WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT for the Venom #3 3rd Print

Announcing the winner for the Venom #3 3rd Printing book.

A super huge thanks to Vann (Winner of the signed Silver Surfer Black #1 a few weeks back) for sponsoring this giveaway.

It’s his way to thank the CHU community for making this website awesome. This was all his idea.

And all you had to do is comment and tell us an idea of what you think would make CHU even better.

The winner however is still randomly chosen. So with that said, let’s see who won this great prize.

And the winner is…………………….

Ken McKenna

You are the lucky winner. I’ll be sending out an email as well but all you have to do now is claim this prize within 24 hours or we pick someone else.

If you are international, we do ask that you chip in for shipping.

Congrats and a big thanks to all for providing suggestions. I think they’re all great and hopefully we can maybe narrow down some of these and perhaps get them implemented.

13 thoughts on “WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT for the Venom #3 3rd Print”

    1. My pleasure AP! Love CHU and I’ve always loved the characters behind the scenes here! So much great stuff going on….I just thought I should put some water back in the well!

  1. Huzzah! I won something! Thanks to CHU for running the contest, and to Vann for donating the prize. And the name is redundant but real 🙂

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