows about.

  7. Daniel Perelman

    Since this site is called comics heating up, maybe a feature that measures the hear of upcoming comics using a thermometer? It would be based on combo of input by admins and polling us, since many of us get info from multiple sources. Like a 60/40 split on what influences the “temperature”.

    Alternatively, you could just do a comic book take on the old hot or not site that measured a person’s hotness. Remember that?

    Thanks for another cool contest!

  8. I’d be interested in seeing some kind of podcast or in-depth videos once a week breaking down the current state of things, stuff that could heat up, stuff to come down the road, et cetera.

  9. It’d be cool to get con/show reports from small-to-mid level cons to see what’s hot in other regions besides just the east/west coasts (and on a much smaller scale). I know we get Arizona and Kansas City too, but seeing what’s selling in small markets would be interesting.

  10. I posted a whole huge thing and then tried to comment, only to be told “my Facebook login has expired” so I’ll just say I’d like to see the “Comics of the Week” and such get posted sooner, and I’d also like to see more attention paid to general trends in the markets, i.e. like maybe hot books beyond the COVRPRICE Top 10, which we all usually know about already anyway.

    I’d also really like to maybe see something to engage people who want to TRADE spec books. I don’t flip, and I have a lot of extra spec books I’d like to trade with CHUers for books I don’t have and want.

    1. I like. I’ve discussed with Anthony about posting some of the spec posts a bit sooner since Tuesdays are starting to get ruled by the spoilers that go up those nights.

  11. Gregory Baez

    I’ve missed Anthony’s spec videos for the upcoming weeks books.
    Thanks for all the hard work

  12. I would like a direct link to the forum page at the top of this page whenever I want to check out the forum I have to follow a link in one of the stories. Call me lazy but it would make it so easy

  13. It would require alot of legwork but an end of week recap with the hits and misses of any spec books along with any movie spec news. Sort of like a CBS Sunday Morning.


  14. Andrew C

    Love the content so not much I can think of doing differently, but I do say I miss the one year later reports which reported how well Anthony, Poyo, and Mel did with their picks of the week. It always made me reminisce of what we were all hunting the year earlier and how good the specs were (or not).

  15. A list section, more expansive than top 10, specific characters, genres. Years, etc. community involvement on it, possibly upvoting of lists as well.

  16. I would like to see a thread or article every week, or every month, that details comics to sell vs comics to hold. I have a hard time deciding when is the right time to sell and sometimes I hold them too long. And conversely, sometimes I sell them to you soon. I’m thinking of a running list of comics we should be selling right now, versus long-term holds. That’s the toughest part about this, and I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on a regular basis.

  17. It be great to have a monthly poll of the members to vote on the hottest comics speculation wise for each month. I love top 10 lists but if members got some say as well that would be really interesting to participate in. Cheers.

    1. David Evans

      I’d like to see either a weekly or monthly bit on the biggest surprise book of that time period. Whether it’s one that people didn’t see coming or just a book that got way more heat than expected.

  18. Georges A. Pearson
    I´d like to read informative articles by guest writers on several key topics that might interest collectors as well as speculators, i.e., what to slab, pressing, cleaning, blue chip comics, silver and bronze age trends, under the radar publishers etc.

    1. I like this idea! I’m always looking for new avenues to sell my duplicates and books I no longer want. But then wouldn’t it just be speculators selling to speculators? Lol

      1. I prefer to think of it as Collectors selling snd trading w/ other collectors. I do have personal wants for my PC that are not spec.

  19. JT Rodgers- I’d like a comprehensive list of optioned properties and their statuses. I think that would be a great resource. So much stuff gets picked up I can’t keep track.

  20. how about some selling strategies? Maybe have some how-tos for different selling methods: eBay, Facebook marketplace, atomic avenue, etc. listing, packaging, shipping.

  21. Ken McKenna

    Lots of good ideas already posted. Maybe a feature on older indie series (defined as not Marvel or DC) that were good but overlooked.

  22. I have a few ideas for my one entry. Trying to think of things that sort of run themselves/low maintenance since I know you guys are very busy…

    1) allow editing of posts after you post them for a short period of time…between my fat fingering and annoying auto correct sometimes my posts are incoherent and I just wish I could just correct some spelling.

    2.) it would be nice to have a central list of online one shops that sell new releases. I know there’s like 10 commonly known ones, but I think there is closer to 20. sometimes a new comic heats up and you’re trying to find it online for cover and time is off the essence….and personally I’ll remember 6 or 7, it then struggle to remember the rest.

    Also, give people the ability to rate their experience with these shops such that they can be ranked in a few key categories (available stock, shipping, condition, customer service).

    3.) is there any way to have a quick link/bar to link to lists of popular/weekly topics instead of the search engine? Sometimes I’m trying to remember a comic mentioned in a past article but have to keep scrolling and scrolling until I find it…

    4.) finally a list of all the minor and major cons for the year and their dates/links to their website if possible. This could be updated throughout the summer as more are added.

    That’s enough for now.

  23. A Dead/dormant spec article once a month. Stuff that was speculated on before, but fizzled and has cooled but has a good shot at taking off in the future.

  24. Kevin Verdine
    I remember Hoknes would have a number system for his spec videos. I like that or a “must have spec” for the week. I respect Anthony, Poyo, Mel V., and other opinion. You all are my research.

  25. Rob H
    Hmmm, maybe an article/video where Tony and Poyo compete by going to their closest antique mall to see who can find the best comic book score for $20 or $30 within a certain time limit. Chu readers can vote on who did the best and then the books could be given away randomly.

  26. A drop down of people/businesses who you use to press comics and a rating system where CHU users can rate there experiences with said pressers for those of us who are new to pressing and worried about getting someone who will jack up our books.

  27. Naz Ahmed

    Is a fan of indie comics I’d like more reviews of new indie comics on Tuesdays to see if they’re really worth picking up on Wednesdays.

  28. Al Macro

    Ever since X-Force 2 got some heat for being key characters 2nd appearance, 2nd apps have gotten more and more popular.

    So why not do an article on 2nd appearances. Maybe call it Sloppy Seconds or something.

    Another thing I always liked, and I know you guys might find it cheesy, is to do a casting call for an upcoming movie or TV series you would like to see. Basically pick a character, team, franchise and give it a little premise and then cast the actors you would like to see play the roles of said characters.

    Anyways… that’s my 2 cents!


  29. This book sat on a online site for months after being released, up until a few months ago…approx. I had several opportunities to obtain as many as possible. I kept telling my self this is a Key…I have to get some. Didn’t do it….then approx. Before SSB came out, without knowing He was in that book or going to be, I told myself okay time to pick them up. Went back still available. Went to check out said sold out…someone found and or thought what I did. Missed out on a great book…😫😫😫

  30. I think it is in the work, but a way to sync-up the forum posts we make and our comments so it is all one linked account, or such would be snazzy.

    I’d love a podcast of the CHU-crew shooting the breeze. It doesn’t have to come out often, maybe every month or two. You could look-back at how the month/months were for speculation, upcoming stuff of note, and just be your charming selves chatting about comics.

    Those are my two suggestions.

  31. I have no idea how to implement this or if its even possible but I’d love to see a trial run of some sort of fantasy football but with comics where we have a set amount of “fantasy dollars” to buy comics coming out for a given period (say a month and one week). Covrprice values at the end of the period can be used to determine the winner with the biggest gain.

    Ok, I know the above is a pipe dream. A more realistic suggestion is a Previews article. I submit my midtown order around the 20th (or whenever the next Previews is up at midtown) and would love to get some input on what CHU writers think or at least (and maybe this is more of a forum thing) what the community is ordering. I’m not sure if something like this is on CHU now or in the past but a consistent article or initiating forum post around the 20th of each month would be awesome.

    And I agree with Cruzzer. I’d buy merch.

    Tony P. (Fozzie)

  32. Victor Buckley
    A weekly challenge to the community to find a simi original comic book speculation idea. The comic or comics in question must be based on the writers convincing research, reasoning and current market activity. Rotate challenges between Marvel, DC, Image ect. The best idea chosen by CHU receives a prize and a soapbox to preach from (for a week) and CHU gets free content. It’s a community building exercise with the possibility for some new thought provoking ideas.

  33. the CHU site looks fine when viewed on smartphones but not so well on desktop monitors and big tablets.

    i wish you can find a theme that looks good on any platform.

    1. This is actually on my to-do. I use CHU on bigger monitors and the theme we hacked was not playing nice at the time we rolled out and migrated. So I threw in the towel for now to revisit. Its been on the backlog since after analyzing traffic, surprisingly, mobile makes up almost 70% of our traffic.

      1. I don’t know much about the capabilities of themes, bit I’ve had great experiences on sites with responsive coding that reflow the page based on the physical frame size of the browser window.

        1. This site does but it gets a little wonky once its on a screen larger than 1280 width. Its on my to-do cause I use a desktop at work and it bugs me at full size.

  34. I’d love to see an area where people can give straightup feedback about online vendors and e-bay sellers. A place where customers can actually give their opinion on shipment, speed, packaging, misrepresentation, etc…

  35. Hey I really like this site. I do think that you guys do a great job keeping up with info. The only add perhaps would be like a must read weekly book, I dont think I have seen it on this site.

  36. Hi! Nice contest!
    Idea: Maybe a list of Wed releases (before Wed) where each of us can mark 5 comics we believe would be hits. Then it’ll be like a track record of whom got the best speculation?

    Idea2: We send you some comics for contests in exchange for ummm… raffle or signed comic?

    Walter M

  37. Please increase the size of the frame dedicated to the articles. the left side is way too big. If you browse the site on a large display monitor is really not a pleasant experience.

  38. I would love to see articles that highlight key issues and undervalued moments in the lives of long-running characters. Especially with second-string characters who have many fans but garner less attention than the top echelon.

    Being a Canadian I also enjoy any coverage of Canadian price variant books.

  39. An article analyzing the [Time Period’s: Week/Month/Year’s] winners to help understand what conditions/factors contributed to its success. Was it the perfect storm of Artist/Writer/Character? Were there rumors or speculation concerning the issue prior to its release?

  40. I want to see more reviews about weekly picks. For example, come back 3 months later and produce a side-by-side article where the prediction and a later outcome are beside each other. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Nice contest. A lot of good ideas already. Story arc info, local regional con info, cardboard cutting tips. For me something for working within a small budget on spec. If you were only picking up multiple copies of 1 or 2 books, either new, cold or undervalued. May pick a few of these ideas and try them all in small doses. See which get traction.

      Thanks for what you do!

  41. Awesome ideas! I could sit on this site all day and browse…
    Would love to see in depth hero/villain reviews. Take knull for example what has he done so far? What books has he shown up in? First appearance, first time cover appearance. What movies or t.v shows has he been in? Where do we see his character heading. Out of those books which are hot which have cooled off. And spec on books/story arcs we think these characters could play a major role in. Really in depth analysis connecting stories with characters.
    All the content is great keep up the good work guys!

  42. Also maybe a page Where members can trade.
    I prefer to trade my books to complete runs rather than sell and buy- really connects the community.

  43. Honestly I love what you guys are doing! Maybe as someone else said what to look for in a dollar bin series. Or what cheap comics you should pick up duplicates of.

  44. Love what you guys are doing here. A few ideas:
    * It could be cool to have some re-occurring articles on top storylines/arcs of the decades or of the ages (Silver, Golden, etc). From a readership/storyline perspective, I think there are lots of opportunities to call out some of the best stories, especially those that have been overlooked or forgotten.
    * From a speculation perspective, it could be cool to consistently call out first appearances in advance – any known upcoming first appearances (maybe coordinated with FOC).
    * It might be cool to have a listing of comics/stories that have been “optioned” for a movie or tv show. This could be a running list that could show stories/comics that have been confirmed optioned and also speculation on stories/comics that might be optioned in the future.
    * Lots of people have mentioned the idea of having a running list of conventions on here. That could be helpful. Also, maybe to have a running list of top creators’ signing schedules, or at least links to their signing schedules.

    Thanks for all you guys do!

  45. How about an undervalued silver and or bronze age article. Call out the dwindling key issues that haven’t spiked yet.

  46. Instead of creating something new, make sure the weekly posts get posted weekly. There is a lot of content that has gone underutilized but has always been helpful. It is understandable that the individuals that do the posting have lives, but that is my input for the site!

  47. I would like to see an Artist alley, where any random person can post there artwork.

    Also upcoming artist spot lights. Like when Anthony posted about Artgerm before he was famous

    A place where we can sell or trade books that we don’t want or need or have extra off. Somewhere where we don’t have to pay fees. Well maybe just a beer or to for Poyo and Anthony lol

  48. What about a bottom 10 instead of a top ten? An analysis of spec busts that breaks down why they dropped off instead of paying off.

  49. I think this came from CBSI but would love to see your take on what were once hot books that have cooled and lowered in price, which are the good ones to pick up? Like how Venom #3 was a $20 book and now that SSB is out, it shot back up to $30-35. What other book might be due for a pop?

    Thanks for all you guys do!

    Bryan Carver

  50. Maybe a little more streamlining of the site features so one doesn’t haven’t to scroll down for what they missed, and images with the headline would be great. But already doing a great job!

  51. Any chance you all could start covering what appears in previews and what you think we should be ordering in advance for our LCS’s?

  52. I’d like to see a ” in case u missed them” for first appearances of characters that may not be those super hot appearances or any first appearance that may have gone unnoticed, I find characters come full circle at some point and a heads up on what we may have missed, or a place to share would be super cool.

  53. Final order cut-off highlights released on the Sunday before, many of the shops in my area are closed on Monday.

  54. Mike Seaton

    It would be great if comments on articles would either highlight that they’re new since your last page visit, or jump to new, etc. Scrolling through comment sections on wednesdays can be tedious!

  55. 1st off Amazing – Site – Comments- Articles & Community! Great insight each week! (Especially for moms and dads – who are collectors such as myself. Taking care of the kids & working & trying to stay up-to-date- can be challenging. I always read the comments and appreciate the community’s insight! Thank you ladies and gents!) Article title – Gimme Some More Keys Please- For Each Week – when an event happens in this week’s particular books – For example- Marvel Comics Presents #6 – (Wolverine’s daughter) – War Of Realms Uncanny X-Men #3 (Death Of Sabertooth) The article looks back at Key Books Pertaining to that specific character. ( key books Pertaining to Wolverine’s offspring.) (Key books Pertaining to Sabertooth) In the comment section- the community can state their favorite book, story, or even cover of “said” characters. We the collectors determine the market. So instead of books becoming hot because of movie news – we determine what books should heat up due to the ongoing books and storylines. 2nd article I would like to see – when a “supposed” major release is coming – last year – (Action Comics #1000) This year – ( Batman Who Laughs – Detective Comics #1000 – Absolute Carnage- I’m just stating examples – ) Article title – What Variant Might Just Pop – take a look back at the store exclusives or ratios that might be the best investment. We as collectors buy what we like – because of cover art, artist, writer, character, etc… But most of the time we want to strike gold by investing in the book that jumps in price. For Action Comics – was the big winner the Jim Lee Tour variant? For Detective Comics #1000 – was it the Alex Ross exclusive? Did Batman Who Laughs have a winner? The article would go over the sales history and determine the top variants from each event… My 2 cents… Again – great site and community. Keep up the GREAT work!

  56. Charles Edwards- I would like to see something like “what CHU think” where we could post ideas about books we find while hunting. Obviously, this could include back issues, dollar bins, and new/upcoming releases. We all have access to previews/solicits so it would be nice to see others insight on upcoming releases as well as cool back issues.

  57. It might be cheesy to some by I’d like a weekly or monthly top writers and artists list.
    Yes, like Wizard used to do.
    There can be a correlation between a popular creator and a book getting hot or selling out.

  58. I would like to see an article about overvalued comics, where the price is high, but the comic is cooling off. Also, a listing of key comics for various characters.

  59. I think it would be great to have a consolidated list under the pages box for hot comics to look for at your LCS, things that are out of stock everywhere online. This way you don’t have to click through all the posts to find what may be good.

  60. I would love to see a weekly article on the comics over 20 years old that are heating up. Or you could even do it by the decade. 80’s hot comics, 90’s hot comics, etc.

    Chris Schultz

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