Poyo’s Spec and Drek for July 10th, 2019

The last few weeks have been exciting with some winners plus some surprise winner books.

So what’s in store for the second week of July for our picks?

DC Picks

It’s the ending of the hit new series that saw some heat with the early issues. It all ends here only for her to make her debut in the upcoming Action Comics #1015 hitting store shelves in September.

I don’t expect a lot of heat for this one but it could hold some surprises. Retailers will be ready for this one though.

Naomi #6

This is it, the end of the first season of NAOMI by the breakout collaboration of writers Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker and artist Jamal Campbell!

With her origins finally revealed, Naomi embraces the journey ahead and charts a course for the future and her role. RATED T+ FINAL ISSUE

Marvel Picks

Already selling out at online retailers with news of a possible new villain, Miles Morales Spider-Man #8 is the first pick to keep an eye on.

Not a lot of movement on the secondary market yet, that could all change if there is a new first appearance of a villain that gets readers and collectors infected with a little bit of FOMO.

The next pick goes to the War of the Realms Epilogue that Marvel teased with a classified cover.

Thor #15

WAR OF THE REALMS EPILOGUE! NEW STATUS QUO FOR THE GOD OF THUNDER! To end the War of the Realms, Thor made a sacrifice that will leave him forever changed. Now he must face the choices he’s made. What lies ahead for the God of Thunder? Jason Aaron’s legendary run draws to a close – don’t miss the start of his final arc!

So it’s definitely a book to keep on the radar with the potential spoilers. I’m sure Anthony will have those up in a bit for you people who can’t wait.

Hopefully War of Realms Omega #1 has some goodies within it as well, rumors of possibly some new characters being introduced. It could be introducing Jane Foster in her new role we all know is coming. Keep an eye on this one.

Indies and Small Publisher Picks

I’ve been mentioning this one likely way too much but it’s a great read. That goes to Unearth #1 out from Cullen Bunn and Kyle Strahm.

Fans of Spread and Enormous should enjoy this book.

The next pick goes to the other guy who did Spread, Justin Jordan’s new book Reaver. Limited at Midtown to 1 per customer and already selling out at other online retailers, could turn into a spec hit.

It’s another great read.

SERIES PREMIERE! The continent of Madaras once promised a new start for settlers, but 200 years after its discovery, the war rages on. Deep within this savage and untamed land, a darkness builds at that must be stopped at all costs. To do so, the Imperials assemble six of its most despicable prisoners-a turncoat, a skin eater, a sorcerer and his bodyguard, a serial killer, and the Devil’s Son-the only ones who can stop the end of the new world. They are Hell’s Half-Dozen.

The last pick goes to Black Hammer Justice League Hammer of Justice #1.

Black Hammer is a great read, great concept on heroes and it’s just a must pick up. When all said and done, it will go down as one of those books you recommend to just about anyone getting into comics for years to come.

For you Power Rangers fans, there’s news a new power ranger is making their debut in Go Go Power Rangers #21.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

Sorry Anthony but this weeks drek is Invisible Woman #1.

I know you had this one in your spec video and picks but I just can’t see Invisible Woman headlining her own title.

Sure she’s a great B or C rated hero that supports other heroes in other titles but having her own title? Unless the writing is the best writing ever, I don’t see this one holding up. Grab’em for the cover art.

13 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec and Drek for July 10th, 2019”

          1. She’s been portrayed in the past as the teams most powerful member. It’s all in how angry she gets and how lethal she wants to be. Hard to breath with a plastic bag over your head. Imagine one you can’t break or tear.

  1. Secret Warps Weapon Hex was actually decent & has a new character as well as references to upcoming plans for the whole series. I sort of thought that was a done deal but……Feel like it’s worth grabbing myself.

    Imo..Frisons WW is one of her best this week.

  2. Tough for Invisible Woman to really blow up when Marvel gave them away for free to retailers. Order 10 by FOC, you got 20. Maybe it means they really believe in the mini, but there are going to be a lot of retailers with extra shelf copies. We had 9 subs, ordered 5 shelf. Now we have 19 shelf.

  3. Is Miles really going to blow up? I thought we just had a robot looking thing as a front for who evers behind the curtain showing up. Did I miss something?

    Thor 15 is blacked out because Mjolnir is on the cover which would have spoiled the end of War of the Realms. I haven’t read that one either but I wasn’t expecting anything spec worthy inside.

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