SDCC Panels and Exclusives For Titan Comics.

This San Diego Comic Con, Titan Comics brings exciting debuts, SDCC variants, limited editions and special appearances from a host of creators. See below for the full details on Panels, Exclusives, and more from Titan Comics.

The wait is over … Blade Runner 2019 #1, the most hotly-anticipated comic of the year, debuts at SDCC with a special virgin variant cover by fan-favorite artist, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau (only available at Titan Booth #5537). On Thursday, (Room 4, 12pm) Blade Runner fans can go behind the scenes with a special spotlight panel to discuss bringing this critically-acclaimed world to comics, followed by a signing with co-author Mike Johnson, at the Titan Booth #5537.


Sunday at SDCC is Doctor Who comics day, with a special Thirteenth Doctor panel and signing! Join authors Jody Houser (Thirteenth Doctor ongoing comic) and Richard Dinnick (The Thirteenth Doctor: The Many Lives of Doctor Who) to discuss what goes in to making The Thirteenth Doctor comic series (Room 25ABC, 10am), followed by a special signing of Doctor Who comics and graphic novels at Titan Booth #5537, including an exclusive show variant of The Thirteenth Doctor #9.


Titan’s Hard Case Crime imprint spotlights Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition, Dick Tracy), who discusses his upcoming release in a special panel and signing – your only chance to get an exclusive Ms Tree Art Card signed by the king of hard-boiled noir.

Titan Comics (booth #5537) will be bringing a huge range of show debuts and exclusives, including a black-and-white cover by Jeff Stokely (The Spire, Terminator) for Bloodborne #13, based on the hit video game series, and an exclusive wraparound cover by fan favorite artist Brett Parson for Tank Girl Forever #5.




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See below for a full list of creator signings and panel information:


PANEL: The Hardboiled Return of Ms. Tree!
Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Room: Room: 26AB
Guests: Max Allan Collins, Andrew Sumner (host)

Titan Entertainment’s Andrew Sumner sits down with author/screenwriter/ director/comic-book writer Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition, Dick Tracy) to discuss his and artist Terry Beatty’s iconic, ahead-of-her-time hardboiled comics detective Ms. Michael Tree. Originally debuting in Eclipse Comics’ Eclipse Magazine in 1981, Titan’s Hard Case Crime imprint is now collecting five pulse-pounding Collins & Beatty strips in Ms Tree: One Mean Mother and Max is here to spill the beans about his two-fisted heroine!


SIGNING: Hard Case Crime
Time: 11am – 12pm
Location: Titan Booth #5537

Special Hard Case Crime comic event! Max Allan Collins will be signing an SDCC exclusive art card, featuring Ms Tree, the upcoming graphic novel collection which launches this Fall. Plus Max will be signing copies of Mike Hammer, the tough-talking, brawling, skirt-chasing private detective who returned to comics in this thrilling noir graphic novel, based on an original plot by Mickey Spillane, as well as graphic novel Quarry’s War.

PANEL: Blade Runner Spins into Comics
Time: 12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m.
Location: Room: 4
Guests: Mike Johnson, David Leach, Jeff Conner, Graeme McMillan (host)

Blade Runner returns to comic shops this month with the debut of an all-new comic series written by Blade Runner 2049 scriptwriter Michael Green and his regular writing partner Mike Johnson. In this special spotlight panel hosted by Graeme McMillan of The Hollywood Reporter, Mike Johnson will be joined by editor David Leach and Jeff Conner (director of publishing at Alcon Media Group) to discuss bringing this critically-acclaimed world to comics while expanding the canon of this beloved franchise.

SIGNING: Blade Runner
Time: 1.30pm – 2.30pm
Location: Titan Booth #5537

The hotly-anticipated Blade Runner comic debuts at the show – meet co-author Mike Johnson, who will be signing an exclusive, limited edition of Blade Runner #1, only available at SDCC.


SIGNING: Newbury & Hobbes
Time: 1pm – 2pm
Location: Titan Booth #5537

Author George Mann (Doctor Who, Dark Souls, Warhammer 40,000) celebrates the 10th Anniversary of his hit steampunk mystery Newbury & Hobbes novels by signing copies of his new graphic novel, Newbury & Hobbes The Undying.


PANEL: Creating The Thirteenth Doctor Comics
Time: 10am – 11am
Location: Room: 25ABC
Guests: Jody Houser, Richard Dinnick, David Leach (host)

Doctor Who comics have seen a surge in popularity since the launch of The Thirteenth Doctor last year. To celebrate, we go behind the scenes with Titan’s Doctor Who creators to discuss what goes in to making The Thirteenth Doctor comic series. Join Titan Comics editor David Leach as he chats with Thirteenth Doctor writers Jody Houser (Thirteenth Doctor ongoing comic) and Richard Dinnick (The Thirteenth Doctor: The Many Lives of Doctor Who), and takes fans on a journey through space and time.

SIGNING: Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor
Time: 11.30am – 12.30pm
Location: Titan Booth #5537

Authors Jody Houser and Richard Dinnick will be signing a range of Thirteenth Doctor comics and graphic novels – including an exclusive show variant of The Thirteenth Doctor #9!

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  1. Cool scheduale good stuff, please ohh please dont list variant prices and blow everyones presales to shit. Please oh please chew.

    1. People on eBay don’t care what the price you pay is. They just want the cheapest sale. And if they do care they can find the price online through various other sites. If your worried someone is gonna spoil ur sales then u need to tell the sdcc sites to stop posting the prices 🙂

      1. And we all know that’s not going to happen. Asking SDCC sites to stop posting the retail price is like asking an elephant to stop being an elephant.. Consumers no matter how bad they want it still ask one question… How much does it cost?

        1. My wife and I just finished our lottery point assignments….. I really hate this system but I still thinks it’s fairer than waiting in line for a chance.

          Hopefully in a few days I will know which lines and times I will have. I will be taking preorders once I know, hoping to get Lego ….. those sets look pretty awesome.

          We will be working on our “schedule” this weekend so we can hit all the comic spots.

          SDCC YEEEEAAH BABY !!!!

          Btw, your going too aren’t you Adam?

          1. I have to admit, the last few NYCC cons I made more money flipping toy exclusives than comic exclusives.

            If you’re asking if Blind Adam is going, I don’t think so. He usually attends the NYCC.

                1. Yeah I thought he mentioned he was going awhile back.
                  I didn’t know if it was his first time there and was gonna ask if he needed any help navigating it

    2. If you have a book that is in demand, it doesn’t matter what the retail price is. Did all those folks buying TWD193 last week, who paid $30, know that the cover price was $3.99. Maybe you should stop hustlin’ and try a more transparent approach to selling comics. M2c.

  2. I’m hearing a Tank Girl reboot is currently in discussion at Sony. Miley Cyrus would make a good Tank Girl.

  3. Some are starting to become available from Diamond now also so they can be ordered from your local shops. Type the code at the front in the search engine at for more details on each.

    JUN191483 IDOLIZED #0 SDCC 2012 VAR CVR
    FEB198950 SDCC 2019 STAR WARS #68 ARTIST VAR
    FEB198952 SDCC 2019 VENOM #16 ARTIST VAR

    1. The marvel stuff has been around for awhile. I ordered a ton but they(Diamond) allocated only like 5 each to me…. I was kinda pissed about that.

      1. I’m hoping for additional leftovers released the Monday after and some of the toys making it to the clearance sales like usual. So far no allocation notices here.

    1. My rep said he has never seen any of the sdcc variants from other publishers go on sale at Diamond. I asked cause because the DC variants usually do good on ebay

  4. I imagine if all those quakes don’t tone down fast it doesn’t really scream flock to the edges most likely to fall in the ocean to me. Traffic may be down this year from us nervous individuals.

      1. According to that site that tracks them you’re getting a bunch every day. There’s a place if you click around that lets you report if you felt them or not.

    1. Just noticed she really is going to give blonde stabby a run since she’s going with a blonde mask and claws on her hands too!!!!!! Now if only there was a crossover on the horizon, blonde stabby vs green stabby!!!!

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