One Week Later Report for July 10th, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 07/03/2019.

Hopefully this report helps anyone reading while picking out new books at the local shops for things to keep a look out for.

DC Books

Another possible surprise book from last week was Green Lantern #9 Jeff Dekal. It’s definitely a book to keep an eye on I think.

It didn’t heat up immediately and not a lot of sales but the latest after release was for $10.50 with another at $4.25, both as auctions.

There is one listed for $18.99 currently with no others from a quick search. So might not be a bad pickup if you find’em out while buying your July 10th books.

Marvel Books

Ms Marvel Annual #1 was not on my radar as a potential winner but the ratio was likely small and sold out everywhere.

But when scanning sold listings, as the ratio variant isn’t really seeing a huge surge in prices, some below the retailers set price point of around $15, some best offers taken around the $25, there was a regular cover that sold for $17.95 with free shipping. I found this odd considering most online retailers still have the regular in stock while most other

Indies and Small Publishers

These ruled the secondary last week. Not a lot of action from the big two.

Walking Dead #193 was a bombshell book that leaked early that the story was ending. This likely drove fans of the show to pick up copies to see how it all ends. I’ll give credit to Kirkman, he stuck to his word. He ended it after killing Rick. This wasn’t a story about zombies or the apocalypse, it was about Rick Grimes who happened to live in such a world.

Pushing the book to around the $30 mark on average, with a few here and there at $35, some flirting around the $40 range. Wasn’t a bad pickup to flip. It’s the end of a long run, so sell while you can, I don’t think the value will stick around long. Also, Blind Adam, this is yet a $50 bill. Looks like you’re buying me pizza at NYCC..   (and no, I don’t eat crappy Pizza Hut pizza..  ).

There’s a new girl turtle that made waves this week in TNMT #95 that caught a bunch of people off guard.

I’d say the regular is on average a $20 or so book but the variants and there’s a SDCC 2019 variant killing it on the secondary market.

If you can snag one of those for cheap to flip, you’re sitting pretty.

Dark Horse’s new No One Left To Fight #1 was another late winner. Sales approached the $20 range but has settled now to become a $10 book. Still not a bad pickup if you can find them.

The big flip winner from last week was the other Zombie book that paid tribute to Stan Lee that turned a $5 book into a $60 book at it’s peak on average. Things have settled now with a lot of sales now hovering around the $30 range, give or take some.

What did you grab from last week? What did you flip? Tell us here or in the forums.

11 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for July 10th, 2019”

  1. o.k. pizza on me at nycc.we can do rays or something like that something fancy and for the record dominos is the crap pizza hut is a king #testify and your still wearing achicken costume sir . love you guys blind adam out

    TMNT #95 is going back for a 2nd print with a NEW Jennika cover by Kevin Eastman and Ben Bishop. We will post the cover as soon as possible:

  3. I know Im repeating myself, but, TMNT51, imo, will be the book to own if Jennika sticks around. And I think she will be. Her 1st appearance as a character was in issue #51. She has been involved in the story for over 4 years already. She is already a seasoned martial artist. She is already named. She already has her weapon of choice, the tekkokagi. I believe the majority of this character has already been established in the 4 years of stories that she has already been involved in. Im not so sure a yelllow mask is going to change the fact that ‘Jennika’, as a character and ninja, made her debut in issue #51. M2c.

    1. It’s a book for completionists that they should own a copy of. Her weapon of choice as a Turtle appears to be Wolverine Claws attached to her hands with 4 blades according to the cover art. 95 10 qty variant is the gold so far selling well into the triple digits for the issues that were street level released. Long term fans of her as a turtle are going to flock to her in the #90’s issues and 95 in particular has less than half the qty in existence to sell long term as 51. 51 is a book that we pushed a week ago. 95’s day is yet to come as she gets new fans of her as a turtle. This is just the beginning, it normally takes a couple months for A and B type covers to climb into the triple digits like Naomi 1 and Immortal Hulk 22 and this may have a more sustained rise than either of those two depending on what they do with her and over what media types. There are way less copies of 95 1st Prints out there than either of those two. Take Totally Awesome Hulk 21 (1st Clayton). That’s the equivalent of TMNT 51. (1st Jennika.) A good book to have but not as cool as TAH 22. Maybe a better example is (1st Cletus Cassidy) in Amazing 344 long term is worth about 1/3rd of Amazing 361 (1st Carnage). Get them both if you can.

      1. Her weapon of choice is the the tekkokagi. The 1:10 for 51 is seeing about double the price of the 1:10 for 95. Regardless of the print run, 51 is looking, to me, like it is clearly pulling ahead for demand.

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