Final Order Cut-Off Highlights for 7/15/19

Final Order Cut-Off is the last day that shops can guarantee their orders for comics. After Final Order Cut-Off, or FOC, these books will only be available to retailers on Advance Reorder. And that is not guaranteed. So here are the highlights for Monday, 7/15/19’s FOC list.

Man, what a big week. Big books coming out three weeks from now!


Absolute Carnage #1 – I think this is going to be a great read and will tie in a lot of threads Donny Cates has dropped in his various books. Granted, stores will not come in short on these, but not sure how many stores will qualify for the big boy books like the Artgerm virgin cover due to cost.

MARVEL COMICS #1000 – Speaking of big books, not sure how they are counting to make 1000 issues, but Marvel is starting something big with this issue, going back all the way to Marvel Comics #1. I am digging the 80’s Variant on this.

AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 – Mini series started strong but seemed to fizzle. Hoping new series ams things back up. Looking at the Yu Wave Variant on this one.

DAREDEVIL #9 – There is a NEW Daredevil in town, Matt Murdoch has no idea who he is.

IMMORTAL HULK #22 – Rick Jones, Immortal Hulk, and Red Harpy against the Shadow Base.

MAJOR X #0 – Hear me out on this one. It represents Wolverine #154-155 with framing stories featuring Major X. The Ed Piskor cover is pretty rad.

DOCTOR STRANGE #18 – This issue is supposed to have people talking for years. Ok, I am intrigued.


BATMAN #76 CARD STOCK DELL OTTO VARIANT – City of Bane continues. Flashpoint Batman is in control. Great looking cover.

DCEASED #4 CARD STOCK MATTINA VARIANT – I have been loving this book. It has been fun, Joker is terrifying on the cover.


BERSERKER UNBOUND #1 – Mike Deodato goes on his own, leaving Marvel, for creator owned books. Jeff Lemire writes. There is a Mike Mignola cover for this as well.

COFFIN BOUND #1 – Great looking (and good read at that) new Image series. Chased by an unstoppable killer, Izzy Tyburn has decided that if the world won’t have her in it, it can have nothing of her at all. She’s re-treading her life, leaving nothing but burned rubber, ash, and the sun-scorched bones of those who get in her way.

TMNT #95 SECOND PRINT – Second printing for this hot book with a new cover.

3 thoughts on “Final Order Cut-Off Highlights for 7/15/19”

  1. SPACE BANDITS #2 (OF 5) CVR C LEGENDS VAR GARCIA-LOPEZ that you wanted the #1 for 75 for but went crazy price has the #2 75 center on FOC today.

    Marvel Comics 1000 has a new something in it that might be spec worthy. “And what new player will make their startling debut as these secrets are peeled away?” A $9.99 comic though making chasing that 500 Qty Variant a huge investment the same month Absolute Carnage is coming in expensive also. I’m getting requests for the 50 Qty Variant with Storm for multiple copies but not sure yet if I’m chasing or passing.

    The new content for Major X #0 is a new team debuting, X-Command!!! The two reprints included are hard to find pricey comics Wolverine fans may want.

    MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS SHATTERED GRID TP also on FOC. That should move a few copies out the door. No spec to it but it may be in short supply if not ordering early until they can get a 2nd Printing out.

    1. What are we thinking with Coffin Bound ? I haven’t had much interest from customers. Do we think this might be a sleeper hit ? It seems odd enough that it might take off.

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