Captain Marvel #8 – Upcoming Books to Watch

Thanks to TheOneAboveDonny for starting this topic over on our forums.

It’s one of the primary reasons we started the forums, for up to the minute discussions on what’s going on in the comic book world of collecting and speculating.

Seems Captain Marvel #8 is starting to dry up online early for next weeks releases.

There’s the not so great looking regular cover from Connor:

And then there is the really great looking InHyuk Lee Carnegized variant:

Then the ratio incentive variant by Izaakse.

Why is this drying up? Rumors for a new first appearance by Star. Could be a cameo or first full, we don’t know yet so that’s why it’s a book to keep an eye on.

Might not be a bad idea to go ahead and pre-order Captain Marvel #9 which has a pretty cool looking Mark Brooks regular cover (thank goodness, I’ve been avoiding these because of the hideous Connor covers).

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19 thoughts on “Captain Marvel #8 – Upcoming Books to Watch”

  1. Totally agree with you on the Amanda Conner art. I feel most shops that don’t pay attention to online forums probably ordered enough for subscribers only (if they have any) because this run’s cover art has been very underwhelming. I am hoping Brooks stays on for more than just a few issues.

  2. I saw this spec brought up back In june, thanks to that tip I loaded up and it WILL pay off, is from a secret facebook group I am in.

    1. Her art is not atrocious, imo. She is a talented artist. However, I do not think her style does not lend itself well to the super hero genre.

  3. We would have ordered lite but #8 is expected to be one of the Cargage-ized Trade Dress Variants with the extra Carnage goo added to the trade dress so we ordered a bunch more to make sure we got plenty mixed in with the regular trade dress covers to provide to people wanting all 10 of the Carnage-ized Trade Dress Covers. The book also has the One Page Story added for the lead in to Carnage’s event. The Lee Carnage-ized Variant was also great looking and heavily ordered. I’m actually more interested in #9 which we had no reason to order anything more than a single copy of for the shelf.


    There’s two additional open order variants. The Frame Variants are going to have that look from the past that appears similar to a picture frame look.

    I can’t remember hearing what the initials BOBG stand for so I’m wondering if it’s a persons name. A quick search of that on e-Bay shows some very acceptable covers so maybe this one will be nice as well.

    #9 doesn’t hit Final Order Cutoff until the 22nd of July so if #8 arrives with something big Tuesday there’s plenty of time for stores to blow up the size of #9’s print run.

    Good reasons to have over ordered #8 and plenty of time to over order #9!!!

  4. Thanks, they certainly aren’t wearing out the internet ink promoting that one. Nothing on the Marvel Mailer. Nothing in the Marvel sales aids and searching it from the diamond Daily brings up nothing but Dynamites use of the phrase back in 2009.

    Of course that also leaves me stumped for who’s enough of a Carol Danvers Bad Guy to warrant a cover? Maybe a homage to Avengers Annual 10 with Rogue even though she’s a girl?

        1. 10’s a great read. You get the wrap up to a big deal issue 200 of Avengers I was jacked up about as a teen when it came out. You get a ton of extra heroes in the book including the X-Men. You get the guilt trip slapped on the Avengers for sending her off with a psychic rapist unchallenged. You get Rogue’s 1st appearance!!!! Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!!!!!!

          It may have been over shadowed by a lot of other books since but it’s still a big deal issue to us True Believers and a $60 book on a good day, more at times the market’s swinging up. That book sends her off with the X-Men to get away from the Avengers and recover which leads to her going to space and becoming Binary. It also establishes the ground work for a lasting friendship with Spider-Woman who also gets an appearance in the book.

          What more could an 80’s kid want from a summer extra!!!!

          1. Avengers Annual 10 is a personal favourite of mine. Rogue is one my favourite XMen. It is an ugly, ugly cover though.

  5. I’ve got it. She had that whole full blown alcoholic thing with Iron Man so why not have a bottle of whiskey as the cover’s bad guy?

  6. I love Amanda Conner’s art, but it works best with comedy. Other than one of the Carol vs. Rogue covers, the rest just haven’t felt like they fit this title. I haven’t heard anything about “Star”, I haven’t been paying much attention lately, but the name doesn’t sound very catchy…

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